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  1. I too suffer from degenerative back pain (Spondylolysis at my L5 S1) and the footstool was something I was looking forward to having on our balcony. Guess I will have to see what I can come up with if Celebrity can no longer afford to provide their paying passengers with a footstool.
  2. Aloha Dami, This will depend on which part of the island your ship will be. You could post this question on the Maui TripAdvisor Forum as they have destination experts who either live on the island or have visited many times and are very helpful. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. Thanks for keeping us all updated. We have friends on this cruise so getting updates from you is appreciated. I see the ship is now moving at 17.4kn. I am going to assume they want to get everyone off the ship as soon as possible so probably no overnight on ship tonight. Hope everyone can find a hotel for the night.
  4. Going on my first ever river cruise with Scenic in April and we’re looking forward to it very much. Nice to read that Scenic would be your preference too.
  5. That is great to hear. DH and I have our very first river cruise booked with Scenic on the Jewel in April. Looking forward to being spoiled to death too Cheryl
  6. I enjoyed seeing all your great photos. We were on the same cruise and still disappointed that we did not get to do the snorkel trip on our stop in Bonaire. However looking on the bright side your DH did introduce me to that delicious “Coronarita” drink on our last sea day. :D
  7. I am very interested in hearing about your trip as I am doing the Reflection Italy Greek Isles September 2019. Have a wonderful trip!
  8. That is what my DH does. Our past cruise we actually had to get a few charges removed while we were onboard. We just explained that the charges were not ours and celebrity had them removed from our account. They were mainly charges from the bar and it was explained to us that depending on how busy the bar is the staff could accidentally charge the wrong card if they have a few in front of them at one time.
  9. Looking forward to your review and some pics of the ship as I will be sailing on the Reflection September 2019. Cheryl
  10. Hi Phabric, I am also on a celebrity cruise leaving September 30th. 2019 to the Greek Isles and already looking at accommodation options. Our last cruise out of Barcelona we made the mistake of only flying in 2 days prior from Toronto. Our first day was jet lag adjustment for DH and I and we did not get to do much sightseeing. This time we plan on flying from Toronto on the Thursday night for arrival into Barcelona Friday and book us a three night hotel stay. Ship sails on the Monday so that will give us Friday to adjust to the time change and just browse around a bit and then Saturday/Sunday and part of Monday we can plan our sightseeing. Cheryl
  11. Hi Dana, We were on this same cruise with you guys and had the pleasure of meeting you both (we were the ones FaceTiming with our friends on deck 5..lol) I sure hope one of your photos will be of Jason enjoying his coronarita from the sunset bar. He sure got me hooked on them. Bruce and I also did the PG cruise to the French Polynesia islands but that was 10 yrs ago. That cruise is still ranked as #1 in our books and hope to do it again. Look forward to reading the rest of your review and for sure I will be checking out your FP review. Cheryl
  12. I had this on Eclipse last week and it was delicious and so were all the other dishes I tried. Hope you get a chance to try it.
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