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  1. I felt your pain. We did a Miami cruise several years ago and had NO idea it was Super Bowl weekend. Prices were absolutely stupid for hotels. We flew into FFL and took a shuttle to the MIA area. We found a descent price for a room and ended up getting a (2) bed room and split the cost with a couple in our group.
  2. We too did this several years ago. My best friend wanted to have some of his ashes spread in the Atlantic Ocean. I only had a hand full with me. I made my request with Guest Services for a Sea Day burial. I was connected with the Environmental Officer who arranged the time and place. We met at Guest Services and was escorted to a lower deck. We too received a folder with an official letter as above. It was a nice gesture from the staff.
  3. For us as well. Being Platinum, I went to the cabin right away to drop off carry-ons. Our S&S cards were in sealed envelopes in mail box. Our daughter was in the cabin next door, theirs was there as well.
  4. General Thoughts: Had a good time. One couple in our group had Cheers. For them it was worth it. They saved several hundreds of dollars during the cruise…. No they weren’t wasted. They were able to buy water and coffees as well. We got our fair share of soft serve ice cream, as usual! Our CD, Gary, did a good job and was full of energy. The Love and Marriage Show was hilarious! While in Cozumel, the Vista became our neighbor… that was neat. Two large ships sitting across from each other was cool. Getting off the ship went well. My sister did Self-Assist and was off the ship and on the road before 0900… missed all the Mardi Gras parades. We just hung out with the other family on Lido and waited for our number to be called. Line went pretty good and no issues in baggage area. Customs was not an issue. We did not have to fill out the Custom Forms and getting thru was a breeze. It took longer to find an Uber ride. Speaking of that, if using Uber, make sure it does not give the Convention Center as your pick up location… ours did at first. I will try to answer questions once I see them. It might take a few days. Hope this wets your appetite for your next cruise Thanks
  5. Sea Days (all): As all previous cruises, there was plenty to do onboard. We decided to catch some sun, our normal thing to do. Lido was crowded and we noticed a lot of loungers being saved. Serenity had a few open places on day one. We ended up being on an upper deck the other sea days above the putt-putt golf. Only negative there were the loud speakers from the big screen, we were just behind it. Pools were well used with the aft pool and hot tubs being mainly kids with very little adult supervision. Crew had to patrol the area and actually removed a few of them and talked to parents. The evening shows were good and worth seeing. Really liked the Rock Show with the live band. Did several comedy shows as well. Comedians were good but the lounge filled up to capacity so get there at least 20 minutes early to get a seat. Might as well throw food in here as well. We had early seating in MDR. Our wait staff did a great job at serving us. Food was a little slow coming out at times but I had no complaints, enjoyed pretty much all of it. My DW however is gluten-free. She had more issues on this cruise than any of the others we have taken. Food texture and taste was off, sometimes just bad. I tasted it a few times and agreed. The GF pizza crust was not good at all. We usually share pizzas so we can get (2) that she can eat. We ended up eating off the toppings. Blue Iguana offers corn tortillas that we did tacos with. Ask for shrimp from the burrito side.. yum. Mongolian Wok had very long lines so we didn’t partake on this cruise. Our kids (adults) did the Sushi Bar and stated it was very tasty and the upcharge was reasonable. Only did Guy’s once and liked it. First time for Pig and Anchor as well. Did it on Embarkation Day…… it was empty! Plenty of seats and very little line at 1230. Slip down to deck 5, not very well known. Ports of Call: First stop was Roatan. DW and I dove here with Anthony’s Key thru the ship. They are a pretty well oiled machine and do a good job. Good weather and good conditions. 3rd time to dive with them. Our granddaughter and her Aunt did swim with Dolphins also thru Anthony’s Key. They loved it! Our daughter and SIL did a horse back ride….. so-so. Next Belize City. We hung out on the ship until 1300 then went to shore to go shopping and walk around. Ship was ours, no issues with loungers or waiting in line. Family did Mayan Ruins and liked it. My sister did a beach day. No complaints from anyone. Cozumel was good as well. We dove again with The Dive Shop. Very good dive operation. They know their stuff and I would not hesitate to dive with them again. Sister did another beach day and the other family did an Adventure Day on the mainland. They were gone ALL day. Stated it was a lot of fun and worth the money.
  6. Going to do a mini-review of our Feb 24th Dream Cruise. This was our first cruise on the Dream Class. Overall, liked the layout and décor of the ship. Getting around was easy enough once we got use to the Lido being Deck 10. Pre-Cruise: We flew in the day before the cruise as we always do to be safe. We had a few issues getting there but made it. Due to Mardi Gras, hotels were expensive and traffic was bad…. The rain didn’t help matters either. We booked a hotel in Harvey, LA about 20 minutes from the port. It was a Best Western Plus. Nice room, quiet and good breakfast. There was a CVS next door that had a decent selection of wine and other liquors if you are into that. We did an Uber to the port which was about $20. Embarkation: Had traffic issues with Mardi Gras parades getting to port. We decided to get there about 1100 (platinum). Once there, things moved quickly. Porter got the bags and off we went. Getting thru security scan was fast and there were several agents getting us checked in. They were however checking boarding passes for check in times. We had family traveling with us so decided to board with them. Our Boarding Zone was determined by our place in line. We were seated for no more than 15 minutes and were on the ship before 1145. We dropped our carry-ons off at the room and started getting oriented to the ship. Safety Drill was done in the MDR. They did scan our S&S card and I noticed when mine was done all cabin occupants came up on the screen. If you did not show up (scan in), you had to do a make up drill before we sailed. Sail away was fun and pretty. A bit about our room. We had cabin 2409, starboard side towards the rear. It was a cove balcony that was under the galley. Noise was not an issue. We loved it. We had plenty of room and loved the cove. Being that close to the water was great. We could hear the waves and easily watch the flying fish as we sailed. The life boats were not an issue since they were 2 decks above us. Would definitely do one again.
  7. We just got off the Dream and our first cove balcony. We loved it. We have had traditional balconies as well. Being that close to the water was fun and relaxing. We had several windy days and sitting out was not a problem. The views were great and it was nice clearly seeing the flying fish skipping across the water. We were in cabin 2409 under the galley and only heard a few sounds in the late morning, not once at night. Our A/C worked great and opening the curtains on cool days revealed a great view as well.
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