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  1. I just saw this post Sunday afternoon and wished I had known the show was available on Friday. I did a search and found out that in my area (Nova Scotia, Canada ) it is on CBC again Monday morning at 3 am. I have set my DVR to catch it. Wanted to pass this along in case it may allow others who may have missed it a chance to see the show.
  2. Just saw this article that claims the news of the border being closed to tourists until 2021 is not correct. https://www.thelocal.it/20200429/no-italy-has-not-closed-the-borders-to-tourists-until-2021 We have a sailing on the Dawn booked for this December . Going to wait a bit longer and decide closer to final payment if we are going to actually take the trip.
  3. Thanks, just tried that and it is a great tip. I like that I only have to enter the search term once and as I advance through the pages I can click highlight all and will even be shown how many matches appear on that particular page. Thanks again , Scott
  4. Very frustrating thread with not having the ability to even search by ship name. I read a couple of posts where people mentioned that there was a search option under the "Page # of # " but all that seems to do is allow you key in a page number and jump to that page. Would be great if the thread could be searched by ship at least, I can't see that having to open all of the currently 21 pages and scrolling trying to spot the posts regarding a specific ship is really useful. If there is someway to search the thread please share.
  5. I read November 2018 as well. Over Thanksgiving in 2018 the Emerald Princess did a round trip out of LA November 20th to 25th. Seems like a long time ago for this to be getting time on the news now. I guess the bed bug lawyers are really busy and backed up.
  6. I just tried the link but it must not be available anymore.
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