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  1. $300.00 OBC It’s the same OBC given to two people in the same cabin on a 14, 28 night or longer cruise. This is only a 4 night cruise. I don’t even understand the other recommendations, especially if you don’t drink that much. You can still use some of your OBC to purchase drinks, such as specialty coffees. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Jade13

    Voyage of the Vikings 2020

    We did Boston to Amsterdam in 2011. It’s still the best HAL cruise we have ever taken. They had the best of everyone (officers and crew) onboard. That year we liked the itinerary better, and dates worked better. It included the overnight in Amsterdam on that leg as well as the opportunity to go to the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh. It also had more stops in Iceland (although one of the tender ports was skipped after an unsuccessful attempt at safely being able to tender people to shore). That year the first leg was a couple of days shorter for us because it was already a day shorter than the second leg, plus with the overnight in Amsterdam we did not need a hotel since we were not staying there. You have to decide after viewing the itinerary. That cruise is all about the ports due to the steep pricing. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. They are very poor in comparison to Celebrity. You need a lot of sea days and points to get any worthwhile benefit and they still are not that great. No free internet, evening cocktail party with included drinks, or breakfast in a private restaurant with Mimosas. Also note, even though HAL gives unlimited laundry when you reach 4 star, you can actually pay for unlimited laundry (last time we used it, it was $7.00 per day for both people in the cabin paid for the entire cruise (so $70.00 for a 10 night cruise, $98.00 for a 14 night, etc.). Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Jade13

    Tip Porters?

    Thank you for the follow up on what happened. Hope your cruise was great. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. No. You would need to be a 4 star and have 200 points to have any worthwhile benefits. And even at 4 star, there is no “free”/included internet. There are no daily cocktail parties with free drinks like on Celebrity. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Jade13

    Celebrity cruisers retry HAL after 12 years

    We pretty much agree with your HAL vs X ratings. HAL has much better itineraries. Celebrity has better past passenger benefits including some free internet. We remember our cruise on HAL on Veendam to Alaska in 2006. Food wise it was better than any other HAL or Celebrity cruise in the past 12 years. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. “Aggressively”, Maliciously took over”, “broke the rules” My question is whether you would book one of these cabins again? It seems it has taken a lot of time from your vacation to resolve. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Agree on all you say. We cruise HAL for terrific itineraries and onboard crew. We use an outside agent for at least a 7% discount. HAL’s entertainment isn’t that great and nights can be boring. The food is good but not as good as it used to be.
  9. Agree, both about location and taking the time to get correct information. I also wonder if results differ depending on whether you are talking to someone’s whose only job it is to sell cruises, or talking to another customer service department. It shouldn’t matter, but if you talk to whomever answers the phone they may be just trying to reach their sales quota, and get you off the phone as soon as possible if they think you aren’t about to book a cruise. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Jade13

    Celebrity won't let me pay to upgrade ....

    It sounds like an Ensemble Travel Group consortium tour (I checked with CC years ago and they can be mentioned as they are not a specific travel agent but consortium agents belong too (American Express has another one)We have been on a number of cruises and the tours were top notch with a smaller group of people, good food (not a big buffet). Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Jade13

    ??? Standard Cancellation Plan

    Note that HAL’s protection plans do not protect additional passengers in the same cabin from the single passenger supplement if their travel companion cancels. There was a long thread from a TA years ago who had booked multiple older single passengers and put strangers together. One women canceled and her traveling companion got charged a single supplement after she got home. The agent never came back to say what happened, just that he would never use HAL again. The only argument I gave him was that I thought HAL had the responsibility to collect the additional fee at the port, not ask for money after the cruise ended. This of course is so people don’t book phantom people into a cabin intending to cancel and not pay a single supplement. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Jade13

    ??? Standard Cancellation Plan

    I don’t think so unless the policy has changed. You would need to purchase the Platinum to get actual insurance during your cruise. The Standard has just been a cancel for any reason policy up until the cruise departs - it isn’t insurance. Actually, it covers flights and hotels if booked through HAL. Unless there has been a change, the cancellation has to be prior to 24 hours before your tour starts. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Jade13

    Price drop after final pmt

    Have you ever tried to use this? Last time I looked it was only good for 48 hours. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Jade13

    Price drop after final pmt