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  1. I usually use a scale . . . But don't forget, 50 lbs of metal will weigh more than 50 lbs of feathers.
  2. Are you for real? Backpacking for 6 months, and your only packing problem for the world cruise (another 3 months) is a tux? Are you serious? My suggestion would be cabin service. (Of course, if you book a duplex on the QM2, you can have your meals prepared in your stateroom.)
  3. People still get off the ship in Jamaica? :rolleyes:
  4. A thong is a thong is a thong. If you know you need swimwear, wear the one made for swimming.
  5. I definitely recommend Tulum and Tubing. While the ruins aren't as magnificent as Tikal or Chichen Itza, the setting is . . . the only Mayan ruins on oceanfront property (what were they thinking?). And I've tubed in Belize and it is a great experience. PS: I never tried your alternative excursions . . .
  6. But only loafers will look right at the pool (but, no socks). :eek:
  7. We once had a a 100ft squid wrap his tentacles up on the promenade deck, but security tasered that sucker off . . . otherwise, i enjoy watching the krill
  8. Well, if you don't feel like spending $50, the obvious answer is to go to a public beach. On your way, you just need to stop off at a convenience store and buy whatever beverages you want and at least 10 lbs of ice (assuming that you're dragging a cooler along). Pick out some sandwiches/snacks too. If you want some hot food, they might have some burgermeat or franks that you can pick up, along with all of the condiments and rolls; of course, you will need to be dragging your grill and your charcoal along with you. Hopefully you can share cooking duties and aren't stuck sweating over a hot grill on a hot beach. (maybe you better take 25 lbs of ice) Alright, I admit that this is a thmart ath potht [i'm thorry, I have a thpeech impediment] . . . but, I think the $50 is worth it.
  9. Received this information from my TA, who is offering early booking savings of over $9000 ... what a dream cruise . . . 335 nights!!! I absolutely hate to fly, but I would fly to Singapore to do this (I can easily say that now, because I do not have the time, nor the money ($230,000+ p/p). For the brochure: http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/9582b1bd#/9582b1bd/1 For the video: http://www.audioacrobat.com/playv/WCMDM2Ts
  10. In the buff swimming is illegal. But, if you go to one of the deserted beaches on the east (wild) side, who's to know? However, it is only recommended for strong swimmers . . . riptides . . . and the coral can slice you real good.
  11. Don't know if I would be up to that challenge... But are you up to the challenges of hygiene and wearing a tux? :D
  12. A slight improvement for QM2 . . . at least it stops in Rio. But, definitely QE is the one for me . . . Hopefully, it makes an immediate crossing to NYC (or, maybe QM2 is available) . . . otherwise, I'll be stuck in England for a bit . . . not to say that is bad thing. Cheers!
  13. You didn't post why you are so exhausted after European cruises (too many ports? flights?) . . . but, you might want to consider an East-to-West Transatlantic . . . those sea days at the end of your cruise would be very relaxing . . . or maybe even back-to-back crossings on the QM2.
  14. When was the last time a cruise ship capsized/sank because of heavy seas? I can understand your uneasiness . . . I hate to fly . . . unfortunately, crashing planes are a much more common event than sinking cruise ships. Yes, they are very safe "monsters" . . . just book a mid-ship cabin to minimize the movement. Aft cabins are pretty good also, except you might notice some fishtailing.
  15. Would you rather watch sunrises from the Commodore, or sunsets? Sailing out of NYC is just as cool as sailing into NYC . . . especially if it is already dark. Altho, I haven't sailed out of Brooklyn, yet.
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