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  1. The Sky for April 2020 is listed as sailing from Brooklyn! Must be something new for NCL. I know we’ve discussed other cruise lines sailing from Brooklyn, but I don't remember NCL ever being one of them.
  2. New York water taxi does this, but it’s a Hoho and costs $37/pp for the whole day. Subway is about $3/pp - E train to World Trade from 50th & 8th - https://www.mta.info/sites/default/files/archive/pdfs/subway_web_full_map_Jun10.pdf
  3. I would contact RCL special needs to get wheelchair assistance to board, disembark, and to get off the ship for your excursion. Ask the question on the disabled cruisers forum as well. You might want to consider taking a walker with a seat in case your wife can’t stand for a bit. Another option that I used with my mother was a collapsible transport chair. I’m guessing you might be on Anthem. Where is your cabin on the ship? I would be seriously concerned about the amount of walking that might be required on the ship as well.
  4. I did the PC cruise on Jewel in an inside cabin. Fantastic! Spent the early morning first lock transit with the crowd in the bow and the rest of the very hot transit day in the Viking Crown air conditioned lounge with fantastic views. It was surprisingly uncrowded. Popped in and out on deck 13 to take great pictures. IMO many folks with side balconies spent the day in their cabin and missed the full panoramic experience of the transit.
  5. Could you provide more details about your ship and date, your timing, and any other details about yoursightseeing objectives? Would you have luggage or are you overnighting in NYC in the ship? The problem is that from the 39th St ferry terminal there is no New York Waterways direct service to the Battery Park/Brookfield Terminal near the 911 Memorial, so you would have to pay a double fare, which would be $15-17/pp., to go across the Hudson to NJ (Hoboken) and back to lower Manhattan. The “New York Water Taxi” seems to operate like a Hoho ferry with a flat rate price of about $37/pp per day. The MTA ferries which are about $3/pp only operate in the East River, so you would have to get yourselves all the way across midtown Manhattan to 34th St. IMO by the time you could do this rather time consuming trip traffic, you could take the subway from 50th & 8th to World Trade.
  6. No, not really. However if the road to the drop off is really backed up, you could have your “ride” drop you at the outer edge of the outdoor parking area and you could walk across the parking area to the terminal. The ride can turn around and exit.
  7. The Doubletree Hilton Newark Penn Station is connected to Newark Penn Station by a skywalk. Easy access to NY Penn Station via NJ Transit train and easy access to downtown World Trade Center via PATH only on weekdays. On weekends they are doing track construction, so you must do the free ferry transfer at Exchange Place to go across the Hudson River.
  8. Oops! Forgot Yotel. Did I miss anything else?
  9. Look at a cab or Uber/Lyft to Newark Penn Station and Amtrak to Philadelphia.
  10. Westin Convention Center, Seaport Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, Residence Inn, Yotel, Element, Envoy, and Aloft. All newer hotels built for the brand except for Residence Inn, which is a refurbished property. No dogs in this list, which can’t be said about properties in other sections of Boston. Any Hotwire property in this area is acceptable.
  11. Apparently you’re from the UK. Candlewood Suites is a self catering option that focuses on business travelers with good transportation options. Another more pricey self catering option with free breakfast is Residence Inn in Jersey City at the Grove Street PATH Station. I stayed there last January and it was really nice. Lots of restaurants and bars in a happening newly developed neighborhood. IMO wherever you stay in NYC, you’re going to spend time traveling elsewhere, so there’s really no perfect place. https://www.panynj.gov/path/maps.html
  12. As mentioned in earlier posts the OP is going only one way to Boston for a repositioning cruise.
  13. Schwartz Travel is halfway between Port Authority Bus Terminal and New York Penn Station. If you’re interested in these options, more details can be provided. Also a NYC yellow cab has a fixed fare to JFK. I believe it runs about $75 when you add surcharges and possible tolls. if you want to spend your time in lower Manhattan, then we can look at alternative luggage storage options
  14. No NJ options to store your luggage and not much to do from Bayonne. Take a car service or Uber to Schwartz Travel on W 37th St in Manhattan to store your luggage. Options to JFK from there are LIRR train to Jamaica and Airtrain into JFK, airport bus from Port Authority to JFK, or have a car service like Carmellimo or Dial7 pick you up at Schwartz travel. What do you think you would want to do post cruise? There are other luggage storage options that have sprung up all over Manhattan, but we really don’t have any feedback on that.
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