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    Istanbul tour

    We will only be in Istanbul for a few hours in transit and we would like to go to the Gaja Sky Bar in the Swissotel the Bosphorus for a drink at about 8 or 9pm. Is it safe? I read on the internet that the hotel is only about 760m from Taksim Square which is very close! We will be going in August and maybe the troubles will be over by then. Does anyone know the location of the hotel and whether it would be safe or not to go there?
  2. caramelo

    Duty Free in Gibraltar??

    For 500g the approximate price is 24 euros or 100 sterling pounds. See the following link: http://tobaccoprices.co.uk/gibraltar.html
  3. caramelo

    Questions about Istanbul

    I hope to that someone might give us more answers. Now I have some new questions: 1.- I will get the Golden Horn Ferry to Eyup and the cable car up tp have a coffee in the Pier Lotti cafe. On the return, if we don´t want to wait for another ferry, does anyone know what would the cost of a taxi be from Eyup back to Eminonu, where the ferrys dock? 2.- I find it difficult to calculate the distances between one place and another, for example people said the Grand bazaar is very close to the Egyptian Spice Bazaar but now I have seem that "very close" is actually 1,5 km! So, what is the easist or best way to get from the Grand Bazaar to the Galata Bridge? By the underground / metro? If so, from which stop to which stop? Or what would a taxi cost? Any help or answers will be much appreciated!
  4. I will be in Istanbul for 2 days / 3 nights (this is my 2nd time there) and I have a few questions: 1.- I would like to go over to the Asian side and also up to the Camlica park. Which option is better, the ferry from Eminonu to Kadikov or Eminonu to Uskudar? Which of the 2 places, Kadikov or Uskudar are more interesting / have more to see? What would a taxi cost from the arrival areas of either Kadikov or Uskudar up to Camlica? 2.- Is there a restaurant up in the observatory area of the Sapphire Tower - or is it just a cafe with sandwiches and coffees? 3.- Where is Minaturk, with the miniture monuments located? On the Asian side? Near where? 4.- Is it worth taking the boat to visit the Maidens / Leander Tower? or the Princes Islands? 5.- Anything else special / different that one shouldn´t miss (having already seen the main known sights) 6.- Does anyone know a web site with a good street map showing the Asian areas of Kadikov or Uskudar? Any help will be very welcome.
  5. Thanks so much for your suggestions...... I have passed them on to my friend. Any further ideas will be of great help and very welcome. I do understand that most people here are travelling with cruises, but I also now that there are many Canadians out there who might be able to help with any ideas. Thanks so much again.
  6. I have a friend who will visit Canada in October and she needs your help to plan her route. She will have about 35 days in total. She will fly into and out of Toronto. Arriving on the 8th of October. The first idea is to take a flight to Calgary, and drive a caravan in the area of the national parks and rock areas, a route of up to 15 - 19 days. What route could you suggest here? And now is the big question: should she drive across Canada from west to east and then connect with the east coast (maybe 5.359 km in total?) or is it better to concentrate on touring the middle of Canada and go to the coasts? And finally she could tour the east coast from Niagra to Quebec and Tadoussac (for about 10 to 12 days). Any ideas or suggestions, and what she SHOULD NOT MISS, will be very welcome, she needs your help, please????????????? </SPAN>
  7. Thanks for your answers - it´s what I thought
  8. I have read that there is a new train "Roma Express" direct from Civitavecchia cruise terminal to Rome. The cruise ships use it with their excursions. Does anyone know if one can go "independently" on this train without a ship excursion, to go on ones own to Rome? What is the price? Their web site gives no prices: http://www.seatrain.biz/
  9. I guarantee that you will love the trip Chocolady88, it really is something special. Have a great time........ April isn´t long now, it´s just around the corner. ;)
  10. Thankyou all so much, I´m so glad you enjoyed it! :)
  11. Then we went to the Mountain Paradise Lookout where we saw these views of Guayaquil: Finished our tour the guide took us to the airport to catch our international flight back to Spain: It was such a very special trip that we were very sorry when it ended but it was a pleasure to share the experience with all of you. THE END
  12. The Santa Ana hill is a lovely place situated just above the Malecon 2000 and you can see almost the whole city from there. There are 400 odd steps to the top from the Malecon. There is a lighthouse, museum, small chapel and park at the top. Along the stairs, vendors sell water, ice cream and other snacks.
  13. The monument commemorating the historical conference with Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin finished in 1938: The Barrio las Peñas located at the foot of the Santa Ana hill is an area of the city with a coastal colonial architecture. It was destroyed and reconstructed several times as a consequence of fires, in particular the great fire of 1896. Las Peñas historic streets now house art galleries and artists' studios, the city’s oldest church, Santo Domingo (1548) and the nearby open-air-theatre, the Bogota. Las Peñas, where the city was founded, was actually rebuilt and painted bright colors where most of Guayaquil's colonial buildings are. Las Peñas has been home to presidents, musicians, historians, artists, captains of industry, housewives and fisherman. With a particular architectural style with narrow streets the houses near the river depict the early days of Ecuador with two fronts one for access from the street and the other for access from the river.
  14. You can see the iguanas in the trees above this guy´s head: Once finished in the Iguana Park, we went to the Malecon 2000 which is an ultramodern promenade along the waterfront, and has a nice contemporary art museum, a large garden area, an area for kids, and a shopping mall, this large park is the biggest architectural development in many centuries in the City of Guayaquil.