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  1. I’ve been checking ours for months and it was always either $60 or $65.
  2. Anyone had that happen before? Any issues with it? Will they swap the formal night? Supposed to be attending a wedding at Coco Cay do now the reception might conflict with formal night if they keep it the second night.
  3. Thanks for the speedy response! Guess I'm bringing 2 formal outfits!
  4. I've seen that RCI says on their site that it's "usually on Day 2" of a 4 night cruise, but I'd like to confirm for sure. I'm going for a wedding, which I believe will be the night after Coco Cay so I need to know if it will overlap or be a different night so I can plan my clothes. And I've read the articles about RCI moving away from formal nights, so can anyone confirm if it's still called a formal night on the Navigator of the Seas? No debates on the merits of formal vs dress your best needed. TIA
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