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  1. At the end of Itinerary section, of the travel summary document which it suggests you print together with luggage tags. It’s also on the seacation faqs, linked from an email received
  2. No formal nights as such, but there will be a ‘Dress to Impress’ night instead
  3. I’ve previously used on a Caribbean sailing (Sky Princess) at around 8am & 7pm, but can’t remember official opening times, or recall whether different timings on sea & port days. I’ve already booked the pass for our forthcoming UK seacation, with no hesitation 😁
  4. There won’t be a formal night as such, but there will be a “dress to impress” night on all the seacation sailings - I’m sailing on 1st September
  5. It is advertised on the back page of latest Journey magazine in UK, as on sale date of 16th July for Europe 2023
  6. Not sailing until 1st September, but nice to know she’s arrived safely 😁
  7. It’s your arrival status on the Travel Checklist, meaning there are 4 steps to complete to be ‘Ocean Ready’ - Documents, order Medallion, setup Medallion Pay & book Arrival/Departure groups. I’m at 3/4 on my 1st September sailing - just the book arrival/departure groups to go! 😁
  8. Mine says Blue Lane 3/4 (Arrival Status) with 3 items (of 4) on the Travel Checklist showing as complete. The only outstanding item is ‘Arrival & Departure Groups) which are not yet available - 1st September sailing date. Something is moving....😁
  9. I’ve had the same login issues for over a week too & so decided to check what password/login details I use for the medallion app. The password I use for the medallion app is slightly different to what I use for my Princess account via the web. So, I used the medallion app password for the website and ‘voila’, it worked with no more error messages, Could be worth a try... As I have my passwords saved automatically, I would not normally check, but it’s been 24 hours now & I can now login with no issues
  10. It probably won’t show all the activities for your sailing until mid-September , & mid-October for my Christmas cruise...fingers crossed things go to plan
  11. How boarding will be handled is anyone’s guess currently. My next cruise isn’t until September, so I’m hoping those cruising before will confirm this as they are notified. I think the booking of gangway slots is to minimise queues (thinking possibly for tender tickets). Events on JourneyView have ticket numbers, so you can see tickets numbers available (much like excursions bookings in advance) - probably for social distancing/capacity reasons
  12. According to the latest ‘MedallionClass Monday’ announcement on Twitter today (official Princess account) it implies that you can book your gangway appointment slot 24 hours in advance of a port arrival via JourneyView so to minimise queues to disembark... Also, from 60 days out, you can see, plan & reserve on-ship activities from home (& include those travelling in your group, or not). They used Captain Circle Cocktail event as the example All this can be done on the Portals too once on-board. Exciting stuff for planners like me!
  13. We are thinking the exactly the same - fingers crossed that more trips will be added over the coming weeks
  14. Booked on 4-night, 1st September Regal Princess sailing including a Belfast stop in a guarantee balcony, mid-level decks - I couldn’t find the button to book guaranteed sunshine though! 😂 Looking forward to that fresh sea air...
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