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  1. SeaDog-46

    Sapphire Priness Dining Rooms

    Sapphire dining secret - but may have changed by now. The one used for early fixed was not never full & if you turn up outside about 6.15 pm with a group of 4 as we did a few times - the supervisor will give you one of the spare tables.
  2. SeaDog-46

    Australia 2020-2021 RELEASED

    Cruise SHIPS are never BOATS.
  3. SeaDog-46

    Taxi cost from Yokohama cruise port to station

    I believe OP is refering to the old Yamashita pier that is SE of Osanbashi terminal. Westerdam is berthing there on 31st March.
  4. SeaDog-46

    Voyage of the Vikings 2020

    Tampa Girl - The dates for each ship's 5 year survey is in 5 year periods from the build date, but can vary by a few months for operational reasons. When I said 20 year survey that is how it is referred to in the industry. The 3rd survey & each gets more difficult. I did not know Westerdam is doing an Antarctic Peninsular in 2021 - so she will drydock later in 2021. Joining her in Japan on the 31st March & did the repositioning on Zaandam BA to VCR in 2017. Be very careful in BA - friends of Canadian friends were joining a Princess ship last month & while at breakfast in their 5 star hotel their room & baggage was robbed. Lost passports & much else. Could not join ship in BA.
  5. SeaDog-46

    Net(?) hanging over the side of the ship

    Need photo & ship's name.
  6. SeaDog-46

    Antarctica and Polar Ice Cap cruises after Jan 2022?

    Ken - I do npt have the article & all I can remember is that it was on a technical forum. For more info google Polar Code & read the tech. articles. Apart from the 2 larger ships above & Hurtigruten - I do not know of any others that would be able to do the sail past type cruise that is currently done after 1 Jan 2022. It is far too expensive to convert the current ships. Westerdam is doing one in early 2021.
  7. SeaDog-46

    Sun Princess Rumours

    Mic is quite correct. Ships take on water [bunker is fuel] in port because it is often cheaper than making it. They need to be over a certan distance off the coast to make it & be going at a reasonable speed. With ports every day this does not always allow enough time to make what they require.
  8. SeaDog-46

    Antarctica and Polar Ice Cap cruises after Jan 2022?

    Ken see new building list with names dates, passenger numbers & tonnage at - www.quirkycruise.com/25-next-generation-expedition-ships-for-2019-2020/ Better info than I was able to give you but does not give Polar Class. Two other ships operating & assume will continue into 2022 are Silver Cloud & RCGS Resolute. Gwendy - this time it will happen - Polar Code comes into full force on 1st Jan. 2022. If you want to go see Antarctica or Greenland at a "LOW" price then next year is your last chance. Previous warning about Antarctica may have been about fuel requirements & being media don't know much & the ships were able to comply. Venice will happen when the Italians get their act together & I thought it was now limited to vessels under a certain tonnage.
  9. SeaDog-46

    Deck in bow of star princess?

    Well it is not on the BOW!!
  10. knittinggirl - Please refer to :- HAL boards - Voyage of the Vikings 2020 by PCruzer Oct. 5th 2018. Princess boards - Sail to Greenland from NYC by BarbinMich - last Tues. March 12th 2019 see my post #15. Greenland is all North of 60 degrees North & in the new Polar Zone as per the IMO Polar Code. See above posts. The Gulf Stream does not just flow past Florida - it contiues north & keeps Iceland, Norwegian Coast, Russian White Sea coast & UK free of ice.
  11. SeaDog-46

    Voyage of the Vikings 2020

    Tampa Girl - I realise this is a bit confusing - but will try to clarify it. The New Polar Code has been many years in coming because several classification societies that insure ships each had there own ICE class rules. Also various accidents with cruise & expedition ships have occured - sinking of Explorer, Polar Star hitting uncharted rock & Le Boreal engine fire & loss of power off Falklands & some others. In Jan. 2017 the notification of these rules was put out by the International Matitime Organisation - IMO [UN body]. Start date for POLAR CODE - 1st Jan. 2022. All ships with any of the old Ice Classes going through there 5 year recertification after that date [1st Jan.2017] would either need to comply with & be issued a new Polar Class rating or NOT get one - ie no longer have one due to not complying with the new code. This is what will happen to all the HAL ships & other normal cruise ships with an Ice Class certificate. Zaandam 5 year survey is due next year after her trans Atlantic & Greenland port call mid year. She will no longer be Ice Class after that survey/drydock. There are a couple of ships that have been upgraded & should have or get the new Polar Code. They are Silver Cloud that had a $41 million 2 month docking & RCGS Resolute. The reason for me putting out this Polar Code info is to advise members that if they want to cruise to Antarctica & Greenland at a reasonable cost - then next year is likely their last chance, though there could still be some in 2021.
  12. SeaDog-46

    Sail to Greenland from NYC!

    As my old mate rkacruiser says the master will not put his ship in danger - the first rule of good seamanship. Seeing the icebergs, bergy bits & growlers in daylight is one thing but hitting one in the darkness is another - 2007 mv. Explorer findings are online. Radar & good watchkeeping will see ice at some distance but throw an Arctic storm into the mix & things can get iffy. Best to high-tail it out of the area with wind & sea astern - & forget your schedule. In 1959 a brand new Ice class vessel was built in Denmark to service Greenland. mv Hans Hedtoft carried about 100 passengers & cargo - similar to Aranui 5. On its return maiden voyage it was caught in a massive storm off southern Greenland. Mayday messages were sent but no help could get to them. Ship was lost with all onboard. Most likely she was hove-to in the storm & did not see the ice/iceberg bearing down on them.
  13. SeaDog-46

    Voyage of the Vikings 2020

    Further to above :- World Explorer has Ice class 1B? polar Class ? Nat. Geo. Endurance has PC 5 - higher than all except Ponant icebreaker. Greg Mortimer is PC 6. Scenic has Ice Class 1A - equivilent PC ?
  14. SeaDog-46

    Voyage of the Vikings 2020

    Hi Ken - I am no expert on this & have only been looking at it since I stumbled on an article regarding Zaandam likely last Antarctic season due to change over of certificates next year. This was while looking for info on Scenic Eclipse which is held up due to builder going bust. I have started a list of ships that will have Polar Class in next few years - all are in building or planning stage except Silver Cloud which had a $41 million refit in 2017 & is rated Ice Class 1C ? - this could be one of a few classification society ratings but should be equivelant to P6. Refurbishing current ships is considered too expensive. Due in 2019 -- Roald Amundsen [P6], Scenic Eclipse ?, Hondius [P6], Crystal Endeavor [P6], Magellan Explorer [P6], Greg Mortimer ? , Hanseatic Nature & Inspiration [P6], Le Bougainville & Le Dumont-d'Urville by Ponant, World Explorer, unnamed by Sunstone [P6]. Due in 2020 - Nat. Geo. Endurance, Le Bellot & Le Jacques Cartier by Ponant, Scenic Eclipse II, unnamed by Seabourn, sister to Roald Amundsen [P6], & another 2 unnamed by Sunstone [P6]. There are others on order - but reliable info by other than travel agents & media is scarce & unreliable. Ponant's icebreaker [P2] Le Commandant Charcot started in 2018 & due in 2021 - has a list of future cruises online for northern summer - does not say which year! Booking available.
  15. SeaDog-46

    Sail to Greenland from NYC!

    The new Polar Code has been a long time coming & is most likely concern by the IMO over several incidents including the sinking of the ice class vessel Explorer. This could have been much worse if rescue vessel had been days away. So it is mainly a safety issue along with updating the other requirements & bringing the several different current Ice Classes together under the new Polar Code. Vessels have to be further segregated longitudinally & vertically with steel size & grade for ice conditions. Equipment onboard must be better in handling ice weather. Lifeboats are to be a lot better with endurance of several days in the extreme conditions. Immersion suits for all. It all boils down to only expedition ships now in construction being able to work in the polar regions as cruise ships. There are over 2 dozen building or planned & they are nearly all small & will be very expensive to sail on. Some are up to 25,000 gt but still only carry a few hundred passenger. The code is P1 highest to P7 lowest. Most expedition ships are being built to P6 that states it can operate in sunmmer / autumn medium 1st year ice which may include old ice inclusions [growlers]. Ponant have several vessels planned with one started in 2018 being P2 class capable of going to the North Pole. So if you want to go to Antarctic Peninsular or Greenland with the current cruise ships next year is probably your last chance. There could be a northern summer season in 2021 for a few ships.