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  1. Our current 'Swiss Alps' booking (river cruise next month) was made using substantial Viking travel vouchers they gave us following a screw-up on a previous cruise. Does anyone know from discussions with Viking if value of those vouchers will transfer over to a replacement booking in 2021 or 2022? If not, that would make the price of the future cruise significantly more expensive. Something else to consider.
  2. Viking notified us via email last night of an exception to their cancellation policy: "In view of this we are for the time being making a temporary exception to our cancellation policy so that you can be free to postpone your cruise at any time up until 24 hours before the planned departure, without incurring any cancellation fees. You will be issued a voucher for future travel valid for 24 months, which can be used on any Viking product (river, ocean or expedition). This temporary exception to our standard cancellation policy is applicable for all guests who currently have a reser
  3. I agree -- I don't have any issue at all with more rigorous screening. It's an excellent thing to do to help keep passengers (and crew) safe. The problem with any health questionnaire is that customers have a huge disincentive to not be fulsome in their answers. If one has pre-paid thousands of dollars and spent many hours traveling to the embarkation pier, one won't be encouraged to self-report a minor cough or a scratchy throat when asked to fill in the questionnaire. In any event, I'd just like to know what process Viking will follow (and have been following in past seasons) with regard t
  4. Viking should already have the answers. This is nothing new. Their existing embarkation procedure includes a health-screening questionnaire, though less rigorous than the new one just announced. Their existing cruise contract (with all the fine print that no-one ever reads:- ) gives them the right to refuse boarding if they so choose. So they must already have a policy in place that defines how they deal with the onward arrangements of Customers who were refused boarding. They might tweak the policy a bit for the upcoming river cruise season, but the starting point will be Viking's exist
  5. We're sailing (motoring?) on the Viking Hild from Zurich to Paris in April. If one 'fails' the screening at embarkation in Basel (perhaps due to a scratchy throat & cough following long overseas flight, or a slightly elevated temp, not due to coronavirus), does anyone know what happens? They have the unilateral right to deny boarding, and they might take a very conservative position given the growing threat of the virus. Having been denied boarding, will Viking also cancel the pre-paid hotel in Paris that's part of the Viking package at the end of the cruise? Will they cancel the
  6. Bonnie, Thanks for the update. Glad to see the wonderful WWF partnership hasn't faded to black. There's been silence for so long, I was afraid it had been cast adrift. The newly-refreshed world-wildlife-fund webpage says: "On select sailings, join a WWF speaker to learn about their conservation work and how it connects to the destinations you are visiting." It lists three South Africa sailings with WWF speakers, but they are not until 2021. Are there any voyages with speakers planned for 2020? That might tempt us to return to Azamara. (our next planned voyage is a river c
  7. It's a familiar tale. This webpage may be of help: https://www.elliott.org/company-contacts/azamara-club-cruises/
  8. Sincere thanks to @snowglobe for composing such an articulate and cogent summary. Having read the flurry of replies on this thread in the last couple of days, I was about to respond with something very similar, but there's not much more I could add. Several recent posts suggested creative ways by which direct contact might be made with Ms. Cabezas, without publishing my personal information that Bonnie repeatedly requested. Thanks to procter, NC&KY, HGC, and rallydave for those ideas. However, they are not necessary. I really have no compelling reason to personally communica
  9. Bonnie, I did not post my booking number on this forum for reasons that were clearly articulated in other replies on this thread. I did not post my full name here as you requested for reasons that should be obvious. Your personnel in Miami could track me down if they so desired, and they don't need the booking number. There is sufficient information in this thread to do so. They just have to figure it out, and look at their own records. If they need to research what we booked and what we received, your colleagues may wish to read post #1 in this thread. I'll summar
  10. Alas, nothing from Azamara. The last contact was the robo-reply from the guest experience team last month that promised a follow-up within 3 business days. And of course Bonnie's request in post #46 that I publish my full name and booking number. I must say that I wasn't really expecting any meaningful followup. They've had three opportunities: I provided (1) immediate written feedback about the dud excursion on the Shorex Feedback form, (2) more detailed feedback in a face-to-face with the shorex manager, and then (3) comments on the post-cruise survey. If I were a fan of bas
  11. Thanks for creating this new thread and seeding it with the recent posts about information sharing, data harvesting, personal privacy, etc.
  12. @Host Grandma Cruising HGC, In the last day or so, this thread has veered way off topic (Beware AZ Shore Excursions not as Advertised) into a discussion about posting booking numbers, email addresses, data mining, and the like. As Host/Moderator, do you have the wherewithal to start up a new thread on the topic and move the latest posts (#58-76) there? I think the topic of 'internet hygiene' is a very useful discussion, and perhaps is even worthy of a sticky given the realities of life on the internet these days. The off-topic 'detour' was triggered by post #46, in whi
  13. Bonnie, You stated that I revealed full names of team members. “Names” - plural. “Members” - plural. Let’s examine that assertion. In post #1, I cited the shorex manager on Pursuit who promised to investigate and get back to me. (He never did). I did not mention his name. I described my follow-up interaction with his boss, who also said he’d get back to me, but didn’t. I did not mention his name. Subsequently, in post #5 I quoted an extract from an email received from Miami in response to an email I sent. I deliberately redacted the representative’s la
  14. Hi Bonnie, Love the new logo! Here's another little ToDo item for Carol's Marketing team.
  15. @BBMacLaird Bonnie, Thanks for responding. I appreciate that you took the time to offer an apology on behalf of your on-board and shoreside colleagues for whom Customer Satisfaction is apparently not a priority. You suggested that our Walk the Walls excursion was changed at the last minute. Frankly, I don’t think that’s what happened. When I met with the Pursuit’s Shorex manager to share my feedback, he said nothing of the sort. If there had been some last minute change, that would have been the time for him to explain that they’d had to make adjustments due to X, or Y, or Z
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