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  1. The term “Anti-vaxxers has been used for a very long time, in truth it’s pretty accurate. You could use other terms I guess but it’s really just a recognised term these days, I’ve seen it used by politicians regularly over here.
  2. I guess though those who need a forged document are mostly going to be anti Vaxxers.
  3. Obviously for the individual whether honest or not, until there is a problem and it quickly stops working and becomes pointless, never to be used again. Can’t say I know what the answer is but it’s certainly not as basic as a bit of cardboard or plastic that can easily be copied.
  4. Not the biggest shock, I think when I mentioned it a good while ago someone asked why anyone would go to the bother, clearly many are, and will. I would not however want to be rocking up on a cruise ship with false documentation and then fall ill with Covid, that sounds like an expensive mistake to me. I think we all know any form of card is pointless, it simply won’t work.
  5. I never understand this point, everyone knows that the vaccine is not 100% effective and as such a percentage that have been vaccinated can still catch Covid.
  6. We have all had the first Pfizer shot, I personally had no ill effects but while at the hospital today the nurse said a number of her colleagues felt rougher after the second shot with fever and the likes, heard that a few times lately but still looking forward to my second shot next week.
  7. Good news, we now need the government to put it in place. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56416855
  8. Watching the experts over here they seem genuinely baffled as to why some major euro countries have suspended using the vaccine with what appears to be no real evidence of a problem while people continue to die through not getting it.
  9. They are still not sure if when vaccinated you could still carry the virus and of course being vaccinated is not 100% protection, more like 85% so I guess in theory with a ship with the average age of Celebrity cruisers there are still risks, it’s just reduced.
  10. That’s actually one thing that would not put us off although we do usually book private tours. We could live with the extra cost and lack of flexibility for the next cruise in Asia. I think limitations onboard would be more of a factor for us as the ship is always the most important thing for us.
  11. No, next year for us when hopefully we are closer to normality. Too many potential problems for travel abroad for us.
  12. It’s all down to how quickly they can roll out the vaccine to a decent percentage, most European countries are behind the UK by around a month. I still think the summer is out with real changes only happening in the Autumn. We have already decided we would not be comfortable flying anywhere this entire year and have bookings made in the UK.
  13. There is a huge pent up demand for all forms of leisure when it returns, the UK is going to have a massive year with people staying in the country and prices have risen to match that demand. The cruise industry is going to be no different when it’s up and running again.
  14. Widespread cruising by maybe Autumn is my guess. I’m fairly optimistic our Asian cruise next February will go ahead but even that’s far from certain. Put it this way, we would normally have all our flight and Hotels with none refundable rates already booked. All we have this time is two hotels for a night each, both with full cancellation and nothing paid up front. We only booked those because they are close to half the price they were for this Feb when we were supposed to cruise. Nothing is guaranteed in my view.
  15. I see reports already stating this is no higher than would be expected in the general population without a vaccine.
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