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    Star - Brief Review 2/3 -2/10

    Awesome reviews. Thank you so much. With all of these negitive reviews, you have to remember that 75% of the people on the internet are going to be negitive in the first place, no matter what you are trying to get an opinion on. My wife and I will be sailing on the Star on 3/24 and are now very excited. We originally were going to be on the Crown, but got the call from our Agent last week saying Princess accidently over booked that ship by 35 people. So after explaining how frustrating that is to our agent, she called Princess and came back to us with giving us a free upgrade of a room (from indoor to oceanview), and the option to go on three diferent ships (Caribian, Grand, and the Star). Caribian had a weak itinery so we went with Star. This past weekend had been kind of mixed feelings about it, seeing kind of negitives reivews and such, but now we are happy about it. We have been on The Norweigen Sprit in 2005 and loved that, then when searching for reviews for that one, we came across the same negitive opinions. Anyway, thanks.