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  1. You are all so sweet! I was pleased with our pictures, the ship's photographer seemed to do an excellent job. If you buy the cheapest photo package ($499), you get a CD with all of your pictures--it is really convenient as printing additional pics on the ship is overpriced ($7 for a 5x7). Plus, we had so many guests with cameras that we're inundated with pics now. :) cruiseknotter, the flowers that the girls were carrying were silk ones we had thrown together ourselves, nothing fancy. I don't think Century had conservatory, per se, but it sounds like an interesting option if it's available to you. Have a good day! -C
  2. finn1913, rosebud, space07, cruiseknotter and diamond girl, you have mail! :) p.s., if I had been paying attention, I would have not allowed someone to put the certificate in front of the cake like that (cause it's in all those pictures) ...but honestly, it was the furthest thing from my mind at the time.
  3. I attached a a pic of Michael's Club and the standard bouquet.
  4. Thanks luvmytbear! My pics are posted on ofoto.com , I'd be happy to send you an invite to view if you give me your email. I'm not sure the best website to use so any CC member can view them. Suggestions would be great! Cruiseknotter, same goes for pics, if you send your email I would be happy to share. The deck weddings look just beautiful! I'm so excited for you. And Michael's Club is elegant, very nice. Please don't worry about asking questions, I know how disconcerting it is to be in the dark. I'll respond the best that I can... --We considered it, but didn't upgrade to the premium bar service. Everyone was having a great time and the drinks were excellent. Frankly, no one seemed to notice, we just didn't mention it. --As far as the champagne, we had intended to simply have guests toast with whatever they were drinking (the bride and groom automatically get champagne with the wedding package). So, we were okay whether the champagne toast happened or not. If you DEFINITELY want a champagne toast, I would either pay for it or check with Ginette if champagne is covered in your premium bar service (i'm not sure about this). --The reception was over very promptly. They were clearing the way at 3:30 EXACTLY. The non-sailing guests had to leave and our sailing guests were ready to slip into something more comfortable and to explore the ship. My new husband and I had some lovely alone time before dinner at 6 (we had early seating). --The guy tuning the paino WAS obnoxious and his tuning was loud, he was essentially just banging on the keys. I'm sure there are several pianists and he probably would've been a lot more gracious if we were paying him. Michael's Club is a piano bar, so I think having a pianist would be just beautiful if you are okay with the added expense. We just decided that for us, it wasn't worth the added cost. This is entirely an individual decision, but I don't think you can go wrong either way. --I went with a 1 tier cake for 25 people. You'll see a picture of it when I give you access. It was vanilla with white flower fondant and gold decor on the top. It was gorgeous and delicious. Since it was very thick and rich our guests did not eat much of it. We also had it at dinner that night for dessert and it fed EVERYONE. Hope you're having a great day and getting excited!!! If you have more questions, ask away.
  5. :D WARNING: this might run a little long....I'm going to give you all the details b/c when I was deciding whether to do this or not, I read these types of posts word for word. We just returned from our cruise wedding on the Celebrity Century on 4/16/07. It was absolutely fantastic and we were thrilled with the results! We were the only couple on board to be married that day, which might have contributed to some of our special treatment and extra attention. From the beginning, I was in touch with Katie and Ginette from TWE (Celebrity Weddings). We booked approximately 6 months in advance. They were very knowledgable and worked hard to offer me ALL possible additional options for the ceremony and reception. This included e-mailing me with brief clips of the ceremony music to see if we liked it and the ceremony itself to help us decide if we wanted to write our own vows or modify the ceremony in any way. I received a wedding contract initially that I filled out and faxed in with my deposit. Towards the end, I received an itemized reciept via email that I reviewed and signed. It had one mistake which they corrected immediately and sent me the revised version. They were less communicative once I had made all of my pertinent decisions about 45days in advance (location, flowers, cake, music, vows, submitted guest list and rooms, reception type) as there was nothing further to discuss. When I wanted something particular, I had to contact them and be proactive, but I found them easy to reach and warm everytime. Our party of 24 gathered in Miami on Sunday afternoon prior to our embarkation and wedding on Monday morning. We had previously arranged a group booking at a local hotel near the airport and had dinner on Miracle Mile (our hotel shuttled us over for a small fee). The hotel also offered us shuttle to the Port around 9:45am, plenty of time to get to there by the required 10:30am deadline. Our wedding officiant, Augusto, met us at the Port and went over what was to happen. We also had a Wedding Coordinator (Eva) but he said she was new and he did virtually everything for us. When Port officials balked at him taking our party to the front of the line, he shut them down quickly and made certain that we were treated famously. Embarkation was a breeze and we were on board by 11am. He escorted us to our suite, where he went over the ceremony and we did a quick run through with us. My fiance left and I got ready with my MIL, mom and sister. He got ready in his parent's suite with his dad. Some of our guests' rooms were not ready, but they had no trouble getting in and changing. We had 2 non-sailing guests, who came dressed for the wedding and walked around the ship while waiting. The buffet was open at 11am, so it was easy for our guests to access food for the kids in the interim. Augusto met the groom and guests at Michael's Club for our wedding at 12:45pm and did a brief rehearsal. Michael's Club is a small piano bar, dark wood, tastefully decorated. There were two locations on this ship for a wedding, MC and the Crystal Lounge. I went online and looked at the virtual tours, then requested that the ceremony and reception be held in MC b/c it felt cozier for our small party. They were able to accomodate me since there were no other weddings that day. However, I was in the Crystal Lounge on the ship and it was gorgeous and would've been fine. Then at 1pm they escorted me from our cabin to the ceremony location. The decorations were the standard two white pillars with silk ivory flowers. In all the pictures, they look real and were very tasteful. We chose to go with the standard flowers, ivory roses and fillers. The bouquet was not fancy, but very attractive. It's the same one that is in the brochure. They gave my flower girl real petals, even though we had not purchased them and were planning to use silk ones. I had two junior bridesmaids who used silk flowers. They had situated the seating to create an aisle from the front door to the middle of the room. The lighting was dim, very romantic and appropriate. The music they played was from the speakers in the ceiling and sounded great. Augusto was an excellent officiant and really made the ceremony special. The ceremony was over by 1:30pm. For the reception, we opted for the canapes and open bar, with one hour of extra open bar. We had the 2hr reception in Michael's Club as well, it was very simple to just move the chairs into small groupings. The guests said that the food was good, I was so busy and excited that I didn't eat. This was a mistake--be sure to eat. Our bartender was excellent, she remembered what everyone was drinking and made superb drinks. We had originally hoped to have a piano player, but at $300/hr decided to save our money. We brought an iPod docking station and played an iPod with songs we had chosen. You can bring your own music player as long as it is battery operated. This is one of the things they don't advertise, but that is more economical. The cake was excellent. We had a champagne toast even though we did not purchase this, I suppose since we had an open bar it was included. Everyone had a wonderful time. Our non-sailing guests had to be off the ship by 3:45, that was no problem. We did have one snafu during our reception, in which the bar's pianist came in and began to tune the piano rather loudly. I looked at the bartender horrified, who went over (with the backup of my brother in law) and kindly asked the pianist to return after 3:30. He was a little sulky about it, but he left immediately. Our photographer, Gilbert, was also great. He stayed much longer than anticipated. He took a few photos prior to the ceremony, some during, and several during the reception. He took a few around the ship, but we cut that short as people were really staring at us and we were a bit uncomfortable. He did wait until our last evening on the ship to show us the pictures, but was right there waiting for us when we asked. We thought the pictures were very good. By the way, the cruise was awesome! I will say that if you are a control freak or someone who needs to see everything in advance, a cruise wedding might not be the right choice for you. I was mildly worried that it would look a little cheesy or cheap, and was happy to find that everything was elegant and very tasteful. I just did not have time to plan all the in's and out's of a wedding and needed a stress-free, fun option and got just what I wanted.
  6. Congratulations. Your pics look just beautiful! I was glad to hear about your experience as we'll be getting married on the Century in less than a month! Eek! So far, my experience with TWE has been fantastic. :o
  7. redhead1977

    Ideas for Child gift bags?

    We have 4 kiddos cruising with us, so I tried to make age-appropriate gift bags for each. For the two youngest ones (2 and 4), I found Hello Kitty tote bags in the dollar bins at Target and filled them with crayons, coloring books, activity books, a pocket sized kites, Dora the Explorer Dominoes, and a Mr. Potato Head kit. I tried to include some activities that could entertain them throughout the cruise. For the older ones (8 and 10), I also found some fun totes in the $1 section that were sort of retro looking--green, gold and brown. I included tasty lip smackers, fun bangle bracelets, kids sunscreen sticks, loofas and grape kid's shower gel, waterproof card games (cranium and uno), gum, and journals to write about their trip. I found a lot of the stuff for my gift bags (both child and adult) at Target and the Dollar Store. Hope this helps! ;)
  8. redhead1977

    Calling all 2007 brides!

    So happy for everyone!!! :) We're getting married on the Celebrity Century on April 16th, 2007! We still have many details to nail down, but we couldn't be more excited!