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  1. Yes. Persian Garden was open and the sauna in the men’s locker room was open. Gym is open 24 hours.
  2. But it’s not only YOUR kids. It’s the people that YOUR kids could infect. It’s so great that people only think of themselves and not the greater good.
  3. I had booked a cruise the beginning of May. a few days later they changed the ship and allowed ppl to cancel with full refund. I cancelled then. They never sent any documentation but on the phone stated that it would take 45 days to receive a refund. Not long after that I started receiving emails about the sailing I canceled and just today received an email stating "Time to Check in". Called RC and they said it's noted that the refund is coming but we're still getting emails about the sailing which is July 30th. I'm afraid of not getting the refund by the sail date and then
  4. I read that on the website and thought that language appeared to be more "suggestions" and not required dress because what happens if a man doesn't feel comfortable wearing pants? What exactly IS an ELEGANT top? There is way too much ambiguity in these dress codes. You're on vacation, you shouldn't have to worry about what the person in front of you is wearing unless it impacts you (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) in a negative way. If you insist on worrying, worry about yourself and allow others to do the same. And PLEASE don't wear colognes and perfumes arou
  5. The truth of the matter is worry about your own dress, not other. No matter how dressed up you get there’s going to be someone who is going to have an issue with something you’re wearing or not wearing but that’s their problem. As long as you feel good and are enjoying yourself (and not putting anyone else in harms way) MYOB. And don’t get the impression that just because I’m advocating for not conforming to the strict dress code means I’m always in a tank top, speedo and flip flops for dinner (actually, I have never done any of those things but have no problem with someone else
  6. I’m definitely not referring to the poster of the above comment. The 2nd paragraph “In certain situations and environments these are offensive. Even more, it's sadly humorous to see just how many people don't give a darn about how they look and make a special effort not to look good. And by the way, dressing for the occasion is not conforming. It is being respectful of what is requested of you” reminds me that old adage (and I may be paraphrasing): You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig Who is to say what “proper” dress is. If it’s
  7. So 25 years huh? So what’s the basic reason for the dress code? I don’t believe it’s a sanitary/health reason which would be paramount. It doesn’t affect the food. I’m trying to understand the main reason for them. To instill gender norms? Women are can now wear slacks. When and why was it changed to allow that change?
  8. Dress codes are not only outdated but sexist. We usually only do chartered cruises where only bare feet and swimwear are not allowed in the MDR and there never has been an issue. In fact allowing people to be more creative in their dress is more human than trying to put them into boxes invented by unnamed individuals from a time long gone. Someone wearing too much perfume or cologne (or any at all) is more offensive to me since 1) the odor makes me physically sick and 2) it ruins the dining experience because it permeates the culinary aromas of the dishes yet Celebrity doesn’t ban tha
  9. Excellent! Thanks for your observations.
  10. Thanks for posting these updates especially while you are enjoying your cruise, it fascinating for the mainland observers. It is interesting the the OP on the Edge says that no one is talking about vaccinations or even cares. As someone who is sailing in a few weeks AND vaccinated, I don’t particularly care either but do wonder how the unvaccinated passengers (more so the 2 unvaccinated adults) are being treated since they must probably stick out because they are supposed to be wearing masks when not in their cabins. It would also seem to be lonely being in the dining room or t
  11. i believe in my latest email from either Royal Caribbean or Celebrity, it stated that unvaccinated guests will not be able to utilize the casino because it is too small to provide designated areas for the unvaccinated.
  12. This will be our first Vacaya cruise also. We typically do Atlantis and I tried an RSVP cruise last year. We were hoping that Atlantis was going to do a March cruise again next year but they still haven’t posted anything so we decided on this cruise.
  13. Just wondering if there is any other family on this cruise? There’s a lot of first for this cruise. It’s our first cruise post-shutdown and it’s our first 7 day cruise that isn’t chartered by an LGBT Travel group.
  14. Exactly. No one knows what is going on in these peoples lives. They could be an Uber driver who just dropped off a passenger and is picking up another. Who knows? This “it just looks dumb” is so childless. You know what ISN’T dumb, thinking about your family and friends and trying to protect them from contacts you made throughout your day because maybe, just maybe one of them can’t get the vaccine for medical reasons. The unvaccinated will spread the virus and allow it to mutate to a point where it will become immune to the vaccines and we will have to start all over again. NO ONE wants that
  15. Hi all. We're booked on the Majesty of the Seas with an overnight in Cuba and was wondering if anyone has done any of the Gay and Lesbian tours offered via a private vendor in Cuba? I've seen some online but was hoping to get direct feedback from anyone that might have experienced any of them. I've seen a daytime tour and a nightime tour of the gay bars with dinner. Any thoughts? We're on the Majesty of the Seas leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale on August 5, 2019.
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