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  1. It’s a really easy port, you just walk straight off the ship and your “there “, it’s only mi utes to the start of the city, or the fortress which is lovely.Theres also a hoho bus directly as you leave the ship, we’ve been three times now and love it.
  2. 30 Aug - 180800Marella DiscoveryWarnemundeC333Blue Water Shipping A/SThe ships docking at the Oceankaj C333 n Copenhagen . It’s on the port list ...
  3. Palma is beautiful , if you don’t want an excursion, take the shuttle into town , and stroll round the old streets beside the Cathedral then go to the market if it’s on and just get lost in the little side streets ,There’s a hoho bus you can use as well but if you can try an excursion MAjorca is a beautiful island.
  4. Lovely report and pictures.... thanks for sharing,still so sorry we missed you. But onwards and upwards ....
  5. That’s so good to hear, I hope he gets well really quickly and you get another cruise booked soon, that’s what we’ve done.. best wishes to you all
  6. I’m so pleased he’s getting better, there will be other cruises ,but I know exactly how your feeling at the moment,good luck with the insurance company we’re nearly a month after my husbands missed cruise and still no further forward.sending my best wishes to you all and as soon as things calm down book another cruise ....
  7. We got a refund from RCI of the missed excursions , didn’t have a drinks package so can’t comment, hope your son is better today ....
  8. I hope your son is ok and I know just how your feeling even though ours wasn’t quiet as traumatic as yours .My husband collapsed on a coach going to joinIndy in May and was taken to hospital thankfully after lots of tests he was fine. unfortunately I’ve had nothing but trouble with Insurance company and were frankly dreadful in my hours of need. I was totally abandoned I couldn’t get through to anyone. Thank goodness for the nurses and doctor at hospital.. I couldn’t do anything as far as RCI we’re concerned until the ship came back into port after the cruise as it was a no show it’s going to take a while until it all gets sorted and I’ve been so frustrated. The main thing is your son is being looked after, there will be more cruises and take comfort that this didn’t happen at sea . Thinking about you all and I hope in a couple of days things are much better...... take care and look after yourself I know how stressful it is ...
  9. Yes that’s so true. Always another day, so looking at your photos is next best thing ...lol we’ve booked a cruise to the Baltic’s in August not with RCI but sure it will be good, take care you never know one of these days or paths might cross again ... ......
  10. Love the photo book thank you so much for sharing , still so gutted we missed it, but lovely to look at your wonderful pictures . Jen.
  11. thanks Joe, he is good he was activities manager a few years ago on Indy I think, he was a really nice guy I can't wait to sail on her after refit now. .
  12. Does anyone know who is going to be CD on the May20 th Independence sailing after refit before Joff gets back Thanks.
  13. I was wondering if you hadn't considered doing my time dining and asking for a table for two, my hubby has problems hearing at a large table and we always do MTD now .
  14. A kettle is provided in all cabins on the RCI sailings from Southampton , with teabags , but bring your own coffee , this has been the norm for a few years now
  15. I think you've hit the nail on the head....I did enjoy myself don't get me wrong but as I've said this time it just wasn't up to scratch. We always sail from Southampton now but as you say this was the first time after the TA and I think that was the problem .I have no intention of going into the tipping on here but that could be a factor as well,I hope your cruise on Navigator is better I'm sure it will be.
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