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  1. Yes, my TA sent it to me. My July 23 to the Russian Far East on the Explorer is not on this list but I fully expect it to be on the next list.
  2. We have been to Alaska 8 times now, 1 on RC and 7 times in Princess. We have done NB/SB B2B from Vancouver and the 10 day from San Francisco where we take BART (public transit) to the port. We have seen Glacier Bay, College Fjord, Hubbard Glacier, and Tracy Arm. But there are still parts of Alaska that we want to see. So sailing on this cruise in July. Spending 6 days in Alaska and 12 days in the Russian Far East. There are still cabins available if anyone would like to join us.
  3. We visited North Cape too, then farther north to Longyearbean in Svalbard where the Global Seed Vault is, and hiked on mushy permafrost. Then over to Murmansk Russia. It was the best cruise we were on until we sailed to Antarctica on Silversea and made multiple landings daily. We liked Silversea so much that we now have an expedition cruise to Southwest Alaska, the Aleutian Islands, and the Russian Far East this year, and another SS cruise to Greenland and the Canadian northeast. We also have another cruise back to Tahiti (our 4th cruise there) on the Pacific Princess.
  4. Norway is more expensive than Alaska, and Antarctica is more expensive than Norway. 2017 - 18 nights to Norway on the Pacfic Princess in an Owner's suite was $28,130 or $1562 per day. 2018 - 10 nights to Alaska on the Grand Princess in a Penthouse suite was $9,411 or $941 per day. 2018 - 15 nights to Antarctica on Silversea Cloud in a Veranda suite (equivalent to a mini on Princess) was $39,570 or $2638 per day.
  5. Oceania has 4 of the R ships currently. They are currently updating all of them. The Tahitian/Ocean Princess is the Sirena on Oceania. I sailed on their Nautica last summer for 20 nights, fabulous cuisine that puts Princess to shame.
  6. Yes we have been sailing on Oceania as well. We have the same suite 7004 booked for the Pacific to French Polynesia and the Regatta to Alaska. I love Oceania cuisine, 28-day dry aged USDA Prime grade beef in their steakhouse. Lobster every day at the grill for lunch, and a slew of No Sugar Added desserts and ice cream/gelato for me (am diabetic). Silversea is also nice but they are all inclusive and we really don't drink. Alcohol flowed freely on that ship which had 200 pax and 240 crew to Antarctica.
  7. I just looked through all of our photos for the Owner's Suite 8067 that we stayed in on the Pacific Princess and I didn't find a wet bar. We hosted afternoon tea for our CC RollCall group but didn't host a party where alcohol was served. The Grand Class (Grand and Star) penthouse suites that we stayed in had wetbars. The new Premium and Penthouse suites on the Majestic Princess had an area above the mini fridge where our mini bars were set up, however there was no sink with running water.
  8. When we were on her in 2018 it was a 45 min leeway from the start time of the fixed dining times. However I did read that someone more recently could arrive anytime and they were served. It is a very small area of the dining room. We noticed that in Norway pax preferred to dine later than earlier.
  9. Fixed early and late seating. However they do have Club Class (anytime) dining for Full Suite and Club Class Mini suite passengers.
  10. The Pacific is one of our favorite ships. We sailed on her in July 2018 after her drydock. As I understand they continued to change out cabin furniture after we disembarked. Here are some photos http://www.websailor.org/index.php?/category/1047
  11. FYI, Antarctica FAQs https://iaato.org/frequently-asked-questions
  12. We have 32 Princess cruises but this is the 15-night roundtrip cruise from Ushaiua to Antarctica that we took on Silversea an all inclusive luxury expedition cruise. Something to consider for those who want to go in the future. All cabins have butler service and there were more crew onboard than passengers. We missed two stops in the Falklands because the Captain wanted to get across the Drake Passage before the weather got worse. We missed going ashore on Elephant Island (where the Shackleton statue is) because elephant seals were blocking our path and had to settle for phot
  13. I didn't find the MDR too cold. We were on a 18-night cruise up the coast of Norway, stopping at Svalbard in the Arctic, then over to Murmansk Russia. We spent 9 days above the Arctic Circle. Perhaps they had the heater on? Maybe microclimates in the MDR? This was my typical dinner attire (no sweater).
  14. Pacific Princess does have Club Class dining but it is only a 45 minute leeway from the start times of the two Fixed seatings. There are no assigned tables in CC so you can dine with whomever you choose. There were 6 of us who dined together on most days and we took turns sitting at the table for 2 by the window.
  15. Club Class Dining is available the Pacific but it is not true Anytime as on the other ships. They did give us a 45-minute leeway as to arrival time.
  16. We have sailed 4 times on the Tahitian, Ocean, and Pacific Princess. We really like the size of the old R ships and have also sailed on the Oceania Nautica and will sail on the Regatta in 2021. Oceania cuisine blows Princess away (USDA Prime grade 28-day dry aged beef) and is equivalent to the cuisine on Silversea. All the lobster and filet mignon you want available at the grill everyday of the cruise. We also like the fact that the Owner's and Vista suites of the old R ships have two bathrooms and real dining tables with 4 chairs. Been told that balcony cabins and insides ha
  17. We didn't sit out on the balcony (Cloud) for any length of time but hubby sure ran out there a lot to take photos.
  18. I think that you will need more than that. Our ship the Silver Cloud had 200 pax and 240 crew. It was a small ice class rated ship that could sail close to the coastlines allowing us to take zodiacs ashore. The Coral is about 2000 pax? Hubby took two camera bodies, one with 16-300mm and the other with 100-400mm. He used both of them too in the zodiacs and from the ship. There is no time to change lenses, hence the two cameras. If you want close ups of penguins and their chicks, see lions, albatross, or the various whale species, you will need a longer focal length
  19. Thanks, good to know. We have 32 Princess cruises and have never visited the Elite lounge. We did visit the VIP/Concierge lounge on the Majestic because we were in full suites. We enjoyed that we could make all of the espresso drinks that we wanted at any time. Oceania is actually a good fit for us since we don't drink alcohol. Silversea is all inclusive, alcohol flowing everywhere, full sized bottles of Meyers Dark Jamaican Rum when hubby just asked the butler for a Rum and Coke. If not for the fact that their Expedition cruises go to exotic off the beaten
  20. Is that a bag daily? or per cruise? The one thing I didn't like about Oceania was that we got 3 bags of laundry (20 items each) per cruise. It didn't matter if the cruise was 20-nights like ours was, or 7-nights like many Alaska cruises are.
  21. Have they actually looked in the pipe for a blockage? I reported a blocked toilet on the Star, was told that we didn't need to be present and that they could fix it from outside. I watched the Maintenance guy fish a baby wipe out that was causing the blockage. Was told that this section of pipe served 3 penthouse suites. It wasn't us, so I asked our room steward to gently talk to the passengers in the suites on both sides of us. Hope you get it resolved.
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