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  1. Thank you everyone. As usual I knew that I could count on you>
  2. Thank you to everybody who responded to my question. I knew I could count on you!
  3. I will be in Barcelona from Oct 31st leaving on my cruise Nov 4th. I have stayed at the Avenida Palace several times. I am looking for recommendations not too far from Las Ramblas at a price of about $175/day. The Avenida Palace is a four star hotel about 1/2 mile from Las Ramblas. The price is $167/day. I would like some ideas for an alternative. Time for a change. Thanks in advance.
  4. I will be in Barcelona from October 31st through November 4th (four nights). I usually stay at the Avenida Palace (four stars). It is very nice hotel near Las Ramblas and my price is also good, $167/night. Since I have stayed at this hotel three times in the near past, it's time to change. Any ideas for a hotel in the Las Ramblas area (with a mile or so) for about the same price or less. I have often got excellent advice on hotels using this forum. Look for to some ideas! Thanks
  5. HAL is a bargain. Check the daily cost for the one and only drink package offered by Princess.
  6. I cancelled my reservations several days before the cruise and my credit card was credited. The cruise services rep. said if the cancellation is made while on board the refund is in the form of a cruise credit.
  7. The Office is laid back and totally relaxing or whatever you want it to be. Easy to walk to. Go all around the harbor (a horseshoe) and up the hill. Ask along the way. Food is good. It's a great place to hang out and I LOVE A GOOD BAR with bar food!
  8. I started a thread on April 6th, a few days ago re. Booking on line. I have three complementary dinners for two. I booked and then had guest services since I got several different answers from HAL personnel. I decided that it would be better to book on the ship. That way there would be no trouble with getting any charges reversed. I do not want to have to resolve problems while on the ship. It's a vacation. Whatever you do keep and trail and check your on line account and your credit card for any credits do you from HAL.
  9. I walk to The Office and I'm no spring chicken. You can take water taxi. You will get off in one or two feet of water so wear flip flops. Carry shoes if you want to walk back.
  10. Dining Room lunch hours are quite limited, usually noon to 1pm. However, you can come in close to 1 pm and be seated. I have never had to wait more than 2 or 3 minutes for a table for 2 at lunch. It's quite pleasant.
  11. Hope you are right. There were delays in January, but it was open just a lot slower than usual when I crossed at Mexicali>
  12. We love the office. Never had food poisoning, but didn't have seafood there either. I believe that The Office closes in the late summer or early fall.
  13. If your cruise is eminent take the border situation into consideration. Will it be open or closed. Will there be more than the usual delays.
  14. Nonsense! The rep knew exactly the problem and was working in good faith to resolve it. Good news. Got an e-mail from HAL stating that the $210.00 has been credited back to my account. I immediately cancelled the dispute. Remember the old adage "The Lord helps those who help themselves". In this case the problem was not my making, and I chose not to pursue a resolution while on the cruise which leaves in a couple of days.
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