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  1. This is so different than my experience years ago on Noordam tendering in Santorini. The Captain went out of his way to get those going on their own or on a private tour off of the ship FIRST. He announced as soon as they got there it was early but encouraged those going on their own to get off BEFORE the shore excursions that weren't leaving until later. Yes it was early but we didn't care. He made multiple announcements. If I recall we were dropped in one spot and than shore excursions in another area of the Island before going back to the first spot for independent travelers leaving later. This is all dependent on the Captain.
  2. Can you please explain the HAL philosophy and ethical values that you mention?
  3. Who is/was your Captain on this trip? This might be enough for me to consider another ship to Cuba.
  4. I believe what I read on HAL’s web site is that it will be a sectioned off portion of the MDR on most ships.
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