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  1. This is what used to take place. This video from Golden Princess Oct 8/2009, David Cole Cruise Director.
  2. Not sure exactly when it changed, but it has. Breakfast is still free by hanging the standard order form on your door handle. If you have the Plus or Premium package then there is no charge for room service or ordering for delivery anywhere on the ship. Otherwise there is a one time $14.99 charge that would then include unlimited room service delivery or anywhere on the ship, which would also include a limited selection of lunch and dinner items.
  3. Here are the ships officers from our recent New Year’s Cruise.
  4. I live in Canada and the shipping charge to Canada is $15 US. On a recent New Year’s cruise the $15 was charged to my credit card upon shipping. I waited to purchase the Plus package onboard to save over $100 US additional insurance surcharge. I then got the $15 shipping charge refunded as onboard credit by going to Guest Services.
  5. Just off the Discovery Feb 3/10 and loved everything about the ship. Check out Cole Bockman the Cruise Director from NZ. He is hilarious and vertigo talented, as are the rest of the entertainment staff. Check out his tribute to Elvis show in Princess Live.
  6. If you have the Princess Plus or Premium you can go to Guest Services and get an onboard credit to cover the shipping cost.
  7. I haven’t done a Live From or a Review, but I was given the little gingerbread man and “Rare”. It was given by CC admins, but honestly can’t quite remember what for.
  8. We were on the Regal New Year’s cruise. Embarkation lunch was in the aft Allegro Dining Room, as were all breakfasts and lunches on sea days.
  9. Our cruise is Feb 3 and our medallions arrived today Jan 23. Also in Canada and no tracking service provided, so just hope they arrive before sail date. Ours were shipped Canada Express Post.
  10. I agree. The captain is not going to lie, to avoid a port. Passenger safety is taken very seriously. We missed a port once near our hometown. It was in Victoria, BC. It’s not a tender port but the ship normally docks, but in our case the winds picked up, and Victoria is quite a tricky port to get in at the best of times. Some passengers were very upset, cursing and swearing, but safety comes first.
  11. Crazy busy NewYear’s Eve party up on Deck 16, pool deck. Happy 2024 everyone.
  12. when are the plus desserts available I saw them at the gelato station on deck 5 near International Cafe. Also I think you can substitute for a slice of the giant cakes in a display at International Cafe.
  13. Just pushing away at 4.45 pm. Could be a while before I get my Plus drinks at dinner
  14. About 12 days out from the start of the cruise the app will generate a QR code, which doesn’t have any significance in boarding time. We have a QR code for our Dec 27th cruise out of Galveston with Green Lane & boarding time between 10.30 am- 2.00 pm. The QR code now seems redundant on how quick you can board. Previously Princess assigned you into Groups A, B etc with a designated check in time. It seems now, like you have to line up with everyone else, then after security either go through the Green Lane where you don’t need to collect your medallions, or through the Blue Lane, where you do. It seems to depend on which port you embark from as to how much time difference there is between Blue & Green.
  15. There are 9 of us in this cruise. 6 adults and 3 kids. Look forward to following along and contribute wherever possible. Look forward to meeting you in the hot tub with a glass of rum 🍹 😜
  16. I’m in the Green Lane and got a QR code generated with check in time between 10.30 am to 2.00 pm, but from what I have been reading on CC it just doesn’t mean a thing.
  17. Your MDR reservation only gets cancelled for your SD night. All other MDR reservations are still good.
  18. Yes, something doesn’t quite add up here. I read a “rumour” here a few weeks ago that someone had a fake passport and tried to bypass the face recognition technology, but it does seem that folks on all the cruises in December have reported that it’s not being used, and causing lengthy delays, especially with boarding.
  19. But with no tracking number and you just have to hope they magically appear.
  20. I’m in Canada and was notified Dec 7th that our medallions have been shipped. As reported elsewhere the USPS tracking number just does not work for Canadians. Our medallions arrived today in our mailbox in just 6 days, shipped by Canada Post XPress Post, but again with no Canada Post tracking number. However, very relieved for the fast delivery.
  21. They used to ask you to complete a written form at check in to certify that you have had no vomiting, diarrhoea etc in the past 24-48 hours because of the norovirus that always used to plague cruise ships, and if you had, you were denied boarding.
  22. So, coffee, tea, specialty coffees etc are included with Plus & Premium on sailaway, but not the local Texas liquors
  23. I got notified today that ours got shipped with a USPS tracking number, which, again doesn’t seem to work, as the packages are eventually offloaded to Canada Post. As long as they get here before our Dec 27 sailing with all the other Christmas cards/packages and shut down from Christmas Eve through Boxing Day.
  24. I think Princess charge your credit card a few days before shipping. I ordered our medallions about 6 weeks ago and my CC was charged Dec 1st. Our cruise is Dec 27th, so hopefully the medallion will be shipped very soon.
  25. Thank you. We sail on the 27th. Let me know how you get on with your tracking and medallion arrival.
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