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  1. Unless the ship is in COLD Layup the Bridge & Engine Room watches will still be done. Crew will also be required on watch.
  2. When you are in Sydney you may be able to get a trip on the restored Barque James Craig or at least visit her alongside at or near the Maritime Museum. Built in 1874 at Sunderland UK as Clan Macleod. She is/was an iron barque & did 23 voyages "around the Horn" before being sold to James J. Craig of Auckland. Full story on Wikipedia.
  3. Hi Bob - Brunei Bay is a very large bay partly in East Malaysia & partly Brunei. We were not far from there at Kota Kinabalu on Statendams last voyage. Part of chart of Brunei Bay & ships at layup at Labuan [NOT current].
  4. Bob - Labuan in Brunei Bay is a dedicated official layup area in Malaysia. There are layup companies there that act as agents & suppliers. Crew changes through the local airport. Onboard generators to run dehumidifiers for internal spaces if required. Latitude is 5N & therefore outside the typhoon area.
  5. Virtually all ports will charge for anchoring near to the port - ie inside port limits. The ships at Manila Bay are doing the 14 day quarantine & then local crew can go ashore - hopefully. Radiance otS is anchored off south east Malaysia along with over 100 other vessels in international waters. QM2 & 2 P&O UK are anchored in Weymouth Bay just east of Portland UK. Most likely free.
  6. On 8th April an 83 year male from Queensland died in Sydney after quarantining. He was returning from Celebrity Eclipse.
  7. With the arrival of Ruby Princess off Manila & Celebrity Solstice heading towards the bay - I count 19 cruise ships there now including the 2 or 3 out for exercise.
  8. David - photo is Brunei Bay but not current. Most vessels waiting with Azamara Journey are Bulk Carriers with a couple of Gas & Oil tankers plus a rig, a vehicle carrier & a container ship. There has not been a time when a number of cruise ships have gone into cold layup. So no photos available. It's hard to gnow for sure what vessels are in cold layup at Brunei Bay as there AIS would be off.
  9. Blackduck59 - Just in case you are able to come back to NZ another time, many think the South Island is more picturesque. Although a small island compared to the area of the Rockies - Mt. Cook 3724m is just short of Mt. Robson BC by 230m. Photos:- 1/ Mt. Cook 3724m 2/ Mt. Tasman 3497m 3/ Franz Josef glacier 4/ Fox glacier 5/ ss Earnslaw coal powered lake steamer built 1912.
  10. NCL Encore, Bliss & Spirit going into cold layup at Portmouth, Virginia, USA.
  11. Mic you left a word out - SERVICE. When I went to sea I worked on Cargo Liners. Pre container refrigerated vessels that mainly ran from UK to Australia & NZ. Prior to each vessels planned voyage, notices were placed with agents & in the maritime press. These stated that the named vessel would be accepting cargo for listed ports at a certain berth warehouse up to a certain date. This was the service. They also carried a few passengers. Up to 12 with no doctor onboard. When I emigrated to Australia I came out on the P&O liner Iberia. She departed Tilbury & picked up passengers in Rotterdam, Cape Town & Durban for landing in Cape Town, Durban, Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney. This was a liner voyage as apposed to the repositioning cruise I did a few years ago on the Sapphire Princess. She departed Southampton landing & picking up passengers in Rome & Dubai. As it was a cruise we went to various other ports between these two ports.
  12. In Asia 1 cruise ship - Azamara Journey is waiting off Labuan Island, E. Malaysia for layup in Brunei Bay.
  13. Hoegh Trotter - ?? Liner arriving into Brisbane. This liner carries vehicles. Liner means scheduled service.
  14. First cruise ship waiting to go to layup has arrived at Labuan. Azamara Journey is waiting to be moved to layup anchorage in Brunei Bay along with quite a few other vessels.
  15. Bob - There is not a lot of info regarding the evacuation of Costa Concordia. Most problems were caused by the list & it should have happening an hour earlier. Although the crew were given a Lloyds medal for it. The staff captain Roberto Bosio - I believe he was the hero of the incident, is now master with Costa. 2nd officer Simone [male] Canessa - there is some evidence that he is a safety officer with Costa. Because there was no emergency signal early on when it was obvious that the engine room was flooding & vessel would sink, the emergency elevators continued to work when the emergency generator was working. This caused several deaths. I will send you pdf's of Star Princess inquiry by UK authorities. The Italian findings of C-C, & a critique of C-C by a consultant UK master mariner. Changing IMO [SOLAS] rules would take years. John Bosio & Canessa earlier
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