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  1. How are they returning to the US without negative tests? Can’t fly in without them. Assuming they are quarantining in Bahamas until kids test negative.
  2. Apparently some people want things to proceed one way, their way, and any diversions from that are unacceptable. In this time period people need to be flexible and patient with changes. Like you said, go with the flow or don’t sail.
  3. Nope. I provided you with the Celebrity chart from the website yesterday, and I am not going to go back and find it to post again. You can find it easy enough. Website clearly says ships will 95% vaccinated passengers. The two sections above are not mutually exclusive. Their vaccination policy is 95% vaccinated passengers. The differentiation for Florida is how it will be verified. That is all. If they were not able to certify 95% vaccinated passengers to the CDC, they would not be sailing from Florida on Saturday. They would be relegated to doing a test cruise and starting over. Don't know what else to tell you.
  4. Celebrity is not doing a "test" cruise. They are sailing with paying passengers from Fort Lauderdale on the Edge this coming Saturday. The Equinox will also be sailing from the US shortly with a similar vaccination percentage. Celebrity chose the 95/98% vaccinated option so they would not have to do test cruises and will sail with no more than 5% unvaccinated passengers. They will continue to sail with only 95/98% vaccinated passengers and crew thereafter. Lines like RCI that have chosen the test cruise option can sail with a larger percentage of unvaccinated passengers.
  5. There was one news story from USA Today that failed to mention the 95% vaccinated requirement. SeaTrade included it (along with statements from the company) and it is still referenced on the Celebrity website. They are not "requiring" a vaccine but are only sailing with 95% vaccinated passengers. If you don't submit proof voluntarily, you are lumped in with the 5% unvaccinated and may not be able to sail. They would not be authorized to sail on Saturday if they were not still meeting the 95/98 CDC requirement. I believe the cruise line over a news account. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/environmental-health/coping-floridas-vaccine-passport-ban-we-can-ask-we-cant-require
  6. Celebrity is still requiring proof of vaccination. They are contacting passengers and asking for vaccination status verification. Then they put you in the "vaccinated pile". You are told to bring your vaccine proof to present at boarding. If you don't have it or refuse to provide it, you are in the "unvaccinated pile". If the 5% unvaccinated pile is full at that time, you don't sail. They are committed to 95% vaccinated passengers and have been authorized to sail that way by the CDC. Their first sailing is on Saturday. No fines will be applied.
  7. They are asking that you “voluntarily” acknowledge your status and show proof at sailing. Otherwise you go into the unvaccinated “pile” and there’s every chance you won’t be boarding if they’ve reached their 5% cap. At least that’s the plan for now. Who knows what December will bring.
  8. Celebrity requires you present your card at boarding.
  9. I would not bet on that. They have checked cards on SXM sailings and RCI on Adventure and those aren’t even sailings under CDC. They will certainly ask for proof at boarding out of the US as they need to certify 95% vaccinated passenger cohort to CDC before sailing.
  10. The injunction is effective July 18th, OR there is a replacement order, OR the CDC appeals. And yes Celebrity can still maintain the 95% vaccine requirement and my bet would be they will.
  11. Many responded to your post with the posted Celebrity policy on their website and contrary articles. The USA Today story was lacking in the detail that they will still sail at 95% vaccinated as required under their option with the CDC. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/environmental-health/coping-floridas-vaccine-passport-ban-we-can-ask-we-cant-require
  12. Because it is not true. The ships will STILL sail at 95% vaccinated passengers. The “voluntary” compliance is their workaround on the Florida law. That process has been known for weeks. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/environmental-health/coping-floridas-vaccine-passport-ban-we-can-ask-we-cant-require
  13. No. Nothing has changed but adding the protocols that will apply to unvaccinated passengers. USA Today conveniently left out that they are still at 95% vaccinated. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/environmental-health/coping-floridas-vaccine-passport-ban-we-can-ask-we-cant-require
  14. No. It’s still there. https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/celebrity-healthy-at-sea-protocols.pdf
  15. They don’t have flexibility. They are committed to the CDC for minimum 95% vaccinated. Otherwise they don’t sail.
  16. I don’t think that’s an issue at all under HIPAA. The name has to be connected to some kind of medical information. https://www.virtru.com/blog/phi-vs-pii/ https://www.hipaajournal.com/what-is-considered-phi/
  17. Your name is not protected under HIPAA. Your medical information is. They can have you sign in or "shout" your name in the waiting room, as long as they don't add a notation or "shout" that you have a communicable disease. 😉
  18. HIPAA does not impact this process. HIPAA applies to medical or other third parties releasing medical information about a person without their authorization. Voluntarily providing that information does not violate the statute.
  19. CC article was posted on this. Only unvaccinated kids under 16 had to wear a mask. The author said she saw a few kids by the elevators not wearing them, but overall the kids were very good about it. There were no unvaccinated adults on board, so I imagine it must be pretty easy to supervise for crew. No idea how they are going to police unvaccinated adults on the Florida cruises. Cruises elsewhere out of US will be all vaccinated except age-ineligible kids. https://www.cruisecritic.com/ab/agents/variation-a/articles.cfm?ID=6212&sr=1&sd=2 It's hard to get kids to wear masks! Were they really complying? Yes, for the most part. While I did see a few kids without masks near the elevator a few times, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well most seemed to adapt. Remember, kids have been wearing masks to go to school and in other public places in most parts of the country for months. The parents I talked to said it wasn't an issue. The only time I really saw kids unmasked was in the buffet when they were eating and drinking; at the splash park, main pool and whirlpools in the main area; and at Perfect Day at CocoCay when we were all outdoors anyway.
  20. I would venture to guess that the vast majority of folks don’t bother to close the door of a regular balcony when they are outside. They let the A/C run blessedly cool while warm air wafts in through the open door. This is the environmental and corresponding financial problem that they’ve tried to resolve. Whether the design concept lasts, who knows. At some point new ship designs might include a similar trigger in the doors of traditional balconies.
  21. I like hearing positive comments on the IV balconies. Thanks Spif! We have not been on the Edge class ships yet, but have 3 cruises on them next year: Edge in a SV for the Western Med, Apex in an IV for the British Isles and Edge in a CS 😁 for the Greek Isles. Looking forward to experiencing all of the different categories and I’m very excited about the new ships!
  22. Don’t they explicitly say that you are not to arrive before your scheduled time and if you do you will not be allowed in to the terminal? Seems pretty explicit, and under the current circumstances, disregarding the rules could very well land you in the hot sun. And well deserved I might add.
  23. Yes. Very good discussion. Which is a rarity on CC these days 😉. Thank you to you as well!
  24. I am well aware that this case currently sits at the district court level. The opinion piece you linked aside, I also believe that Judge Merryday knows the limitations of his injunctive relief and the impact it has on the CSO nationwide, which is why he stayed the injunction and ordered the parties to mediation in order to revise the CSO. I disagree that the district court’s ultimate decision in this case will impact only Florida. When and if the CSO is modified, it will apply to all ships in all ports. District court interpretations and rulings on the validity or enforceability of a federal statute impact the application of that statute nationwide by virtue of the scope of federal law in general.
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