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  1. Probably overloaded with customers trying to book the reallocated airline seats from the cancelled Thomas Cook flights. Should settle down in a few days.
  2. Must be the slowest application on the internet. Took ages to print off my luggage tags and given up on the setsail dockets, just got the timer going round and round. I'll have another go next week otherwise they'll have to post them out.
  3. Have you thought about parking on Southampton Airport and either catching a train or a cab from there. I priced up Southampton Airport for a week for our Iona cruise next year and their long stay was coming in far cheaper than any dock parking. Guess it depends if you need the hassle of lunking your cases onto a train rather than just giving it to the porters.
  4. Great tip on private van trip down to Mambo Beach. We went last month (Sept 2019) $2 each way, taxis at the port wanted $25.
  5. Always used printed luggage labels, folded as advised and never had any get detached. They're surprisingly robust.
  6. I believe the problem with the centre lifts on Britannia (apart from lack of opened up staircase) is 70% of the ships passengers seem to choose to use them rather than 33% using each elevator. Last time we were in a cabin near the back, there was never a problem hanging around for the Aft lifts. Our allocated cabin on our sailing later this month is close to the centre lifts so if the problems I saw last time persist I'll just walk down to the back of the ship and use the aft lifts. Not like I'm in a hurry to get somewhere.
  7. Hi Mike and Sue Many thanks that's really helpful. Enjoy Azura.
  8. Recently back from Celebrity cruise to find "minibar charge $11.05" on final account statement. We were on a drinks package and knowing minibar is not covered by drinks package we never touched the mini bar apart from putting water in. Is this practice widespread? Lucrative sideline if say only 50% of people complain about it. For me it takes a bit of the edge off what was a fantastic cruise/vacation.
  9. Got follow up phone call from TA who said a confirmation will be posted out 2 weeks before the cruise by the coach company. First time we've used the coach service, usually drive so all new to me this.
  10. Okay thanks got it now, yes it's 8.30.
  11. Hi Randi and Julie Just found your blog, excellent summary. I did the sport quiz with you guys in the Craft Social, still kicking myself for getting the English Premier League question wrong but will always remember an ice hockey puck is a one inch width. We had a fantastic cruise, great fun.
  12. Thanks, definitely no time or place on our cruise itinerary. I'll ring our Scottish cruise agents again, they haven't covered themselves in glory at all as far as our booking is concerned.
  13. Not sure about Labadee, the comedian later described it as Fake Haiti however Celebrity did a sterling job finding us a stop at short notice instead of another sea day. I wanted to go on the zipwire but with our UK £ on the floor against other countries currencies couldn't justify paying over £100 for the privilege. Labadee has also replaced Cartagena as the place we've had the most hassle to buy things we don't want and our guy who lugged a couple of beach chairs down to the waters edge for us was not happy with his two buck tip, not sure what others were giving them, think he wanted $10. I was more than happy to get my own chair but the guy simply wouldn't let me.
  14. Hi all I've got my cruise documentation for our Britannia cruise in 4 weeks, luggage tags, setsail form, cabin allocation etc so it looks like we're good to go. Only thing I haven't got is a voucher for the coach which we're picking up at Manchester Airport. On our P&O itinerary it just says "Transfer MAN-SOU 2nd departure included passenger 1 and 2" Is this sufficient? I'm assuming we board the 2nd bus but there's nothing to tell us where we board or what time, all seems very vague. Fri 25 Oct 19 Transfer: Man-sou - 2nd Departure Included: Passengers 1 & 2
  15. Thanks for posting, see they've sneaked another dollar on Villamaria up to $11.
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