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  1. we were on the 11:50am airtransat flight. One day of self isolation down 13 more to go!
  2. beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. We were on this cruise with you and are also self isolating for the next 14 days. On our flight back to Toronto a couple behind us coughed for the majority of the flight. I was surprised at the lack of health checks leaving FFL and arrival back into YYZ. No wonder this virus is spreading so quickly. We are glad to be home and will feel much better once the 14 days is up. Take care of yourselves and thanks again for the pics!
  3. My husband and I just arrived back home yesterday. We were on Reflection and disembarked in FFL. We are putting ourselves into 14 day quarantine. We live in the same city noted on this post. On our flight back home to Toronto the couple behind us coughed for most of the flight. Nothing we could do about it and now we wait and pray that we did not get infected! I wish all people who are traveling back to their hometowns really seriously consider the self quarantine so that we can reduce the amount of people who are going to get sick!
  4. I’ve been following Dr. John Campbell. He’s doing daily video updates and they are very interesting. I think many of us right now are not taking this as serious as we should be. Since this is a new virus we can’t be comparing it to others. Social distancing is looking like the best course of action right now. https://www.youtube.com/user/Campbellteaching/videos
  5. I too suffer from degenerative back pain (Spondylolysis at my L5 S1) and the footstool was something I was looking forward to having on our balcony. Guess I will have to see what I can come up with if Celebrity can no longer afford to provide their paying passengers with a footstool.
  6. Aloha Dami, This will depend on which part of the island your ship will be. You could post this question on the Maui TripAdvisor Forum as they have destination experts who either live on the island or have visited many times and are very helpful. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. Thanks for keeping us all updated. We have friends on this cruise so getting updates from you is appreciated. I see the ship is now moving at 17.4kn. I am going to assume they want to get everyone off the ship as soon as possible so probably no overnight on ship tonight. Hope everyone can find a hotel for the night.
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