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  1. Look at the items on International Blvd in Elizabeth - Embassy Suites, Marriott Courtyard, Residence Inn, and Country Inns. These are next to the Jersey Gardens Mall with a Ruby Tuesday’s, Ihop, Applebees, Johnny Rockets and mall food court nearby. Embassy Suites and Country Inns offer add on shuttle transportation. All these hotels have a free shuttle from the P4 air train station at the airport.
  2. Fly into Newark airport. You will pay a transportation premium to fly into LaGuardia or JFK. What do you consider a “moderately priced hotel”? How many people? Any special bed configuration? Do you plan to sightsee in NYC? These are all considerations that can affect your hotel choice.
  3. 1). Let’s identify where you’re staying in NYC. What exact dates are you doing this? 2). Will you have no phone at all or just no phone service? 3) I’m at sea now. When I get a chance I will post the taxi phone numbers for Bayonne as well as the accessible instructions for taking PATH from 33rd & 6th to Hoboken and the light rail from Hoboken to 34th St Bayonne. This is an easy trip with rolling luggage - I’ve done it several times and will do another version of it again in Feb. If you leave about 9 am, you will arrive in Bayonne about 10 am before the crowds that cause the traffic backups. This is important because local cabs don’t make money sitting in a Cape Liberty traffic jam. No problem even leaving a bit earlier. This is an outbound trip during the morning rush, so outbound trains will be very empty with seats. 4). IMO if you have the local cab numbers, you can ask someone at the Bayonne 34th St station to call for you. It’s a travel adventure. $5/pp to take Path and the light rail plus about $10 into the port vs at least $60 and up for private transportation.
  4. 138east

    Best hotel near Path??

    What are your exact dates, ship, number of people, and target hotel budget? Are you flying into Newark or driving?
  5. 138east

    Boston plans

    What do you want to do in Boston? To be in Back Bay I’d go with the Park Plaza over the Hotel 140. The Renaissance is also just fine - very close to the Silver Line Way Silverline stop Hotel cost is not always everything. Both the Yotel and Renaissance are a cheap cab ride or an accessible Silverline ride from South Station and the port. It will cost you more money to get to and from Back Bay.
  6. 138east

    Boston plans

    $200 is an excellent price. What hotel exactly? You’ve lucked out on your dates!!! Prices will tend to be less Labor Day weekend - no business travel and locals will be heading to the beaches for one last weekend. Personally I wouldn’t mess with Airbnb in Boston unless you really know the neighborhoods. For your dates a queen bed at the Yotel is $203 plus tax cancellable if you join their club. Read the details on this hotel - it’s a little different but it’s one of the newest properties in the Seaport District You can get to this hotel for free on the Silverline bus from the airport getting off at Courthouse Station which is right at the hotel. This is a very accessible trip with luggage - one step on and off plus escalators and elevators in the station. More details can be provided. For $2.75/pp you can also take the Silverline SL2 right to the cruise port.
  7. 138east

    Boston plans

    $200 is an excellent price. What hotel exactly? You’ve lucked out on your dates!!! Prices will tend to be less Labor Day weekend - no business travel and locals will be heading to the beaches for one last weekend.
  8. 138east

    Jewel Nov 5th TA

    As Bob said, the seas have been very good so far. We also got to sail through the straits of Gibralter in the afternoon instead of in the middle of the night!
  9. 138east

    Boston plans

    What are your exact dates? Boston hotels are expensive. I would be looking at hotels in the Seaport District - short cab ride or Silverline ride from South Station and short cab ride or Silverline ride to the port. ALL the hotels in the Seaport District are relatively new and are at least 3*. Make a cancellable reservation NOW and watch Hotwire for a good deal on a Seaport District hotel.
  10. 138east

    New York hotels

    It’s helpful to specify your cruise ship and exact date plus the airport you’re flying into plus your target budget and number of people. There are 3 New York airports and 3 New York cruise ports, so it’s hard to give any kind of good advice without more details.
  11. 138east

    Newark to Port Liberty

    Embassy Suites has a free shuttle between the airport and the hotel and offers a port shuttle for $20/pp each way.
  12. Since this is an interstate trip between NY and NJ, I would price out a car service like Dial7 and Carmellimo. They will give you a base quote. Expect to pay an 18-20% tip on the base price plus up to $15-17 in tolls. Also get an Uber estimate. When you compare the two, make sure you are comparing apples to apples.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I'm so glad it all worked out well for you.
  14. 138east

    Best Western Airport West

    $130 is a tight budget for a weekday night. I would recommend the following: Robert Treat Hotel - downtown Newark - $117 plus tax cancellable for your dates with AAA discount. Free airport and Newark Penn Station shuttle, free breakfast, and free wifi. Comfortable queen bed. I have stayed there and would stay again. If you have a full day to kill, there is no reason to spend it in an airport hotel. There is nothing to do at the airport except the Jersey Gardens Mall. PATH from Newark Penn Station to World Trade Center (Freedom Tower and 911 Memorial and museum) is $2.75/pp. NJ Transit train to New York Penn Station (midtown Manhattan) is $5.25/pp. https://www.njtransit.com/pdf/rail/Rail_System_Map.pdf https://www.panynj.gov/path/maps.html IMO Uber is not the best option to go into Manhattan. Public transit into Manhattan and Uber within NYC is fine as is uber from Newark to the port. Uber from Newark Penn to the Robert Treat in the evening (if you don't want to wait for the shuttle) is recommended and cheap.
  15. 138east

    Best Western Airport West

    What is your hotel budget? Do you want to stay in Manhattan or are you willing to stay in NJ and take public transit into NYC? Post back and give me time. I am on a ship in the Med right now