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  1. To be fair this shows that Celebrity does listen and act. Things will never go back to the way they were on any mass market cruise line, different market and product these days. My wife and I were out shopping at the weekend and went past a travel agents window which was full of cruise offers, most agents windows are half cruise offers and half hotels. We commented that we preferred cruising before it became so popular.
  2. I would agree, they often look lovely at various venues but don’t taste that great, I can get far better at a local bakery.
  3. We board on Saturday, see if they have returned by then.
  4. Hi all Does anyone know if Celebrity accepts the FairFX card onboard ship for purchases ?
  5. Personally we don’t find any night in the MDR very good, noisy, on top of the next table, rushed staff who don’t have a minute to actually converse, it’s more like a McDonalds these days.
  6. Yep, it’s way more than just the food as you state, the service and ambience in somewhere like Murano is on a different level to the MDR. You are also given far more space and are not two inches away from the next table.
  7. When you say games are you talking basic games or high speed games that push bandwidth. If it’s the latter the internet on Celebrity is not close to powerful enough.
  8. Slobs, snobs, miserable lives, on the verge of a breakdown. Ruining their holiday. My goodness you’ve tried to pack in a lot in this post. We simply miss the cruising tradition of dressing for dinner. We don’t hate and certainly don’t have our cruise ruined, we love our holidays and meeting new people and making new friends.
  9. Yep our experience of Tuscan was the same, we love Italian food so should have really enjoyed it but it just lacked everything for us. The food and service were both really poor.
  10. I guess the minute dress code was mentioned it was always going to revert to type and the insults would fly from both sides of the argument ( some of it pretty sad in my view). We simply miss the tradition of dressing up and that it, we don’t judge other people based on how they dress. We have loved listening to stories from older table mates over the years, the retired guy who had worked for the UN was fascinating.
  11. I’m certainly only going on the feedback from posters on here, i’ve not phoned myself. We received the classic as a perk then upgraded to premium, we would certainly upgrade again if possible to pay the difference.
  12. You can’t upgrade if classic was a perk.
  13. Personally I would be more than happy with only beer, wine, and snacks.
  14. Well that is a massive drop in minibar offerings for sure. However with the old minibar fully stocked there is no doubt they would have taken a massive hit from some passengers so hardly surprising. You would hope the majority of cruisers would not just clear it every day just because they could and be sensible but we probably all know a percentage would ( because they could). We would have upgraded if it had been possible just to be able to have two or three drinks on our balcony plus snacks. I wouldn’t if it’s still a full mini bar for those that have not upgraded to the top package.
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