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  1. 39 minutes ago, esm54687 said:

    Read the thread from the beginning and you will understand why you paid full price. 

    Not sure why you are quoting me- I didn’t  buy anything.  I was just doing a mock booking to try and help.  Maybe you should go back and read the whole thread - and the terms and conditions while you are it.   Instead of admonishing people saying they didn’t follow instructions.... which clearly state you can buy excursions online and should receive the credit up front. 

  2. 27 minutes ago, OrcaGirl said:


    Booked my shore excursions online yesterday, and the $50-per-port credit was deducted correctly from my total purchase, with both the shopping cart and the final receipt showing clearly each credit and the remaining charge that I paid. Yay, something on the NCL website that actually worked the way it should! ūüôā

    So odd! I tried on the app on my phone and on the website today and each time I got the excursion in my cart - there was no credit. It just asked for full payment.  Maybe I am doing something wrong? Lol 

  3. On ‚Äé1‚Äé/‚Äé31‚Äé/‚Äé2020 at 10:38 PM, BirdTravels said:


    Which is why the terms and conditions direct that you call in advance or book on board (not do it yourself online). 


    Actually, the T&C indicate you can get the credit by booking online.   It doesn't work (I tried) but it does say you can book that way and are supposed to get credit at the time of purchase.


    Shore excursion credit can be redeemed by booking via NCL.com, calling 1-866-625-1167 or onboard.
    For shore excursions purchased prior to cruise, the promotion or $50 Shore Excursion Credits will be applied to the first guest at time of purchase.

  4. 3 minutes ago, shof515 said:

    it is best to change it NOW by calling NCL or your travel agent. it will be very hard or impossible to change it on board the ship

    Thanks. They initially told me I could change after the free airfare was ticketed but when I called the other day they said they still can’t do it and to wait until I got there. As I am anticipating problems- I recorded that phone call.  I suppose I could call again. 

  5. On 11/26/2019 at 10:27 AM, princeton123211 said:

    Its in a decent location-- not quite the Quarter but not far from it. Safety in New Orleans is something you need to be vigilant about. The city generally is fine but does have pockets of very unsafe places. Is this one of them? No. But be aware of your surroundings especially at night as the stretch leading back from the French Quarter to your hotel will be a bit less crowded than where you were coming from. 


    Very walkable-- head down towards Canal St and then you enter the French Quarter. Hotel Monteleone is close by with its amazing Carousel Bar which should be a must visit for any first timer. 


     thank you!

  6. 6 hours ago, dctravel said:

    . I have stayed across from the Hilton Riverside (in the Intercontinental) a few times. It is a good location and only a few blocks from Canal and the FQ area. That said, it can be a bit lonely at night, so cabs back to the hotel might be in order.

    Cabs for the Riverside Hilton? Ok- thanks. I am booked at the St Charles- just not sure how good the location is.  

  7. I haven't seen many people mention this hotel.  Is it a safe and decent location?  Walkable to night life (Music, bars) and other things a first timer should see if they had only 1 night in NOLA?   I was looking at a haunted pub crawl, but the location seems to be about a mile away.    We are 3 ladies and want to be safe when walking around at night.  Any advice and tips are appreciated.



  8. I haven't seen many people mention this hotel.  Is it a safe and decent location?  Walkable to night life (Music, bars) and other things a first timer should see if they had only 1 night in NOLA?   I was looking at a haunted pub crawl, but the location seems to be about a mile away.    We are 3 ladies and want to be safe when walking around at night.  Any advice and tips are appreciated.



  9. 1 hour ago, Georgia_Peaches said:

    In order to get you into the spa balcony cabin they have to cancel your entire booking, including airfare and rebook.  

    How can it be ‚Äúcancel and rebook‚ÄĚ when you would pay a penalty to cancel at this stage of¬†the game? ¬†It‚Äôs a simple upgrade and the perks are the same. ¬†Even if they list the ‚Äúfree and reduced airfare‚ÄĚ perk at a higher rate than before¬†because the sail date is close¬†- the airfare is already booked¬†and no changes are¬†needed to anything other than the cabin¬†number.¬†¬†It just doesn‚Äôt make sense - especially since others on the same exact cruise upgraded without paying the airfare difference. ¬†Another phone call is definitely in order. ¬†

  10. On 10/4/2019 at 8:55 AM, cruisinmeme said:

    Even after final payment there are perks to price drop. We have a December cruise coming up. Price dropped and for 20.00 PP more we went from balcony to mini suite. I was totally happy with my balcony but though this was a deal. If i had chosen to stay in balcony i would of gotten a whopping 15.00 total OBC. You get 25% of the difference between price paid and new price. 


    Did your perks change at all?  It looks like I can upgrade to a mini-suite for a small charge, but I am afraid I will lose my extra OBC (latitude benefit which they are no longer running).    

  11. Has anyone done an excursion with this company out of Nassau?  They seem to be relatively new and don't appear to have their own website.  They do have some reviews (and can be booked) on a popular website where one typically checks reviews for various travel outfits (not sure if I can mention it).   They also have a social media page - but is also relatively new.  Just want to see if I can hear from anyone directly about their experience with this excursion.   Thanks!

  12. On ‚Äé8‚Äé/‚Äé3‚Äé/‚Äé2019 at 8:33 PM, JaysMom2 said:

    I have a linked reservation with my son and DIL, and we have connecting rooms. When we booked the reservation with reduced air, NCL gave us separate flights. I need to travel with my son & DIL due to hearing problems and mobility issues. NCL would not change it. I asked what about teens who are connected to their parent's room, are they given a separate flight? ".


    The website says all guests on the same reservation, from the same airport, will be on the same flight.   Is it considered a different reservation since they are different cabins?  

  13. 2 hours ago, Boxersma said:

    Today is the 80 days out mark, and I received the offer to bid on a mini-suite and a balcony for Oct. 24 cruise on the Jade.  When I do a mock booking there are 24 mini-suites available to be booked but only 2 balconies. I made a "fair" bid on the mini suite and a "good" bid on the balcony... now the status for the mini-suite says "pending" and does not have the option to modify or cancel but my status for the balcony will allow me to modify or cancel, is this normal?


    I have bids on a different cruise for both a balcony and a mini-suite; both say pending- but both allow me to modify. 

  14.  I am booking a cruise on the Norwegian Sun and I am debating on cabins.    There is an inside cabin - 5103 that backs up to an elevator, or 5101 and 5102 that seem to back up to the stairs.   Has anyone ever been in these cabins or have advice on either situation?   Would the elevators be loud at night?   I am not overly concerned about the common areas near either room   -  just the stair vs. elevator component.  Any advice? Thanks in advance. 



  15. Personal opinion - they are crap location.  Hopefully, you have seen the pictures and the reviews and know what you are getting.  If not, do some research in previous reviews, they have no view and have main walkways right in front of them. Can't imagine paying anything for them (on the Edge).    Good luck!

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  16. I have only been on 1 Celebrity cruise (Edge) and found the meet up to be a waste of time; so I probably will not attend on my next cruise in April.  They spent about 3 minutes introducing themselves but did walk around and mingle. 


    I have gone to many on NCL and the officers spend time talking about their area of expertise and often take a few questions.  I was at one well-attended a few years back and the CEO (former Kevin Sheehan) showed up.  It was probably sheer luck he was on board that day, but what a treat.   They also give you a card with the contact information for the officers should you have an issue and send chocolate covered strawberries to your room. 


    I also went to one on MSC Seaside this past October and found it to be very well attended and had bar servers walking around with trays of free cocktails and appetizers.  The Captain came and talked, answered questions, and they had a huge cake and took pictures of everyone with the captain which were later sent to everyone's room.  


    The other cruise lines seem to value CC members a bit more and realize the possible impact and importance of this board. 

  17. 3 minutes ago, kwokpot said:

    I assume you didn't get a post card in your stateroom with an assigned dining room like the photo below


    No, we were on the wait list for select dining, but our card said 6:00.  We never got that letter.  We asked on the first night where we were supposed to eat and they said we can go wherever we want.  I am not sure if we ended up with select or what.  We only booked a few weeks in advance.

  18. We were assigned a 6pm dining time but no assigned restaurant.  We just showed up (mostly around 6, but a few times a bit later) and had a table for 2 every time.  The one time we shared, they asked us if it was 'ok'.  We never had to wait for table and ate in all 4 of the main dining rooms throughout the week.

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