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  1. I'm going on the Liberty in January 2021. I asked if "The Key" would be offered on that cruise and RCL responded that it is now offered on all ships. It doesn't come out on Cruise Planner until one year to 90 days ahead of your cruise.
  2. I was calling 866 562-7625. I got to the RCL automated voice and then just stayed on hold until I ended up hanging up.
  3. On my Dashboard, it suddenly states, "Pay Remaining Balance" for a cruise that I paid off a couple of months ago. I click on that button and it says "Connection Error." Now, this has been going on for three days. So, I have sent two E-Mails to RCL Customer Service and called numerous times and I have not received a single response nor has anyone ever actually answered their phone. Is anyone aware of some problem with RCL Customer Service?
  4. we will be in a junior suite on the Symphony in May 2019 (97 days!). I have heard different things about folks in a junior suite being able to access the coastal kitchen for dinners. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks.
  5. You should look at purchasing "The Key" through your Cruise Planner. It will give you some of the benefits you are asking about, but not all. I believe you get priority embarkation and disembarkation. You do have to make reservations for the shows but then you get to sit in the Key section which, I believe, is in the suite section. You do not get to go to the suite sections of Cococay or the suite lounges. Check it out.
  6. We will be on the Symphony in May so I am looking forward to your review! Here's an odd question. We are driving to the ship and I wonder what happens when you pull into the Terminal A parking garage. I thought I read somewhere that there are porters at the entrance to the garage who will take your bags. I was wondering if that's true. Have a great cruise!
  7. I think it's funny! I will be on the Symphony in May and now I will have to take a camera into the men's room!
  8. As used in cruising, I find the term "gratuity" to be a real joke. A gratuity is supposed to be, "something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for some service," (Merriam-Webster). While people obviously have the ability to cancel the cruise gratuity, it is otherwise not given voluntarily so why call it a gratuity? I wish the cruise lines would just raise the rates to cover the cost of the wages and let the passengers go back to rewarding specific individuals for service that is above and beyond - or not.
  9. I looked at the gin and tonic selection - it has one .375 liter bottle of gin and four cans of tonic for $48.00 which equates to the typical bar price of $12.00 per drink. The package has to be ordered two days in advance. I think it would be easier to go a bar and just order the drinks.
  10. I am booked (through the RCL website) on a cruise on the Symphony of the Seas in May 2019. Just recently, the Cruise Planner added some shore excursions for our cruise, one of which I would like to book. I go into the Cruise Planner, enter all my info and then enter my credit card information, press "enter" and nothing happens. There is nothing wrong with my credit card. This has been going on for at least three days. Is anyone else having difficulties making Cruise Planner purchases?
  11. I'm not a fan of this new Dashboard. It does not give as much ready information as their old web page did. I liked being able to see my remaining balance, cruise dates, itinerary, weather summaries, etc. all of which is not immediately available now. Just the general layout of information has made it more difficult to find things. Just saying...
  12. They are building a new cruise terminal in Miami for the Symphony of the Seas. This includes a parking garage either attached to or right across the street from the new terminal. Will that parking garage require or accept reservations for parking? If so, does anyone have the contact information for making a reservation? Thanks!
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