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  1. She is on her own then. My bad I guess. Isn't hindsight wonderful? Thanks
  2. This is only her 2nd cruise so I am sure she does not qualify, but thanks for telling me. I will, as Biker19 suggested, call when the price is down lower. The last cruise my husband and I took, the price came down until 3 weeks prior to boarding. We didn't need it but I was watching it to know how to book this one.
  3. We are diamond+ so we don't get the package as the free drinks are adequate. Our daughter is coming on the cruise with us. Has RCI gone back to the old ways and making everyone in the cabin buy a package? I guess I never thought of it before because we didn't need it but now I am having a hard time with this.
  4. You have a great tutorial but I am not too good at downloading the Royal IQ. Please tell me how to get this started and then I can do it. Sorry everyone else who knows how, but I am "older" and into this as a newbee. Loving your review. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Kay
  5. We were recently on Radiance and had the privilege of being D+ after several, many, several cruises meaning it has taken time and on Radiance we were allowed into the lounge for D+ and above. One night we decided to go into the D lounge and were totally interrogated by the concierge. Not only was he doing his job he was totally rude about it. Looking back on it Mr. Bathrobe guy would never have gotten in there. I agree it is not the bar staff problem but if this is a special place for people who have earned it then where is the person in charge. That sure disappoints me. As Asctony said we did earn that right and I was thrilled when I did." How do we know that he was not rude, mean or violent. I don't think we were there so do we know. I love the fact that I am in a D, D+ place that we can have drink and snacks and be able to meet others that have worked hard to become members. I hope I meet some of you there, but if I see bathroom guy I will leave.
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