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  1. Freedom for the ports, The ABC islands are so beautiful
  2. 3 times on 12 cruises and all 3 times they were swimming in the port in Miami while passengers were getting on, Orca's once and a huge turtle swam alongside us when leaving Port Canaveral
  3. Hubby and I just turned 50, daughter just turned 22, we are all diamond. If we turn up to the port and we get an exclusive line or a perk, we see it as a bonus, not an entitlement, you only get these things because RC give you them, just the same as RC can take them away...you sail the ships because you like them, or the itinerary not for what you can get.
  4. Really depends on the Captain, we have had them opened on several ships including Mariner, but refused on others, really no way of knowing till you ask onboard
  5. I always remember my very first time in Florida from the UK about 18 years ago , never heard of these things but boy, were we covered in them walking round the Disney parks, I had to keep taking my daughter out her stroller to empty them out of it LOL, they were in their thousands and everywhere, that was an interesting trip I can tell you
  6. Even though I am not able to walk the stairs myself, I would still stand back and let a scooter/walker on before me, and wait on the next one if I had to, it's called manners, which a lot of people seem to lack nowadays
  7. And then there is the question of rude people in scooters as well, I am only 53 but have had 2 heart attacks and since found out I have heart disease and asthma, I can and will if able walk ''down'' the stairs, but I can't walk up, the amount of rude comments from people in scooters when I have gotten in an elevator while they were waiting (behind me) is shameful, I've lots count of the times my toes have been run over or my ankles bashed, and the nasty comments about how I should walk It works both ways, we all pay our cruise fare, so we are all entitled to use the amenities which includes elevators
  8. There is a notice on the Cruise Critic web page saying it's not working and you have to go old school and actually do a manual search for your ship and date....it's not been working since the CC upgrade, you will find your roll calls here... https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/rollcalls/
  9. Our last 12 cruises, we have worn shorts everywhere except the dining rooms, we've worn shorts in the Windjammer and Johnny Rockets, Park Café,
  10. No, they don't even work on a B2B
  11. Only ever used dollars at the markets, they are independent sellers and only vetted by RCL so no sea pass cards
  12. From the UK, we get nothing from our travel agents, maybe a very minimal discount as they book you as part of a group, can honestly say we have never had OBC or even a bottle of wine from ours..
  13. Edinburgh born and bred here...Our buses are fantastic and travel all over the city prices for a single journey ( you must have the correct money as no change is given) Adult £1.70 Child 5-15 yrs 80p For a day ticket (this is a single ticket that you can use on all Lothian Buses ALL day) just buy it on the first bus and keep it and show the same ticket to the driver of any further buses you use Adult £4.00 Child 5-15 yrs £2.00 again, you must have the correct money as no change is given If you are super organised, you can buy a pre paid app on your phone here https://www.lothianbuses.com/tickets/ I hope you all have a wonderful time in my city Read the review by Hoopster95, he explains step by step how to get around better than I could and I live here LOL
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