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  1. We were just there this past week and it was waaayy to crowded, wall to wall people, kids everywhere and super loud music. Not what we had in mind. We left within 10 minutes and that was even too long. Rum Point is probably the best suggestion.
  2. We booked this cruise last minute and took the guaranteed cabin. After 26 cruises we should have known better than to book a guarantee but we were told there were no balcony obstructions and never thought we'd have an issue with treadmills! We were happy Celebrity decided to move us but we had just unpacked and then had to repack and move ourselves to a cabin that was not recently renovated like the one we paid for and then unpack again... not something that's fun to do on your first and second day of the cruise....then of course we had to deal with Guest Services to make all this happen which took 3 or 4 phone calls and visits to the GS desk which wasn't fun either. At first they told us there were no more cabins available! Yes, we were able to keep our Aqua Class perks and Celebrity even added to it but it was still a very unpleasant experience.
  3. Just off of the Equinox and have a warning for anyone considering Aqua Class on this ship. We were in a forward Cabin, 1508 on the 11th deck, which is dedicated to the Aqua Class passengers. The treadmills in the gym are located directly above many of the Aqua Class Cabins. The pounding sound of people running hard on the treadmills made it impossible to sleep-in or relax in the room. We heard this aggravating sound, morning, noon and night, until they finally agreed to move us to another cabin, which they basically downgraded us off the Aqua Class Deck to Deck 9. The expected experience of our first AQ Class cruise just wasn't the same after that. I find it amazing this ship was designed that way and even more amazing Celebrity thinks it wouldn't bother guests that paid extra for relaxation.
  4. Your comparison makes me laugh. On land you have other options like a grocery store. On a cruise ship they take advantage of the fact you have no other choice... actually they control your choice so you have no other option but to pay their high prices the entire time. On land in the US that would be considered price gouging, which is actually a crime... Elimination of a free market and price manipulation of a controlled addictive substance. So, yeah not a fair game being played by the Cruise Lines.
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