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  1. our last cruise was 8/4 on los and i just looked and my credits are there.
  2. Coco Loco

    Info not always correct!

    i would just ask the moderator to delete your post and repost what you intended to say and let them know what happened
  3. Coco Loco

    passenger off the Majesty was fined

    I thought that was anitfreeze?:D
  4. Does anyone know which ship is in Boston today? My family and I were in town and saw an RCCL ship docked and I was wondering if anyone knew which one it may be?
  5. Coco Loco

    Enchantment - Just Back - Review

    Their seapass cards will be hole punched to stand out that they are underage so they won't get served.
  6. Coco Loco

    RCCL Dress Code - Dining

    we just got off the liberty a few weeks back. I would not say you have to wear a dress every night. The 2 formal nights, evening wear is required but the other night you can get away with a nice pair of capris and a nice tank or bloussy top. and your dh, a simple pair of slacks with a nice shirt. You can do the dining room one night and the wj the next and wear the same outfit on the dining room nights... no one will know or care for that matter. I would not recommend shorts for the dining room. The WJ does put out a nice spread of food and if you really want to not dress and wear shorts, I recommend going there and being as comfy as you want. JMO... have a great cruise!:D
  7. I just went on the liberty this past month. I wanted a bottle of Southern Comfort delivered to my room. We had a royal family suite. I wanted it delivered upon arrival. I emailed the concerige ahead of time about it and he said no problem. I knew I wouldn't be able to pack it with the new rules as my TA friend tried to have one delivered from an outside vendor. I ended up asking the consierge about it later that evening and it was finally delivered. Since there were minors in my room, I and my dh had to sign a form stating that we wouldn't serve them. Oh ok...like I am going to give my 2 and 5 year old some southern comfort! But no problem.... we signed the form. For a bottle that I can get at home for $17.99 I paid $70.00 plus a $10.50 gratuity. I know they need to make $$ on their booze, but really!! Come on now! I poured it myself, really I did! :-) And I'd really like to know who got the $10 bucks for delivering it. Something I won't do again.. Or will find a different way around things;) .
  8. Coco Loco

    Is it me or should speedo's be banned.

    Nope nothing against the brand... just having some fun ...;)
  9. Coco Loco

    Is it me or should speedo's be banned.

    Not quite sure what you mean as you're the one who made the comment on people who have decided what is appropriate for a "family cruise" and how they are prudes. It's their cruise too, and if they belive something is inappropriate for them or their family because they are modest people or whatever, then that is their right, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be cruising or that the not so modest shouldn't be there either, everyone is just expressing their opinions... but like you said, we'll agree to disagree.
  10. Coco Loco

    Junior Suite Soverign

    just check in and 2 cruise credits
  11. Coco Loco

    Is it me or should speedo's be banned.

    Linda... glad your new office is ready. Things got really funny on this thread:eek:
  12. Coco Loco

    Is it me or should speedo's be banned.

    ROTFLMAO... now that is funny!!!!!:D :D I almost want to buy him one as a joke and see what he does with it. Or at least the expression on his face!
  13. Coco Loco

    Is it me or should speedo's be banned.

    LOL... I am considering for my next cruise to actually be on the lookout for them and make a game out of it since it will be just dh and I. I hope he doesn't mind my looking. :eek: I am getting a whole different perspective on this myself.:p
  14. Coco Loco

    Is it me or should speedo's be banned.

    Linda are you still here?