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  1. Without reading the MSC contract, I assumed it was like any other cruise lines I’ve been on, and had a 12pk of Pepsi in my carry on and no one at the scanners said a word about it, on my cruise a couple months back. I also had a bunch of candy bars, sour patch kids and flights snacks in the backpack as well. 

  2. We’ve only been allowed to book within the timeframe window. I’m sailing tomorrow to Alaska on a free cruise offer I received after my Easter sailing on Sapphire Princess. After that cruise, my promotions via emails stopped, once I booked the free cruise. Don’t know why that is, since I did the Caribbean Princess in May, and definitely, should have earned some promotions or another free cruise based on my casino play. We’ll see if I start receiving offers again after this cruise. But I’ve only been allowed to book my free cruises or with my free casino play during the 7 month window. 

  3. 23 hours ago, d9704011 said:

    I like the buffet but won't comment on the quality of the food there compared to the dining room; in my view, that's pretty subjective.  I can say with 100% certainty that you will not see a lobster in the buffet.... ever!!



    back I’m the day, about 10 years ago on the Caribbean Princess, they did have lobsters in the buffet on formal night. Nice, good size ones. Repeated the same cruise about a year later and low and behold, no lobster 😞


    Someone caught on that people were taking 4 or 5 at a time. I myself, took 2. They were mighty tasty! 

  4. On 3/5/2023 at 8:54 PM, Thrak said:


    Hopefully the ship will go out to sea far enough to open the casino on the last night - Victoria to Seattle. However, please be sure to ask in advance.


    We disembarked in Vancouver and the last stop before that was Victoria. The ship didn't go out to sea far enough to open the casino and there was absolutely no notice about the fact so, when I went to the casino to cash out the last night, I found it was closed and nobody could give me my money. I had something like $475 ($425?) in my casino account and was unable to get it out. I had to wait weeks for them to mail me a check.

    Yes, this exact thing

    happened to me on the Sapphire Princess last week. The cruise director told everyone at the show the night before Victoria stop that the casino would be open after we left the victoria port at 111;30 pm or so. They decided last minute to not open at all that night ad I had $500 sitting in my folio. It has been a week since disembarkation and I called the very next day and was told someone would get back to about it. Still haven't heard back

  5. On 6/19/2022 at 11:09 PM, kiwimum said:

    There are many individuals in the US who received AstraZeneca vaccine as part of the trial.  DH and I received 2 shots of AZ and a Pfizer booster.   We have spent over 100 days on 7 cruises with no issues to board. DH did test positive on one of our cruises out of Southampton as many of the oncoming guests refused to wear masks as it was not required in their country.  Will not travel out of Southampton in the near future.


    I was in the Astra Zeneca trials. I received 2 AZ shots , then 2 moderna and then 2 Moderna boosters. I’ve traveled on 6 cruises since cruising resumed, and did 5 land based international vacations and 5 trips to Vegas between  2020 and last week and have yet to catch or test positive for Covid. I’ve even been a caregiver twice for people with active cases and still have not caught it.  Mixing doses does really help in my opinion. I’m cruising in July on Caribbean Princess and no worries whatsoever. 


  6. Been 6 years since I have cruised on Princess. I am cruising on Caribbean Princess in beginning July with my mom, and wondering if we are able to bring a 12pk cans, or plastic bottles of Dr Pepper onboard for her? We have brought on wine and soda in the past, but did not know if things have changed regarding that. Thanks in advance.

  7. On 5/6/2022 at 6:30 PM, waterbabyfish said:

    I got one for 7/2,inside room,7 days Caribbean, $299 with $199 each on board credit....booked it, but the $199  on my manage cruise page says it's an shore excursion credit!!!! Uggh,  was hoping to use it in the casino! Do you know if it could be used for anything else but excursions?

    I am on your same cruise, and got the same offer.. I spoke to two different reps and they both said I can use it for Grats, beverage pkgs, dining, gift shop, excursions etc.....But they both said we cannot use that OBC in Casino... Which was a bummer because we do gamble ALOT.... But that's ok, I'm sure we'll apply it towards grats and maybe towards our drinks, because we do not buy beverage packages.


  8. 57 minutes ago, OfcSupport said:

    I don't know about the mobile app but when using a laptop there is an option. If you booked it yourself you can go to "Booking Details" at the top of the page. Scroll down to where it says "Paid In Full." Click "View Balance Details" and scroll down to the very bottom and it will say, "View Cancellation Information." When you click on that you will see an option to cancel it. They do a very good job of hiding it I guess so people don't accidentally cancel. Good Luck!



    Yes, I have been to this area. But even though I have the cancel for any reason insurance, it says if I cancel today, I'll lose $230.. So I don't want to hit the Cancel button here, because I don't want to be out $230, when I have a valid illness prohibiting me from taking the cruise.


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  9. I need help. I have tried contacting Carnival since last Sunday to cancel a cruise. I have been on hold for anywhere up to 3 hours, each day without speaking to a service rep. I need to cancel a cruise that is leaving next week on the 9th. I've spent hours online trying to see if there is a way to do it online, but can't come up with anything. I can't seem to get through to anyone at Carnival to do this. Doe's anyone know if I can do it online? Maybe, I'm not looking in the right area. I do have the Carnival " Cancel for any reason" protection plan. Thanks, in advance

  10. Southwest Air changed my flights for the 3rd time yesterday. Which was once a 4:50pm flight out of FLL has now been changed to a 11:15am flight on Easter Sunday. If we take our own luggage off the ship, doing self disembarkation, asap Sunday morning, grab a taxi, should we able to make this flight? Normally, I wouldn't take it, but my options are beginning to get really limited, and to change flights on SW is several hundred dollars more each person and there are 4 of us.

  11. I just got off the Horizon on Sunday. I thought the MDR food was pretty mediocre. Comparable to something similar to " Perkins" or " Applebees" 


    The best entrees were chicken. My tablemates ordered beef and it was almost always overdone, even by being ordered medium rare, and it was stringy......The lobster was horrible, very fishy and not cooked, completely inedible...


    I'm not complaining, as I got this cruise for basically free with Casino rates. ut had I paid full fare, I would have been disappointed. This was our first time on a Carnival ship in 4 years. But the last time I was on Carnival, I remember the food tasting much better..... The Chocolate chip cookies in the buffet area each night, and the deli sandwiches were the best things I ate all week

  12. My husband and I had our third dose of Moderna back in mid August when they recommended people to get a third dose if it's been 6 months since 2nd shot. My husband and I got our first Covid Moderna vacs in mid Feb... Walgreens had no problem giving us our third jab in August.  Did they change something since August ? Are they only doing Pfizer third doses now, and not Moderna? 


    We also got our 3rd jab 9 days before we left for Jamaica. We had 2 covid tests a PCR and a rapid, 6 days after our shots and we did not test positive. The Pharmacist told me the vaccine will not cause a positive Covid test...

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