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  1. We did Baja Vino tours last week. Josh was a great host. He picked us up near the dock and we visited three wineries. All small mom and pop type places. He also took us to lunch. It was a great time and I highly recommend it. Yes he charges $120 per person but that includes all of the tasting fees and lunch. I thought it was a good deal.
  2. Starting a roll call for Mexico cruise from San Diego.
  3. I know a bit about wines and I think there are many good wine values on the Classic package.
  4. I always use credit cards because they are safe and I am not responsible for fraud. Not sure why people get upset about this as they don't have to pay for any of the bogus charges. You simply call the card company and let them know it happened and they issue you a new card. Now if you have cash stolen... That is a different story.
  5. Again why are people so concerned about someone stealing their credit card number? If you lose cash, obviously no one will ever reimburse you. If someone gets ahold of your debit card they can drain your account. Credit cards are by far the safest way to pay for things. My card number gets stolen every 2 or 3 years. So what I just call the card company, get the bogus charges reverses, and the issue a new card. Yes it is a big pain to call the 9 or 10 places than autocharge my card but I never have to carry cash.
  6. Don't most of the policies come with a multi-page legal mumbo jumbo that most lawyers have trouble understanding?
  7. You are right SeaTac isn't the best airport in the US, but it is far superior to LAX or Miami.
  8. I always bring a french press. As long as you can get hot enough water you can make a decent cup of coffee.
  9. Why bring any? The water on the ship is excellent. Probably much better than most bottled water.
  10. I brought a case of wine on board NCL. They just charged me $15 per bottle. No problem what so ever.
  11. I just bring my own coffee and a french press.
  12. I only care if I win. What difference does it make if others don't play correctly? None, unless you get so upset by their misdeeds that it effects your play.
  13. I gave each of the 4 kids club workers for my daughter's group $5/day (20$/day total) for the the 6 days she was in kids club.
  14. The world is a very safe place. 99.9% of the people in the world are harmless. Just because 0.01% of the people are nutcases doesn't make the world unsafe. Now if 5-10% of the people were out to harm others I would agree with your statement. The US Government is doing a great job making the world safer. One of he biggest improvements in safety has come about by improving highways and by cracking down on drunk driving.
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