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  1. Just like when you book with royal directly, you can transfer it to a TA. Wondering if you can do the reverse if the TA agrees. Fill out the TA form with transferring it to a Royal TA?
  2. The other person booked 2 cabins. They only wanted a refund on 1 of them. The travel agent refunded both so one cabin lost the FCC. The instructions were in writing by email so it wasn't a verbal miscommunication. The other person booked with the TA so that's how the TA has the card number. I assume she was tired and used to wrong number when paying as it was final payment day for both of us. I did receive FCC and it appears I have to pay the other person myself whose card was charged in error. But seems wrong. I did call Royal before posting. All they would
  3. I did pay for the deposit so all was normal until now. The final payment was put on the other person's card. They are not getting the money back because we opted for the FCC option. Yes, they did give them the credit card because they booked with the same agent. I was saying they didn't authorize paying for MY cabin and Royal is like "oh well". I was looking for the port fees refund after RCL issued FCCs when I discovered the mistake. To clarify, the travel agent asked for a refund not on my cabin, but one of the other person's cabins they wanted to keep for FCC.
  4. We used an agent to book 3 cabins. Our agent canceled for refund instead of getting FCC on one of the cabins so that resulted in a loss of 25% FCC. She also charged the wrong credit card for our booking and says Royal won't swap the payment because its been closed and FCC issued (The booking was red lined as she called it). So I'm supposed to reimburse the person who got charged. That doesn't seem right to me. The person who got charged didn't authorize it. Even though I know the person who got charged, what if it was a stranger? They could technically chargeback it. If I later ask for a cash
  5. So Royal is offering 125% FCC, but I can move my sailing later by one month at the same price. On a $3500 sailing, that is $875 left over credit. Will I be able to use that as onboard credit or some pre-paid perks and excursions? Also, I'm assuming FCC is based on what you paid including taxes and fees. Or do they only give you 125% on the fare portion? Thanks in advance.
  6. Upon further research, seattle has "port valet" with the cruise ships which is basically the same thing as luggage valet but free.
  7. Referring to their airport shuttle transfer for $28 they contract with a 3rd party. We could carry our own luggage but we're also pushing a stroller and wheelchair so not having to is preferable.
  8. Their phone agents can only tell me to talk to the guest services on the boat, but I prefer to have it settled before going on the trip. Looking for a shuttle service to get from the pier to Seattle airport for 12:10 pm flight. Royal said their transfer is guaranteed, but it costs more than seattle express. However, booking it with Royal they will have my flight times. Will they see the flight and let me off the boat early and still take my luggage the night before? I should leave the pier by 9 am to get to the airport by 10 am.
  9. That should be alright. Not expecting to have signal for the whole trip, just mainly asking if you get signal on the ship as I see coverage on both sides of the passage. I can turn off roaming to avoid cruise ship cell towers.
  10. I have T-Mobile and the coverage map shows 4G LTE all around those cities with some blank spots up the way to Alaska. Do you get good signal on the ship while sailing? Wondering if I even need to consider the RCL Voom package on this trip.
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