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    What is the best food on RC Freedom?

    Congrats on your first cruise, you will surely have a fantastic time on Freedom. Honestly I cant remember the "best" food that I had on Freedom simply because I am allergic to nuts and shellfish so I was banned to mostly pasta and marinara and sherbet for dinner but.. wait.. No... Freedom had the first ceasar salads that I have ever liked, and they are INCREDIBLE! Sorrentos or whatever it is called is fairly good, but the mozzarella and tomato salad there is AMAZING! and the sherbet at dinners are suprising good.. Have fun, and remember, if you ride the flowrider, wear a tshirt and shorts over your swimsuit, or you could accidently moon people! (I did and I was wearing a VERY coving tankini, it grabs your pants and pulls em down)!