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  1. Do any rental car companies have shuttles that pick you up after the cruise to get to the rental car place if you rent a car for after the cruise anymore?
  2. We are coming in on the Allure and only docked from 7am - 1pm. We are looking to do a private tour of the island. Does anyone have any recommendations of companies that would do this. We have been to San Juan many times and have walked old San Juan to many times to count so looking to see more of the island and possibly even stop at a beach if possible.
  3. Does anyone remember the Nursery hours? I was just told by a customer service rep that they are as follows: 9am-Noon 2pm-5pm 7pm-10pm They are closed from Noon-2pm and 5pm-7pm, can anyone confirm if that is true?
  4. Is Godfrey Tours still in business? I have tried to email and call them over the last week and i haven't gotten any responses. I have a large group of 20+ people i would like to do an all day private tour/excursion. If they are no longer in business would anyone else have any other recommendations of a company in St. Thomas who would do an all day private tour for our group.
  5. I know for children under 3 they charge per hour for babysitting in the nursery. I know I have heard it is $6 during the day and $8 in the evening. Does anyone know what time they start charging $8 an hour?
  6. We are sailing next week on the Allure and someone in our group called RCCL about the package that was grandfathered with the balcony perks since we booked at the beginning of the year, they were told by a customer service representative that it is the refreshment package that includes the soda, non alcoholic drinks, water and fresh squeezed juices. Can anyone confirm this as I always thought it was just the soda package. Thanks!
  7. I am looking to see if anyone has a copy of the cruise compass for Recently sailed sailings on the Allure of the Seas 7 Day Eastern Caribbean cruises. Thanks!
  8. I was just wondering if you book the Zoom Package with multiple devices if you can use them with others? My parents are going on the cruise with us and are staying in the connecting room right next to us. Is it possible for me to book the 3 device package and have my dad use his ipad with my booking?
  9. Looking for some more information regarding the daycare for children under 3 years old. Does anyone have any pictures of the daycare? Any additional information on costs? We are looking to take a group excursion in St. Thomas for the day and leave the kids on the ship while we go enjoy a leisurely day but wanted to try and find out more information from anyone who may have some.
  10. We have a large group of 14+ going on a private charter but it leaves from Red Hook, what is the price per person for a taxi from the port to Red Hook?
  11. I was looking to see what all options they have in the soda package, i know they have the freestyle machines but do they have other options on these machines like lemonade and ice tea as well or is it only carbonated soda? Just seeing if it is worth getting the package for my daughter but she doesn't really drink soda but she drinks fruit punch, lemonade, ice tea and other things that soda dispensers also have just don't know how it is set up on the Allure. Any past cruisers have any input that would be greatly appreciated.
  12. What email address did you use to send to corporate? Also isn't there a directly email to the CEO?
  13. It can vary, we have 30 total people going on the cruise but i know not all are going to participate in this, so i would shoot for 10-15 people.
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