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  1. 138east

    NYC Logistics

    The reality is that staying in NJ is going to run about $250-300/night tax included and Manhattan is going to be significantly higher. There are some more budget choices in NJ which still have good transportation options. For your arrival night look at the Newark Penn Station Hilton or the Robert Treat as a more budget choice. This will give you a free airport shuttle and good access to Newark Penn Station to go directly to midtown NY on NJ Transit or directly to downtown NY on PATH. Car Service with car seats from the hotel to the port. I have stayed at the Robert Treat and the Courtyard Newport and would recommend them. For your post cruise night(s) look at the Courtyard Newport in Jersey City which is next to the Newport PATH Station with direct service to 33rd & 6th in Manhattan or service to lower Manhattan via transfer at Grove St on a weekend day. A more budget choice in Jersey City is Candlewood Suites. Both these hotels could be reached by accessible light rail from 34th St Bayonne, but you need Uber or a shuttle to get to the station.
  2. 138east

    choice of car services

    Another thought - Summit Taxi. They are local based in Summit, NJ (an upscale suburb) and have gotten good reviews. You
  3. 138east

    NYC Logistics

    The Hilton Penn Station would be fine, but it only offers 2 double beds. Free Airport shuttle. Easy access to NJ Transit Train and PATH public transit. Car seats required only to cab or Uber to Cape Liberty - no need for them in Manhattan if you go in by public transit. Your exact dates, budget, and bed size requirements are important.
  4. 138east

    NYC Logistics

    Excellent point. Car seats are required in NJ. They may have to haul them along whether they want to or not.
  5. 138east

    Overwhelmed by NYC!! Please help

    1). Your week is the opening of the UN General Assembly. It’s the most expensive time of the year. Only you can determine how much you’re willing to pay to be in the heart of NYC. Since you’re sailing on Anthem, Jersey City near the Newport or Exchange place Path Station would be an option. Give us a realistic budget and we’ll look around. 2). Look at a large metro area car service from NY to NJ - Dial7 or Carmellimo. 3). The big car rental operations are at Newark Airport. Uber to the airport area is fine. If you’re going to New England you will need an Ez pass for tolls. Directions to get through the NY metro area can also be provided.
  6. 138east

    choice of car services

    You should get a quote from “Victor” and quotes from Dial7 and Carmellimo and understand what those quotes include. It should be base price and estimated tolls. Expected tip is 18-20% of base price.
  7. Anthem usually docks in Bayonne by 6 am. If the ship is on time, they scramble to get people off so the ship can be cleared for embarkation by 11 am. So if you get yourselves up really early and get in line, you can probably be off the ship by 7:30-8 am and on your way to EWR. Having said all that, there is always a risk of unexpected delays. Are you buying trip insurance that covers trip interruption? I’ve had bad arrivals at Cape Liberty. One time I arrived in a major snow storm. My train to Boston was rescheduled. Getting to Newark Penn Station was a nightmare. Boston was in the “blizzard” zone so I hotwired a Boston hotel room anticipating that I would not be able to safely get to my house. It was all pretty much covered by insurance.
  8. 138east

    NYC Logistics

    What is your hotel budget? What are your bed size requirements? 2 queens are hard to come by in a hotel that has good access to NYC. Could you do 2 doubles? What exact dates would you be doing this? Staying at an airport hotel will cost you $13/pp adults and either $3.50 or $9 per child each way by NJ Transit train. Web site says the $5.50 Newark Airport access fee is not charged for children, but it is not specific. Uber to Newark Penn Station might be better because the fare from there is $5.25/pp adults and $2.45/child 5-11.
  9. 138east

    Boston Flight Time????

    I think if you get out in front of the situation you will probably make your flight. When you embark, I would go to guest services and tell them you need priority disembarkation (low luggage tag number). Get yourselves early to deck 5 to stage yourselves near the exit point. Don’t get trapped in the theater or dining room. If you tag your luggage, I would get off as soon as possible (essentially self disembark without luggage) and plan to wait in the luggage area if necessary. Boston seems to work differently. For my cruise the customs and immigration folks set up in the dining room. They called all the folks who spent over the customs limits to do a detailed customs check at 6:45 am. That took a while. Thanks to the Concierge I was able to join the group #1 folks going on the “excursion” to see Boston before a later flight. Once they started processing the US citizens, I showed my passport and was off the ship in 5 minutes. It was about 8:30 am and I certainly would have made an 11 am flight. My husband picked me up and we were off to Maine to attend a wedding breakfast. I had carryon luggage, but I’m sure most of the luggage was ready and waiting for folks in the terminal since we had docked at 6 am.
  10. 138east

    NYC Hotels

    Check out this site for US bed sizes. https://www.us-mattress.com/mattress-size-information.html Times change. My parents had a double for many years. My husband and I have a King. The minimum we will get is a queen, but will always take 2 twins over a queen when traveling.
  11. 138east

    First Time In NYC

    Another consideration is bed size. Two queen beds are scarce, but 2 doubles are common.
  12. 138east

    Boston Flight Time????

    What airline are you flying? Are you a diamond or better on RCL? You may have to consider self disembarking. Post back and I will respond. I did a Bermuda cruise last Sep and customs was a mess for the disembarkation. The good news is that the airport is 15 minutes away.
  13. 138east

    NYC Hotels

    There are plenty of bars and restaurants in lower Manhattan. Not familiar with the Chelsea Savoy, but reviews are good on Trip Advisor. Forget Long Island City, which is in Queens. No one is going to tell you to do an air bnb in NYC - too many legal issues and bad stories. A double bed in the US is 53 x 80 inches. It’s also known as a full size bed.
  14. 138east

    NYC Hotels

    What is your budget range? Midtown and Hell’s Kitchen would be better than the East Village and Kips Bay. The downtown financial district might work because of the good subway connections. For Oct 17 I’m seeing a Holiday Inn for $184 plus tax cancellable. Holiday Inn Express : Manhattan Times Square South 60 West 36th Street, New York, New York 10018 IMO it’s not critical to be close to the port. Those hotels are running $300+. The Holiday Inn would be a short cab ride. I’d book a cancellable reservation now as a placeholder.
  15. Dial7 and Carmellimo are recommended all the time. They should tell you how to contact your driver by cell phone to get the exact pickup location. The port name is Cape Liberty in Bayonne, NJ. There is a Port Liberte in nearby Jersey City.