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  1. We have done many B2B and have always tried for the same cabin.When we couldn't get they would put our name down for that cabin if it becomes available they would give it to us,right now we will be doing ab2b2b in jan/feb and hoping to get the same cabin the third week
  2. I check the todays poll when I get on line and the last one[which has been there for a long time]was would you cruise during Hurracane season?has it changed?
  3. danp

    Anthem of the Seas

    We were on the Anthem in August,as for the IFly you have to go up and sign up and you get a time,also have to fill out a form.But we had a lot of laughs watching our granddaughters.No charge also while up there do the bumper cars.
  4. We will be doing a B2B on the Freedom in two weeks and again in January B2B2B,love it
  5. danp

    Brilliance back2back

    we have been on many B2Bs and every one had the lunch
  6. danp

    beach floaties

    You can bring them on,but the inflater no
  7. danp

    Freedom of the Seas SJU 8:30P departure

    If you are going to go around Old San Juan and your hotel is close there,do the bellhop,because you will have to take a cab to the ship,then a cab to OSJ and then another cab back to the ship.That will maybe cost you $20 for each cab.Total$60
  8. danp

    Back to back

    There will be a meeting with all guest that are doing B2B,you will be giving a card what they call" in transit "which allows you to get off of the ship at anytime and when you return to the ship you don't have to wait in any line just customs.
  9. Enjoy your cruise,we will be doing a B2B in four weeks and a B2B2B in January on the freedom,cant wait.
  10. danp

    B2B question

    We do B2b every year,our next one is in four weeks.As you said you don't have to change cabins,that is a big deal,make everything easier.They will give you an in transit ticket if you want to get off in between,that ticket if you go off you don't have to stand in any line [except customs] to get back on board.There is a lunching on turn around day for B2B.If you want you can go in the pool with no one around. We will be also doing a B2B2B in January,We find these relaxing. Enjoy your cruise.
  11. We take two all the time,one regular coke and one diet,never a problem
  12. danp

    Anthem Breakfast Juices

    In the dining room for breakfast you can also get tomato
  13. danp

    Moving in Bermuda

    It is cheaper taken the bus/ferry that the taxi
  14. Did anyone watch the movie that was filmed on the Harmony last night on Hallmark?If so what did you think.
  15. danp

    Concierge lounge

    We were just off of the Anthem and we are D+.the problem with the D+ lounge was that it was on deck 12 AFT,it is the longest we ever had to walk to get to a lounge.The lounge itself was very nice,but being to FAR aft no one was going there.The most we seen in there was 10 members.The room hold maybe 50-60 members.The one night the Captain came in and ask the concierge where everyone was,her answer was that it is so out of the way they don't come.The D lounge was on deck 5 next to the theater and easy to get to.