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  1. Has anyone done an excursion with this company out of Nassau? They seem to be relatively new and don't appear to have their own website. They do have some reviews (and can be booked) on a popular website where one typically checks reviews for various travel outfits (not sure if I can mention it). They also have a social media page - but is also relatively new. Just want to see if I can hear from anyone directly about their experience with this excursion. Thanks!
  2. The website says all guests on the same reservation, from the same airport, will be on the same flight. Is it considered a different reservation since they are different cabins?
  3. I have bids on a different cruise for both a balcony and a mini-suite; both say pending- but both allow me to modify.
  4. I had a friend who used to eat her french fries in line and it drove me nuts. LOL I never thought about re-sanitizing after loading up my plate, but you can rest assured I will be from now on!
  5. How much is a cab to get there? You say $25 pp included the chair, umbrella, 2 drinks and cab fare back? The restaurant pays for the return cab - or you just added it all up? Thanks!
  6. I am booking a cruise on the Norwegian Sun and I am debating on cabins. There is an inside cabin - 5103 that backs up to an elevator, or 5101 and 5102 that seem to back up to the stairs. Has anyone ever been in these cabins or have advice on either situation? Would the elevators be loud at night? I am not overly concerned about the common areas near either room - just the stair vs. elevator component. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
  7. Personal opinion - they are crap location. Hopefully, you have seen the pictures and the reviews and know what you are getting. If not, do some research in previous reviews, they have no view and have main walkways right in front of them. Can't imagine paying anything for them (on the Edge). Good luck!
  8. I have only been on 1 Celebrity cruise (Edge) and found the meet up to be a waste of time; so I probably will not attend on my next cruise in April. They spent about 3 minutes introducing themselves but did walk around and mingle. I have gone to many on NCL and the officers spend time talking about their area of expertise and often take a few questions. I was at one well-attended a few years back and the CEO (former Kevin Sheehan) showed up. It was probably sheer luck he was on board that day, but what a treat. They also give you a card with the contact information for the officers should you have an issue and send chocolate covered strawberries to your room. I also went to one on MSC Seaside this past October and found it to be very well attended and had bar servers walking around with trays of free cocktails and appetizers. The Captain came and talked, answered questions, and they had a huge cake and took pictures of everyone with the captain which were later sent to everyone's room. The other cruise lines seem to value CC members a bit more and realize the possible impact and importance of this board.
  9. No, we were on the wait list for select dining, but our card said 6:00. We never got that letter. We asked on the first night where we were supposed to eat and they said we can go wherever we want. I am not sure if we ended up with select or what. We only booked a few weeks in advance.
  10. We were assigned a 6pm dining time but no assigned restaurant. We just showed up (mostly around 6, but a few times a bit later) and had a table for 2 every time. The one time we shared, they asked us if it was 'ok'. We never had to wait for table and ate in all 4 of the main dining rooms throughout the week.
  11. Let's say you buy the BJ chips: $500 gets you $550 - and all in promo chips? And these don't count towards your loyalty points when used? How do they change them out to regular chips so eventually you get credit for the money being wagered? Do they swap them out after each win? This seems so odd. It would make sense if the promotional part is only the extra $50.
  12. They finally got back to me after I messaged them twice on social media and said $40pp which includes a towel and a beach chair. There are cheaper options so we opted for something else.
  13. Have you found any information on this? I sent them an email to see if I could find out more.
  14. Correct. We got there around 9am - they offered us the free breakfast and the WiFi password for their hotel, and then gave us the pass for Atlantis and told us how to get over there. We never got a key and never went to our room. It is a bit of a walk to get to the correct Atlantis building. No problems though. Cab was $4 ea to get there in a shared van; and $13 to take our own back to the ship.
  15. I am paying $214 through Booking.com - says it includes 12% VAT, 28.46 service charge per person and 11.2% City tax. I don't think there any additional fees and I pay when I get there....
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