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  1. Thanks Duncan...did anyone ever tell you that you are an awesome planner ???? !!!!!
  2. Liz & Duncan...just booked the Muscat Mystic with Pullman ... and we will be "in" for the Dow cruise through the fjords as well.
  3. Gee... I also had quite a time trying to find stuff on Pullman.... right now I am trying to figure out flights to come home after the cruise ends in Athens.... no direct flights coming home.... and some "choices" have way too many connecting points ...
  4. Okay, just finished reading the posts.... I think we want to do the Pullmantour Mystic Muscat as well.... have you tentatively booked any of the tours besides the Petra one ? It would be great if the 8 choose to do all the same tours.... I am now going to check the Pullmantours excursions ...thanks for posting the link... I had been trying to find it but no luck !!!
  5. Hi Duncan...finally found the roll call !!!!!
  6. pabi

    Woodwind tours

    they are all included... ( different masks/snorkles and sizes ) as well as buoys etc.
  7. pabi

    Woodwind tours

    I have yet to read a negative comment on Woodwind snorkeling tours...they truly are a great experience !
  8. pabi

    Woodwind tours

    totally agree...they really are great and whenever we'll go to Bonaire we will go snorkeling with them again
  9. Hi.... just booked this cruise while on the inaugural TA on the Harmony.... this will be the last "leg" of the 3 cruises on the Radiance as we are doing the New Zealand and the TP.:)
  10. pabi

    Bora Bora

    We booked a tour in Bora Bora with Lagoon Services and we had a wonderful time. Our guide was Shaq and he made sure we were confortable and even provided some entertainment....singing and playing the ukalele. Swimming with sharks and rays was an experience we will not soon forget....Bora Bora is simply beautiful !:)
  11. pabi

    Woodwind tours

    Both my husband and I used the Tribord snorkle masks when we did the tour with Woodwind and loved them. Husband bought one from them ( he paid 100 USD )and I wish I also had bought one. We just did a TP cruise which went to Bora Bora and Mo'orea and all I can say is....my husband just loved using the Tribord easybreadth snorkle.... In honolulu we actually saw a store selling and renting a copy ...they are made in Japan ( I think ) and called H2Oninjamask... if and when I buy one for me I would prefer to buy the original ( Tribord )
  12. pabi

    Woodwind tours

    Hubby bought one ( and now I wish I had bought one too ) for 100 USD....very good price since everywhere I checked is more expnsive plus we have to pay shipping charges. The advantage is that Dee will check and recheck for the perfect fit so you get the correct size. The masks were invented in France about 5 years ago..."tribord easy breadth full mask"
  13. pabi

    Woodwind tours

    I totally agree with you....!!!!
  14. pabi

    Live...mostly...from Anthem

    Totally agree with you... I am checking out this thread too... Hope no serious injuries have occurred. Too sad that people condemn others without true knowledge of events... ...signing off this thread now !
  15. pabi

    Live...mostly...from Anthem

    No technology can predict the unpredictable..... you are absolutely correct on your 2 posts.... thanks for posting