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  1. Hello all. Been cruising on other lines for over a decade now. Top Tier status on 2 lines but think its time to shake things up. Does Carnival have a program similar to Crown & Anchor, Captains Circle. Latitudes? On board cruise consultants? Not sure what ship im gonna go on first but looking forward to shaking things up a bit. Thanks
  2. As a In The Know employee if you've booked everything through us then your refunds will be automatic on everything excursions Free At Sea surcharges for Bev/Din will be refunded pre paid gratuities etc you will get it all back.
  3. Jenna would love to but these are the ships I have worked on or sailed on so parting with my collection would be a sad day. 18 years of my life in these
  4. Repatriation of crew I have several friends on it finally sailing home
  5. Officially no. You can not use them on a cruise that is already booked and has a deposit made on it What your T.A or CC do is another story But the Consultants onboard will tell you they are for Non existing New bookings only. There are plenty of ways to work around that though. you'll figure it out . 🙂 The old if you don't ask you don't get comes to mind here.
  6. Ok . Here is the definitive explanation on Cruise Next deposits if you buy 1 deposit . ( 250$) . it is charge to your room account as 250 USD that evening of purchase the next day you look at your cabin statement and you see a charge of 250$ . CruiseNext below you will see a Non Refundabale On Board Credit worth 100$ . So you have been charged on paper only 250$ but your credt card upon completion of the cruise will be charged 150$ . The hundred dollar on board credit is just like an instant rebate. Your CC is never charged 250 . In essence your paying 150$ towards a cruise but getting 250 off the price. You are not getting and extra 100 of OBC to go a spend towards your fun in the shops casino or restaurants. Its just accounting to show that yes you were charged initially 250 for the deposit but your final tally will be 150$ Value of Deposits . Net Spend 250 (1) 150 500 (2) 250 750 (3) 375 1000 (4) 500 1500 (6) 750 2000 (8) 1000 Another thing . if you are thinking about buying these and you cruise every year and you buy 1 at a time....your losing out. you are not saving money. the Best practice is to Spend 250 and take the 500 CND ( minimum) . it has only cost you 250$ Buying 1 every cruise costs you 150 and if you do it again on your next voyage later the same year or the following year you do another 250 and are charged 150.....add it up for buying 1 at a time you spend 300 bucks for the same benefit as spending 250 and getting the same deposit. Only difference is you bought it a year later..... If you are doing this and sailing in Balconies you are losing out on saving 250. better in my experience to take the 2 deposit for 250 and use them on a balcony over taking a 1 CND and saving a 100$ there and then . it costs you more in the long run Hope that helped with some of the questions and scenarios about how the CND works OnBoard Credit is a marketing invention it is essentially buy 1 get 1 and so on
  7. Trust me there will be a halloween party there is always one and I have been on every ship in the fleet over Halloween at one point or another. White Hot will happen . bring some white pants and a t shirt you'll be fine
  8. It's bread with pepperoni . why not try something a little different
  9. Ok 3 rooms are there 3 over 21's? cruising? if so then you book one into each room then shift about as needed remember to leave the ship at the same time and make sure your cards are in the right hands when leaving and entering the vessel. Are any of the rooms booked adjoining rooms? If so then you are fine and can have the 19 or 18 years olds in it. As for room charges you can direct all charges to one card or 2 cards if needed and you can attach secondary rooms to charge to the one room
  10. Ok so if there are 3 of you that are Platinum in the cabin a second voucher will be issued and it will be amended or should be amended to allow the perks as well. To insure the vouchers are for everyone have your son book a solo studio if you are sailing on a big ship
  11. Take it from me . you child turns 18 they will get all the points they have accumulated the first cruise after their 18th birthday therefore if they have cruised on every cruise you have gone on and are platinum ,at 18 they will also be platinum. If they turn 18 during the cruise they won't get the points either however turning 18 the day of the voyage starting that should be enough to get them status. Anything else you are told is current and up to date as of end of June
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