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  1. Great...welcome to our little "group" ...
  2. Thanks Liz !!! Very good info ....
  3. wow... our group keeps increasing !!! Very nice....
  4. go mine too.... and ditto...very happy with VTG (Frank).... and Duncan.... it is ..." mas Coronas por favor " ....lol
  5. Sounds like a plan... and both Paulo and I can help with the translation. We are staying in the same hotel as Duncan so we will head to the port at the same time
  6. I just finished checking -in...I didn't see any "check-in" times either.
  7. We are having quite the freeze... right now it's -18C but with the windchill factor it's in the minus thirties.... we could use a few of your +C degrees. BRRRRRRR...
  8. thanks Duncan...we had a nice rest and now back to "reality" and very cold temperatures.... you could send some of the heat wave you are getting over this way ...lol... honestly I have never had that much trouble getting to or checking a cruiseline website.... Yes, they had the special on for the wifi and when I tried to book it, it disappeared !!! I just thought I would check again but i can't even get to their website....
  9. Welcome to the boards Rod & Jill... Can anyone please tell me how to get to the Pullman website... I wanted to see their prices for wifi etc. and I can't seem to be able to get to it.... I tried over a month ago and was able to find it ... now I forgot how to ... somehow I keep getting redirected to other websites selling Pullman cruises.....
  10. We have to stay overnight in Athens ( already booked a hotel ) because there aren't direct flights from Athens to Toronto.... we fly to Frankfurt early the next morning to catch a flight to Toronto.
  11. Wishing all a very Happy & Healthy New Year and may the seas be calm for all our cruises !!!
  12. Thanks Duncan.... really looking forward not only to these tours but ALL of them
  13. Thanks Duncan...did anyone ever tell you that you are an awesome planner ???? !!!!!
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