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  1. deldenon


    How much does NCl preauthorize your credit card upon check in? Thanks.
  2. deldenon

    Upsell Fairy

    If it is still available can you bargain with them?
  3. deldenon

    Upsell Fairy

    Does seem high to me. Their are 3 of us sailing 2 adults 1 child
  4. deldenon

    Upsell Fairy

    Just got an email from stating an upgrade from an aft sf penthouse to a haven owners suite for $2000. Too much? we are are sailing on the jewel this sunday
  5. deldenon

    Restaurant Reservations Suite

    Outstanding. Just trying to book now but on their website it keeps saying system is temporary unavailable try back in 15 minutes
  6. We are currently booked on the jewel in a suite for 3-16-2014. Are you allowed to book your whole week of restaurant reservations? Also booked the UDP.
  7. deldenon

    IPA's on NCL

    well said luddite!
  8. deldenon

    IPA's on NCL

    Mass market beer is CRAP beer
  9. deldenon

    IPA's on NCL

    What are the chances of getting a good ipa on ncl these days or am I stuck drinking crap beer all week?
  10. deldenon

    Huge Mistake!

    tried calling the bank they said their is nothing they can do about it. It was too late already I would have to call ncl and get the issue resolved.
  11. deldenon

    Huge Mistake!

    just called ncl, they said they put a request in to the refund department, and the money should be put back on my card, lady sounded like she was giving me the run around though. I guess time will tell.
  12. deldenon

    Huge Mistake!

    I am booked a suite in the haven on the jewel 3-16-2014, I have been trying to pay down the cruise every pay check online with my debit card. Since they changed the website around I accidentally hit the pay in full button with my debit card and it totally wiped out my checking account. My question is will ncl refund me or I am screwed?
  13. deldenon

    All inclusive beach days

    Are their any all inclusive beach resorts on the Mexican Riviera itinerary that can be booked privately?
  14. deldenon

    beer on NCL ships

    hey luddite have u ever tried dogfishead 120 minute ipa, totally amazing!
  15. deldenon

    Star 2/26

    Leaving on the star this sunday, does any recent star travelers know if endless summer was replaced by moderno? Endless summer is not even listed on the ncl website anymore. Thanks in advance.