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  1. Appears that all discussion of B2B in this thread is focused on US sailings. We have a B2B out of Southampton, UK departing this August 2021. Anyone here have knowledge if the 'nothing over 7-days' rule also applies to Europe sailings? I have already attempted searching the forum for keywords 'B2B' and 'Europe'. This thread is the most popular and current result. (Yes, I do realize that I could simply call Princess for this answer, am just intentionally trying to avoid and postpone that enjoyable task - 😱)
  2. Yes - March 8th No - March 15th Waiting for the refund/FCC's on the cancelled March 15th voyage before booking any future cruise. Unfortunately, while patiently waiting these past six weeks, we have had three different Onboard Credit offers from my CC account expire.
  3. Finding available lodging is an issue. We were in Fort Lauderdale Saturday, at Hilton Marina overnight, planning to board Regal on Sunday 3/8. Woke at about 5am on Sunday and noted the absence of the Regal at Pier-2. Once aware of the cancellation, we tried to quickly sort-out our short term options. In checking with front desk at 6am Sunday, we were informed there were 'no rooms available' for Sunday night. Calls to other nearby hotels resulted in the same lack of available lodging for Sunday night. Calling the provided Princess assistance phone numbers ju
  4. Kudos to Princess for offering this revised cancellation policy to future guests. But, I think it’s a serious oversight to not include those committed to sailing over this weekend (3/6 thru 3/8) in the OBC benefit. I can appreciate why this revised cancellation policy has the 72-hour caveat, benefiting customers sailing on the 9th and after. If anything, it’s those that have departures this weekend that truly deserve the OBC recognition as they were not able to consider the revised cancellation policy.
  5. For what it's worth, this from CNBC article online today. Sample Notification Letter attached “We take privacy and security of personal information very seriously, and we are offering affected individuals free credit monitoring and identity theft detection services,” Carnival said in sample consumer notification letter submitted to the California attorney general. Exhibit B - Sample Consumer Notification US-2 (Submitted).pdf
  6. Regularly stay in these forward cabins on Lido/Marina deck, balcony has never been 'locked'.
  7. Yes, real ice cream in the pastry shop section of Horizon Bistro buffet section on royal class. It seems to be a fresh made homemade ice cream, seems only to be vanilla from my experience. Is something you need to ask the server for it as it's usually kept in freezer below the counter. Doesn't seem that many are aware of this.
  8. Am bringing Amazon Fire tablet on this next trip, plan to use that as my primary connected unit on unlimited plan. Alexa is currently always available on this tablet whenever/wherever it has a wifi connection. Not that access to Alexa is needed or honestly desired during the trip, but just anticipating she will be coming along. Will re post during/after this trip and share what actually happens.
  9. Thank you!! Well worth the time calling Princess to check, was able to refare my two March 2020 bookings on Regal for a total savings of about $800. Didn't affect/change any of the perks or inclusions, it also did not disrupt the attached EZair flights.
  10. Saltworks, founded in 2001, was the company that introduced these specific salts around 2006 using the name Artisan Salt Company. Was immensely popular and this company has grown phenomenally over the past 15 years. As Pablo222 points out, the containers we see onboard Princess are likely no longer available . These same salts are marketed widely now and available at many gourmet or premium grocery stores (and on Amazon). Parent company is Saltworks -- https://seasalt.com/ Product can also be found at -- http://www.artisansalt.com/ Article att
  11. I had read alittle about the Excellence Class, something of this variant might be a logical progression for Princess. Powered by LNG and a full promenade where two features that caught my attention. AIDAnova and P&O Iona might easiest to query for more specifics. IONA Deckplan.pdf
  12. Interested to see if the Discovery has a similar deck plan to the current P&O Iona build. MS Iona has a 'true' promenade on deck eight, in addition to being an alternately (LNG) fueled ship. I don't see any information shared that Princess Discovery has either of these characteristics.
  13. Use the $400 you don't spend to treat yourselves to a week in the Sanctuary....
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