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  1. We miss cruising so much. We would be happy to take a week long cruise from a local port to the Caribbean and just sail around. No one gets off or on. Just to enjoy the ship and being out at sea. Everyone could be tested first so all on board are safe. This would be a nice way to start back. Would anyone else be interested in a cruise that doesn't really go into port?
  2. Wow! Seems a bit less than unlimited drinks in designated bar area during happy hour + 3 drinks loaded on your card for anywhere.
  3. Hi Cruisers, We are interested in taking the Empress which is small with no separate diamond lounge. Does anyone know how d+ perks are recognized on that ship? Is the happy hour the same as larger ships? Is there a designated Crown and Anchor bar? We enjoy this perk and wonder how it is managed.
  4. Hi Cruisers, Last year on Anthem there were only 11 gym mats available. We are going on again Monday and wonder if anyone knows if there are plenty of mats for passenger use. If not, I will bring my own. Thanks for your help. Those floors are hard and a towel would not be the answer.
  5. Thanks a lot. Guess we'll bring the old heavy ones -- may have to leave some shoes home. (haha ) We have a great light weight clock/white noise machine that projects the time in soft red print on the ceiing. Found it on Amazon.
  6. We are going to Anarctica in a few days and wonder if binocuoars are provided in the staterooms on Pursuit. We have been on a few ships that provide them but haven't been on Pursuit before. We have a pair to bring that are great quality, but old and heavy. We just thought of this so don't have time to shop for new smaller bioculars. Does anyone remember binoculars on Pursuit? Thanks
  7. Hi, We will be on the Anthem in late January for a b2b. Is the concierge lounge still available to diamond plus members? There was talk last year of it being just for suites. We enjoyed the room and hope it is still okay to go there. Anybody know?? Thanks.
  8. I read it on line. It said Reflection makes permanent change to cocktail hours -- now 4:30 to 7:30. Obviously it wasn't permanent if it has already been changed back. Thanks for your response.
  9. I have read conflicting times for the cocktail hour. Is it 4:30 to 7:30 or is it 5 to 7? Is it unlimited drinks in the elite lounge and 3 drinks at other bars? I will be on Reflection in early November. Thanks for some up to date information.
  10. Thanks everyone. We will bring one. We will be in Greenland so want to stay dry because it's chilly even in summer.
  11. We will be on Caribbean Princess soon and see that rain is predicted for some ports. Should we bring our umbrella or are they provided in the minisuites?
  12. Does anyone remember if they provide hand and body lotion? I know the shampoo is in a pump in the shower and makes my hair gloppy so I bring my own. But i would rather not have to bring a large bottle of lotion.
  13. How many formal nights are there usually on a 16 night cruise? Does my husband need a jacket for those nights? Thanks for your help.
  14. Is te 7 p.m. show as crowded as the 9:15? We will be on soon and are trying to slightly plan ahead.
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