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  1. So tell me.. how can I find some information about this April group going on a cruise Tantan that you are arranging? I am sooo wanting to go on another trip - by myself OR with the kids. Brian... I was a 'single' on the cruise - had my two teenagers with me, but never saw them except for dinner and the excursions. I had an absolute BLAST!!! I actually hung out with a lot of couples, but met many other singles. In fact they have some kind of singles event everynight. This was spring break and there were a ton of college students - majority single and looking to have some fun. Not sure what age range you are in, but I'm 35 and if I was looking for other singles there in that age bracket - they were there, not by the dozens, but were there. Guess it also depends when you go - there were a lot of couples, but I think it also had to do with their kids being off of school and going on a family trip. Definitely go though - sooo much fun!
  2. Hey Tantan - Gloria was you - wish I knew!!!! Great job!!! And we were in correspondance before the trip! Wish we got to meet! I'm sooo wanting to be back on the boat... still feel it sometimes.
  3. Hi! Just got off the Elation on Thursday! What a beautiful ship - excellent food - and the only issue that I would complain is sooo minor, but it would be the bartender at dinner being slow. The buffet at Tiffany's appears to be smaller than other Carnival ships - but I think it's because it is actually seperated into two different locations in the dining room there that makes it seem smaller. The dining room dinners were exceptional! Everything was cooked to perfection - not the case on a previous carnival trip we took last year. Very impressed! Regarding Ensenada - I read many posts on this site and other sites saying it was not even worth getting off the ship - soooo glad I didn't listen to anyone that posted that. Once you get off the boat you board a shuttle bus that takes you downtown - this is a $3 per person, roundtrip fee. You CAN walk to downtown, but it's quite the hike. It is here on this shuttle that they offer you a tour to La Bulfadora, one of only three blowholes in the world. They offer this tour through Carnival for about $36 a person - on the shuttle they offer it for $15 a person! My two teenage children LOVED it - it's a 45 minute bus ride out there, 45 back, but there is an open market that is far better than any of the stores downtown and it's actually soo much fun bargaining and meeting the locals (remember -- it's allll a frame of mind), several cute restaurants are located on this strip (cantina's) where we enjoyed $1 tacos - soooooo good!!! and dollar soft drinks and $2 beer, and the blowhole and views of the ocean here are amazing. I highly recommend checking this out - but again, wait to get the tickets from the shuttle bus - waayyyyy cheaper! The pizza in the 24 hour pizzeria was incredible - the entertainment on the Lido deck fabulous - and the weather was surprisingly very good! Too much sun in fact! It was in the 80's when we were there... one colder day on the second day at sea - but it was still enjoyable! The shows are your classic Cruise style shows - it's not Vegas, friends (some on the ship were disappointed and comparing them to Vegas - this is a Cruise). I enjoyed them, some more than others. Someone one $1000 bingo - not me, although I did play several times throughout the trip, and the cabins were much better than I thought - and this was my third cruise on Carnival. The beds were incredible. Overall a great trip - would highly recommend it. Very pretty boat, and the staff is super! Have fun!
  4. Hi Tantan_9! Looks like we are going to be sailing together! I've been anxious to hear some feedback about the Elation so I'm glad you started this thread. I've traveled on Carnival twice before, but this is the first 5 day cruise (the others were 7). I'm worried it won't be enough time - but are they ever? Anyone have suggestions for tours to take while on land? It's just me and my daughter (16) and son (17). Tantan - I did start a 'roll call' thread to see who will be sailing with us as well - no one has responded yet, so it might just be us! Not too much longer!!!
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