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    Katia is real, and her message is real. It was written from her perspective -- onboard the vessel -- helping her guests. It is my belief that she is referencing the last usable "lifeboat" -- and it is also my belief that they didn't leave guests stranded at their location when the last usable "lifeboat" was lowered. Also -- officers from the Concordia were piloting those usable lifeboats. While this was a tragedy of epic proportions -- it could have been much, much worse. Injury and loss of life was a part of this accident -- but the fact of the matter is -- over 4,000 people WERE evacuated within 2 hours of the ship hitting the rock. Not EVERY guest was evacuated -- it is my belief that those who were still aboard were in a different section of the ship from the Captain/ and the lifeboats. Again -- there are over 4,000 versions and perspectives -- but this message is from Katia and it is HER perspective and observations.