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  1. Thank you all. I looked the suggestions up and found a few places for which the descriptions inspired me for a visit. I am taking them into consideration for my planning.
  2. Thank you both. As I do not surf, I am rethinking my trip. I plan to visit Sidney and Melbourne on another occasion, so I am looking for another place to get accustomed to the region. If I have questions about that, I will start another topic. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you for your reply GradUT. I usually believe to be interested in everything – until I have experienced them and then think – well, I could have made better use of my time. Often times there are details that make the difference. Okay, swimming with crocodiles will not be one of my activities.🙂 That you would rather not stay in Brisbane, is it due to the climate or because there just is there nothing you consider being worthwhile?
  4. Please excuse me if these questions have already been answered recently. I cannot find the search function anymore. I intend to begin a cruise in Brisbane next February. I know nothing about the place and there seems to be too much information for me to make any smart decision. May I ask you what you consider being the best places to visit in 5 days in (and around) Brisbane and which hotel you would take and why? Thank you
  5. My plan is to disembark in Quebec City and fly out of Montreal – for next year. I could fly out as soon as possible but I could also extend my stay in the region for a few days. The question is, whether it is worth the extension. Having disembarked in Montreal twice so far and I always spent a few days there and twice I stopped in Quebec City where I took a walking tour and an excursion to the Montmorency Falls and some other places on the way. Last time I also stopped in Trois Rivieres, where I did a walking tour too. I was wondering if anyone could recommend tours in Quebe
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