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  1. Hi guys! My friends and I went to Prickly Pear Island last week and it was beautiful. We ended up doing this excursion because a few of the ones we had wanted to do on Antigua were already sold out, but it turned out to be a great choice! You have to go halfway across the island to get to where the boat picks up so you get a beautiful tour of Antigua. Unfortunately, our cab driver couldn't find the area where we were to meet the boat because of new construction in the area that blocked the view. We eventually found it and were on our way to the island. The island itself is only about 2 acres, with the beach taking up about 1/4 of the island. Miguel and his friends/family are great hosts and they have food, beer, rum punch, and mix-your-own drinks ready and waiting when you get there. Snorkeling equipment is available for free, and his sons will give you a quick lesson and guide you along the reef. We saw turtles, tons of fish, a few little jellyfish, and even had one curious little silver fish following us while we snorkeled. We had an amazing time on the beach there, the water is clear and beautiful. They cook you a full lunch, with bbq chicken and fish, curried conch, 3 kinds of salads and they even baked a cake. It's certainly not an adventure type of excursion, but it's relaxing and they sure take care of you! One little bit of advice, a few of Miguel's friends might show up while you're there, and you may see a few topless women. Just a warning in case you're planning to bring children with you. Otherwise, it's an enjoyable experience!
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