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  1. Thank you. I just checked and the ship is pretty empty, so I think we're going to pass on the offer. If they upgraded us to a higher category cabin it might be worth it, but to just change from aft to mid-ship, or one deck up, doesn't seem like it's worth the value. Complimentary bag - meh. Robes - meh. We don't need the concierge. So really all we would get is no line at dinner, which ... it's not like we're going to starve while waiting.
  2. Thank you. I think it'd be tough to drink $1000 worth of mimosas 🤣
  3. I realized it's not fair to ask if it's "worth it" because that's a decision only we can make lol. I guess what I'm asking is what perks have been a benefit to others, what did they really appreciate, etc. It's a small ship (1400 guests, and obviously not full if they're offering a room change), one of our group doesn't eat breakfast, and we plan on taking ship's tours in most of the ports, so the priority disembarking most likely won't matter to us. The "you get extra things on the menu" seems a bit vague.
  4. It's a Panama Canal transit. 16 days. They're offering it for $15 per day. What are the extra menu items and specials at breakfast?
  5. Was just offered CO for Rotterdam, sailing at the end of February. Total would be $480 per stateroom (we have two staterooms). We would be upgraded from aft to mid-ship on our stateroom, or one deck higher, aft. We don't really mind aft positioning, especially on such a small ship. Are the rest of the benefits worth almost $1000 for 5 people (we have 3 in one cabin)?
  6. I just spoke with Ship Services, and they confirmed that with the pre-purchased premium plan there is 1) no limit to data, and 2) no limit to number of devices you can use (it just has to be only one at a time).
  7. Thank you. I was told only one person can use it at a time, which is fine for us. Mainly we just want to download email to each of our phones a few times a day. However, on one of the days we will need to use the internet extensively to handle payroll (there is no such thing as a vacation for a business owner). It would be preferable for us if we could use 6 devices total (4 people with phones, two people also have laptops).
  8. Thank you! I did see that thread but it didn't seem to answer all of my questions. I will read it again tonight a little more carefully.
  9. When I called HAL I was told it is unlimited. I wonder if it varies by ship? I will call again tomorrow to ask again.
  10. We are cruising 2/24 out of FLL on the Rotterdam. I pre-purchased the unlimited internet premium package for $200. The notes I took from the phone conversation I had with HAL say there is no data limit (obviously speeds may be slow) and we can connect up to 5 devices but only one at a time. Does anyone know if we can use the devices all over the ship or only in our stateroom, and if we have to sign into the app to use the internet? We are planning to share across 5 devices in 2 staterooms (a few doors away from each other). I'm concerned that if we have to use the app, everyone will need to sign in with the same account information and then we won't be able to use the other functions of the app, such as on-board chat, because we'll all be signed in as the same person. Also, can anyone confirm that it is indeed: 1) unlimited data, and 2) 5 devices? We were hoping to possibly connect a 6th device using a hotspot, but it appears from reading other threads that we won't be able to do that.
  11. I just purchased an unlimited plan for a 14-day cruise. The premium package, purchased in advance of the cruise, was $199.99 and accommodates up to 5 devices (only one online at a time). I was told it doesn't have data limits.
  12. I had the exact same question. Sad to see it won't work with iPhones, which all of us traveling have (except one who has a Samsung).
  13. Thank you everyone for your responses. I am so happy no one has had any issues with scent. This will definitely simplify packing 😉 We have 3 people in our room (our [adult] daughter is coming with us), so we will definitely get our money's worth with the unlimited laundry. I have to talk to my parents and see if they want it for their room too.
  14. Thanks for the tip! That's really good to know. Do you have to carry the card with you or does it just go on your account and get discounted every time you purchase a soda?
  15. I don't purchase drinks at locations like this. I drink water. I generally just drink my favorite sodas (Fresca and Sprite Zero) at home. If I'm at a casual or fast food place where I'm going to be spending a lot of time and they have a fountain with refills, I might buy a small and keep filling it up, but otherwise it's water for me.
  16. Thanks, kazu. That's not what HAL told me via chat but I was really surprised to hear it. I've never been on a ship on any line (and we aren't brand-loyal -- we move around quite a bit) that doesn't allow soda and water in every port.
  17. We are scheduled on the Rotterdam out of FLL in February - 5 people traveling together in 2 cabins. We are planning to go to the Total Wine & More near the port to get our allotted 5 bottles of wine and also some sodas and bottled water. I know if we purchase alcohol at any ports during the cruise it will be held for us until the end, but is it also true that we can't purchase sodas and bring them aboard (for consumption during the cruise) at the various other ports we stop in? I just have a knee-jerk reaction to paying $4 or $5 for a can of soda that I can get for 40c in a supermarket. If I have to load up a carry-on with sodas in FLL I will do so, but it just seems silly to do that if I can get replenishments in other ports.
  18. I bring my own everything, everywhere. I could never travel with only a carry-on because of all the stupid products I have to bring on any trip. I am a chronic overpacker anyway, so having to carry so much product for self care makes my luggage ridiculous. On a 16-day cruise, the option to pay just $112 and have my laundry done every day is a lifesaver.
  19. I was told you can only bring sodas on at embarkation, not at every port. The wine also at embarkation, but that I understand because there is a limit of one bottle per person. Sodas are unlimited, but they told me only allowed on the first day..
  20. So happy to hear that, oceanmom. And glad I'm not the only crazy person out there, probably not the only one who has to hold her breath in an elevator when a someone enters wearing entirely too much perfume LOL!
  21. So glad I stumbled upon this thread! We are doing FLL - SAN in late February. I have a huge favor to ask - could you find out what kind of decaffeinated tea (tea bags) they have on board? Some places only have chamomile when there are so many other great options out there! Brand and what they have that's decaf would be wonderful to know in advance. Oh - also - my mom is asking what they charge at the bar for a can of coke. I guess she's debating whether to get a beverage package or just pay-as-you-go.
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