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  1. I actually like Nassau. Lots to do there. Take the ferry to Paradise island, hang out on the beach, snorkel or take a excursion to swim with sharks My least favorite port Costa Maya. Nothing much to do unless you book a excursion IMO
  2. Our itinerary was Princess Cays ( beautiful ) Grand Cayman, Costa Maya & Cozumel. I do not remember a single one of any of the activities staff. I could take a look at my patters and find out if need be. We did see some production shows. We saw the welcome aboard show, the comedian ( quite funny ) and one show called Fierra (sp?) We did not watch any of the MUTS. Quite frankly, it's just not our thing. We feel we can see a movie anytime back home and we didn't want to waste our vacation time watching them. Many people spent the sea days watching them and seemed to enjoy the movies. One thing I didn't note on my mini review was I felt that there was definetly ample lounge chairs and areas on the deck for sunning. Some ships I feel lack this. But the Regal had plenty of places to go.
  3. Greetings, we just got off the Regal Princess this last Sunday. Wow!! What a fantastic cruise... This was our 4th time sailing on Princess and 1st time on the Regal, and it was by far the best of all 4 Princess cruises. Food was exceptional. Normally we eat in the main dining room most evenings but on this particular cruise we ate 5 out of the 7 nights in the buffet. The selection and variety of food in the buffet was endless. They had some type of shrimp every evening and a variety of salads and carved meats etc..... Ship is beautiful, well taken care of, and always very clean.... We won in the casino, and saw lot's of people winning as well. Good selection and variety in the slot machines and they had $6 BJ every night too. I have been on over 30 cruises and this one was by far in the 5 for me. No complaints !!
  4. I was curious if Red Stripe Beach near Falmouth is a public beach? Do you have to be booked on a tour to get in? Or can you just pay a admission? I will be in Falmouth next week on the Celebrity Silhouette and a group of us was thinking about going there.
  5. I am looking at my "Costa Today " papers from my Caribbean cruise on the Fortuna a few years back. Looks like there are two shows at night. One is at 7:30 and the other is at 9pm.
  6. I have done two Costa cruises both out of Miami. On both the Fortuna and the Atlantica I have bought a twelve pack of bottled water as well as a few two liters of Pepsi onboard in my checked luggage. I have never had it taken away or even questioned. Since I cannot drink alcohol (medical Reasons) is is a waste of $250 for me to have the drinks package. Even if my hubby wanted it, we would have to pay $500 because they make both parties on the reservation purchase it. How many others have brought soda and water on board and not gotten it taken away ?
  7. Not sure about that one. I got some Latisse in Belize last year. But I am not familiar with any pharmacies in St Marten[ quote=Derbie;40341334]Okay-no one can a recommendation? Oh well...
  8. We took the 10 day route last week. We had a great time. No, they have not replace the TV's yet, but the ship was in good condition. We had a great time and thought entertainment was good and food was good as well. would definitely repeat....
  9. Thanks Bugspost...We were also on the same cruise as you...we loved the Sun!!!! The only complaints we had, were we thought the dining rooms were a bit slow on 2 out of the 4 nights we ate in there. Also thought the pool band Titanium was awful.....Aside from that the cruise was very nice, entertainment was good, Ship was clean and staff very friendly, ports were very nice and embarking and disembarking were well organized as well. All in all we had a great cruise!!!
  10. What if you booked the cruise, through a booking agent site like Hotwire or Priceline? Would you still be able to get the price drop applied? Does anyone know?
  11. We booked this same tour about 3 years ago thru Carnival. We went to the ruins, and on the way back to the ship, there was a critical car/bus accident like 10 cars ahead of us, and the entire traffic on both sides of the hwy stopped. They had to call in military to get the people out of the vehicles...All in all, we sat in the bus for a full two hours before it finally moved, and we still had a 40 min. ride back to the boat. Fortunately, we got back to the boat with 10 minutes to spare. Since it was a boat sponsored tour, I am sure they would have waited for us, but it was scary none the less.....I would definitely recommend a ship tour for that far of a excursion..
  12. I am looking forward to this cruise, and to trying out the buffet for dinner some evenings. Sometimes I get tired of the length of time spent in the dining room for dinner. If you are having slow service, sometimes it can be close to 3 hours. Yikes..... I like having the option of a decent buffet once in a while. I am a waitress for a living, and can tell you that often times because I serve people day in and day out, I don't even want to deal with a formal dinner in a dining room setting. Alot of times the buffet is A OK with me....
  13. and was wondering the same thing. Can't decide which of Mario's tours to do. I guess I could skip the beach part, as we are avid divers and snorkelers and have these things planned for Roatan (snorkeling at Maya Key) and Grand Caymen (shore snorkeling )already.
  14. Hi all, We are a group of four traveling on the Jewel of the Seas 1-2-2010 sailing. We were just wondering how many of you have dined in the Windjammer buffet in the evening. We plan on having My Time dining, but would also like to dine a couple nights in the buffet. How was the quality of food and service in there, in the evening? Normally, we only eat in the dining rooms, but last month on our Princess cruise we ate in the buffet at night a couple times and found the food and service to be excellent. So we would like to keep that option open. Also, for those who have dined in the buffet on formal night, do they serve lobster in the buffet? or must I dine in the dining room to have that? Thanks in advance.
  15. If they are responsible kids. Eden rock is only a short walk from the cruise ship pier, less then 10 minutes. Straight shot down the main road, should be no room for error. Not sure about cemetary beach, have never been there. But definetely if they are good, responsible kids then Eden rock should not be a problem.
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