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  1. .....and Canadian ports are in no hurry to re-open, unfortunately. Currently closed until March 31st, but I expect a further closure.
  2. Their statement says “unused within a year” not unused for a year.
  3. My FCC was issued June1, 2020. My March 25, 2021 cruise was just cancelled by Princess today. I had applied that FCC to this cruise, so it has not been used within the 12 month period. My TA contacted Princess today and confirmed the amounts I will be getting back, minus the bonus FCC which was stated by Princess.
  4. Good question. Hopefully, with a vaccine on the horizon I am surprised that they have cancelled cruises through Nov 1, 2021. I have seen cruise review videos showing that it might take at least a couple of months to get ships up and fully running, but why cancellations almost 12 months out.
  5. I'm not sure why they arbitrarily chose June 1st. Might be worth a call to Princess. The link is in the latest list of cancellations on the Princess web site.
  6. Just a heads up for anyone with a non-refundable FCC, Princess is now offering to refund the 100% base cruise fare back, less any bonus FCC that you were offered. Seeing that many of the cruises in the Princess list are cancelled through November 1, 2021 and you currently must use your FCC to sail by May 1, 2022 there may not be many options left. Here is the excerpt from the Princess web site: ”If a guest has not used any portion of their FCC within 12 months of its issuance, they may choose to receive a refund of the original amount retained by Princess Cruises at the time the F
  7. So, climb aboard the amazing Princess Merry-go-Round. Fun for everyone as you get dizzy going around in circles between the Princess Circus and your very caught-in- between TA, with me getting squished like a gnat in the middle.
  8. Well, Live Chat was a waste of time! Agent could not confirm dollar amounts still to be refunded after waiting125 days. I was told I have to contact my TA as she could not access dollar amounts, even though Princess refunded all my FCC's to the penny on June 1st 2020 and my "simple" transactions paid by my TA to Princess at final payment all went from TA to Princess on my credit card, they cannot tell me the amounts I am missing to be returned back to cc for taxes/port fees, Princess Platinum Protection. BTW I could not access Live Chat using Safari on my laptop, even though it was
  9. The Live Chat seems to come and go. I have tried a few times logging in and it has disappeared, depending on staffing levels, I guess. I will try that route. Is there a way or secret to save the chat logs?
  10. Thanks for your suggestion. Unless I'm doing something wrong it appears that the Live Chat has disappeared from the Princess web site and replaced with "Online Support Request" where you fill in drop down lists with "Out of Pocket Reimbursement" then "COVID-19 Related Refund", then "First Name" and "Last Name", then "Check for Eligibility" then fill out all the details of your expenses and attach files for proof of expense. I'm not sure this is the correct place to go now.
  11. I've been on the phone to my cc company today to file a dispute - Bank of Montreal MasterCard Canada. Now sitting at 122 days since e-mail confirmation from Princess (March 17th 2020) for choosing Option 1 150% FCC for 2 cruises cancelled May 8th and May 9th Pause 1. Received FCC June 1st but still waiting for taxes, fees and Princess Platinum Protection refund for trip cancellation. After a lengthy talk with BMO MasterCard agent I was advised to e-mail Princess and get written confirmation of the amount of refunds owing. There is no way to contact Princess
  12. I have since booked another cruise through another TA and used my FCC's on that cruise. Neither Princess or my former TA have made any mention of the money being put in a holding account. Just waiting ad nauseam for the money to be credited back to original credit card.
  13. Now sitting at 113 days with no refunds for two May 2020 cruises cancelled by Princess in Pause 1 and Option 1 chosen. FCC's credited to account June 1st, but still waiting for refunds for taxes/port fees/Princess Platinum Protection insurance. The refunds should be very simple to just credit back to one credit card. I have contacted Princess twice by phone and the last time I was told to contact my TA as the cruises were booked through them. Here is part of the response I got from the TA today: "Good afternoon, after calling and speaking with the Princess
  14. Still waiting for refunds of our Ruby Princess May 9, 2020 cruise to Alaska, which again shows no rhyme or reason for the process in which Princess are doing refunds. Mine is a simple transaction back to one credit card of just taxes/port fees and Princess Platinum Protection insurance, now at 104 days and counting!
  15. Now at day 104. Pause 1 Option 1 2 cruises (1) May 8/2020 (1 night) and (2) May 9/2020 (7 nights) FCC's credited June 1/2020, but no sign of refunds back to CC. I have a question re: refunds Cruise 2 above - fully paid for with promotion by Princess for pre-paid gratuities. Will these gratuities get refunded, even though offered by Princess as a promotion?
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