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    Cruised Hawaii via NCL Pride of America inter-island route. We tried to bring a couple of bottles of wine aboard, but our luggage was scanned and the 'contraband' seized for 'safety' reasons. However we were allowed to ransom the wine for $15 each. We were not told about the no-booze policy by the on-line cruise agent. They did not provide any information, just email tickets. Would not use them again. Don't attempt to take booze aboard NCL, as they scan all luggage. Land excursions were very expensive, so we rented a car on Maui and Kauai with friends. Much cheaper and you can go exactly where you want. Just walk off the ship and rental vans will be waiting. No reservations necessary, but check more than one as prices vary widely. We have decided NCL's flat 'tip' fee of $10 per day per passenger instead of voluntary tips works against good service. The help was mediocre as there is no incentive to work very hard to please the passengers.