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  1. I'm interested in the Monkey River excursion but I have a problem. The description mentions a jungle hike and I have mobility problems. Does the hike return to its starting point? If it does, would it be possible for me to sit and wait until the return? Are there places to sit? Thank you.
  2. rimau

    Key West

    Thank you
  3. rimau

    Key West

    We have booked a Cuba cruise on the Serena. One of the ports is Key West. Where does Oceania usually dock in Key West?
  4. We've considered Viking, both river and sea. We've been put off by their advance payment requirements. I don't mind making final payment 60 to 90 days prior to sailing but Viking's requirements are, in my opinion, excessive.
  5. rimau

    Emerald Princess to Mexico

    We accepted a similar offer a few years ago when we were booked on a Caribbean trip. It worked for us.
  6. This will be our first time with a butler and have no clue as to what he does. I heard about unpacking but what else?
  7. rimau

    Move over advice

    We took our first Oceania cruise last November. While on board, we decided we liked the company and booked another for April. Soon after we got home, our TA told us she had received a "move over" offer from Oceania. There were two specific inducements included. The first was one additional day and the second was a raise in category from A1 to Ph3. We decided to accept the offer and are now scheduled for a Grand Tour cruise in July. We thought, perhaps naively, that we would be entitled to all booking inducements regular bookers received, specifically 12 free shore excursions. When we got out our cruise booklet from our TA, she told us we were only entitled to 8. She had unsuccessfully tried to get it changed to 12. I contacted Oceania myself and was told that since we had not paid full price for the second cruise, we were not entitled to the full 12 excursions. This was even though we had paid full price for the original one. I am inclined to pursue this further, politely of course, but would like to read other's opinions about the situation.
  8. rimau

    Laundry package

    We are considering a 20+ day cruise on Oceania. This would be our first on this line so we know essentially nothing about it. One primary question concerns on-board laundry facilities. Are there self laundries on board?
  9. rimau

    Laundry package

    We're taking a long cruise on the Regal in a month. We're not quite at the hallowed free laundry stage with Princess yet. Are there laundry packages and how do you purchase them? Thank you
  10. Green chile. In a pinch, I'll accept red but I prefer green.
  11. rimau

    Regal Chef's Table

    We will be on the Regal for 26 days later this year and are interested in the Chef's Table. We have done it a number of times on other ships but we have a couple of questions about the Regal's version. 1. How often is it offered? 2. What is the reservation procedure? Thanks for any responses.
  12. We've done the Chef's Table at least four times. We have now booked a cruise on the Regal in August and we know the procedure is different. Is there anyone out there who has done both types? If so, how would you compare the two?
  13. rimau

    Three Part Emergency Drill

    If this is now the muster drill procedure, it is one of the most asinine changes I have seen. We have just returned from a Princess cruise and their procedure calls for passengers to assemble at their muster station which is in one of the large public areas. I felt perfectly safe with this process. Holland should imitate the Princess system instead of utilizing this new procedure.
  14. rimau

    Ruby Live Quebec 22nd Oct to Ft L

    Made it home today without problem. We had to stay in Ft. Lauderdale last night because airline schedules didn't permit us to get home yesterday. Zee may have what Shogun has. She's down for the count now. All in all, it was a good cruise. Enjoyed meeting many of you. Perhaps we'll meet again on another one.
  15. rimau

    Ruby Live Quebec 22nd Oct to Ft L

    Made it to the Frontenac. Toronto airport was a real pain but we made it. Hope to make it tomorrow night.