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  1. Me too. No issues. We board in January so medallions yet. But all else seems ready to go.
  2. Yes, I downloaded that one when it came out. And uninstalled the other five. It seems that I need to reinstall those before we are onboard.
  3. Never mind. I've answered my own question by clicking on Ocean Compass to see what it says and it took me to the Play Store to download the app. I guess we'll need all those other apps before we sail. So silly! Why could they not produce just one app that incorporates all of this!
  4. So are you saying we'll need to have those other five apps installed as well before we go aboard? I thought they were built into the Medallion Class app but not active until we're on the ship. Not so?
  5. I've been following this thread since pretty close to the beginning. I haven't seen the answer to my question although I could have missed it. There's a lot of information here! Early on, I downloaded to my phone the original five apps for Medallion class. They bogged my phone down so badly and my cruise was still so far away on the calendar that I uninstalled them. When the single Medallion Class app became available, I downloaded that instead. Seems like it's complete but I've seen some references in this thread about the Medallion Class app accessing the other five apps.
  6. Thanks. All our other info is complete. Still 3 months to go before our cruise so I'll monitor. Hopefully all will be resolved before SailAway!
  7. We paid in full yesterday. We still have one circle that is not green. It's our Cruise Personalizer. We have chosen not to pre-book excursions or any other options in the Personalizer. So our OceanReady Pass says we are "Incomplete". Does anyone know how to complete our OceanReady Pass without booking anything in the Cruise Personalizer?
  8. We bought gift cards to pay our balance due today for our January cruise. No problem. And now we have lots of free gas in our future! 😊 You might want to let your credit card company know you're planning to do that though. Such a big purchase at a grocery store raised a fraud alert I had to deal with to allow the sale go through.
  9. Hope so! We're on the Sky in January. Regardless, we'll have fun. We love cruising and won't be concerned about any little glitches that may come up. A vacation, like life, is what you make of it!
  10. A question for those who have already been on a Medallion cruise. How often do you actually have to produce the medallion to use it? Just to get on and off the ship? Or is it also necessary to produce it for all of the onboard functions? I'm trying to decide about the accessories. Wearing it as jewelry doesn't really appeal to me but if I have to keep pulling it out of my pocket all the time, maybe I'll go that route anyway.
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