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  1. I'll wager the Butlins crowd spend more money on board than the snobs who spend most of the time cooped up in their overpriced suite. Oh the irony.
  2. Just seen that. Thought they'd have gone to 31/12/20 with Covid19 crisis in California and Florida.
  3. mickrory


    Us Brits aren't approved for travel to Portugal so US and Mexico are way down the line.
  4. I see this expires tomorrow week. When are they expected to announce the inevitable extension to the end date?
  5. Be interesting to see if Britannia sails empty to the Caribbean on 23/10. If it doesn't Winter schedule will be severely disrupted.
  6. Princess still selling Coral Panama Canal cruises for September and October. Is anyone booking them?
  7. May as well leave the ship moored in Southampton rather than sailing to nowhere. You could disembark if you got fed up and go to Andy's local for a raucous night out.
  8. The CDC ban expires on 24/7/20 so I expect we'll hear something stateside in the next couple of weeks. Our final balance is due mid August for an October cruise out of San Pedro but we've no intention of traveling to the US while their infection rates are so high. Going to hang fire for CDC update.
  9. Only problem we found with it on a cloudy day it was very cool in there but when the sun was shining it was stifling.
  10. Invalidates any insurance you have. Curtains for any 2020 departures. How long can the cruise lines survive?
  11. No Princess are still selling the cruise.
  12. We're booked on a cruise sailing out of San Pedro on 16th October, Panama Canal on Coral to Fort Lauderdale. Waiting for this cruise to be cancelled, it was paid for by FCCs from a previous curtailment in February. FCCS expire in February 2021. We don't want to travel in light of Covid19 issues. Can anyone advise if I need to wait for Princess to cancel or can I go ahead and rebook penalty free now? Will FCC's expiry date be extended because we don't really want to be near any cruise ship for at least 12 months.
  13. If they discover a vaccine by this time next year how long will it take to immunise the UK population?
  14. Tendering under the new arrangement will be fun. Priority tendering tickets will be like gold dust.
  15. Getting more and more pessimistic that cruising can recommence in 2021. FCCs will be worthless. Dr Anthony Fauci US CMO forecasting 100,000 new cases a day in US unless drastic steps taken immediately.
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