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  1. P&O Au. Pacific Explorer ex Dawn Princess went into Singapores Sembawang drydock yesterday. Several other cruise ships are still in the Singapore area including Sapphire Princess.
  2. The vessel is called Spirit of Enderby & is chartered by Heritage Expeditions with a Russian crew. One of 10 Polar research ships built for Russia in Finland from 1982. One has been scrapped but the other 9 are in various rolls including one with the Swedish Navy. They have ice strengthened hulls & a Russian ice certificate but no Polar Code rating.
  3. Yesterday I was listening to the Administrator of Norfolk Island on the radio and he was saying that Queenslanders can land in Norfolk Is. & are not required to go into Quarantine. Returning back to Brisbane there is also no Quarantine period as there has been no virus on N.I. Air NZ are still operating Norfolk Island flights for the Australian Government. There is only 1 flight per week to & from Brisbane. Out on a Saturday & back on a Friday. If you have not been to Norfolk Is. there is a great amount of history there, virtually no crime - houses are le
  4. With the weather forcasting available these days there is no reason a ship should find itself near to a Tropical Revolving Storm [TRS]. Only bad seamanship, poorly trained officers & in this case most lickely pushing the ship to maintain ETA. Fake certification is alsp a growing problem. Slowing down early & letting the storm pass ahead or turning around & putting the seas on the stern will keep the ship safer. Losing the main engine could result in a capsize it the ship's stability is not good, but being further away from the bad weather near the storm's centre wo
  5. HAL's Rotterdam departing from Rotterdam port 31/8 to Schevningen anchorage for the last time, before departing ror Rosyth, Scotland to join the othe Fred. Olsen ships. Sale cannot have taken place as ship is still registered in Rotterdam. Much sounding of fof horn.
  6. All CMV vessels - even the 2 from P&O Australia are listed for sale in Europe. From - Malcolm Oliver's WaterWorld blog.
  7. Bob - I would think the hand over to Fred Olsen will be in the drydocking period when name & port of registration will also be done. Fred Olsens other vessels are laid up in Firth of Forth near Edinburgh.
  8. Bob - I think you are right with such a tight berthing the Master would do it. Rotterdan is currently off Portugal with ETA Rotterdam pilot 03:30 August 10th.
  9. Info comes from the web & has been out there for months. Silverses site has the info concerning Silver Wind indicating the docking for upgrading to Ice Class will happen in the northern summer 2020. Crew Centre list Silver Wind for docking at Valletta from 21st August to 21st October 2020. Hurtigrutens site will have info on their ships operating the coastal service & when the distant water cruises will restart.
  10. Two other new Polar Code vessels are Hurtigruten's Roald Amundsen & sister ship Fridtjof Nansen. A third is building. These ships are bigger than the new expedition ships & not as expensive. There is no list of ships that meet the new Polar Code that comes into full force on Jan. 1st 2022. Apart from the 2 Silversea vessels that were converted all Polar Code ships are new builds.
  11. Silver Cloud has been converted to Polar Code & her sister Silver Wind is suposed to convert this northern summer.
  12. Australia does have the Navigation Act of 1912 that the Government sees fit to ignore. It is nearly the same as the USA Jones Act. This is why we have virtually no Merchant fleet & only have 30 days of fuel should anything happen in SE Asia to disrupt the overseas operated ships bringing in fuel.
  13. Unless the ship is in COLD Layup the Bridge & Engine Room watches will still be done. Crew will also be required on watch.
  14. When you are in Sydney you may be able to get a trip on the restored Barque James Craig or at least visit her alongside at or near the Maritime Museum. Built in 1874 at Sunderland UK as Clan Macleod. She is/was an iron barque & did 23 voyages "around the Horn" before being sold to James J. Craig of Auckland. Full story on Wikipedia.
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