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  1. Do I need a vaccine to go to St Lucia from United States? Got an email saying you may need a vaccine if you are arriving from an endemic area. Anyone have any info on this? Is the USA an endemic area. We go in October.
  2. Sofitel on Moorea is the best. Over the water bungalows are fabulous. Have fun... Moorea is a wonderful island.
  3. We did the city tour of Hanoi with lunch. It stops at several places including what is left of the Hanoi Hilton prison. Yes it is a long bus ride to Hanoi, but you go thru all kinds of small towns and landscapes. I would definitely recommend going to Hanoi as opposed to just touring Ha Long bay. Have fun
  4. We are on the Insignia October 12. Could someone please inform the Times for Happy Hour or 2 for 1 or whatever they call it. thanks
  5. The deck plan blue box on the Oceania website never works for me. It says drag the blue box over the deck plan, but I don’t seem to be able to make that happen. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Definitely the Victoria &Albert, it is located near all the fun and great restaurants. You can just walk out and enjoy all the street performers. Capetown is great....... have fun.
  7. Thanks for the info and quick response.
  8. Do I need Cuban money when going ashore in Cuba? If so, where do you go for the exchange. Thanks
  9. Three couples are booked on the October Cuba cruise on the Insignia. Each couple is in a Penthouse Suite. We are allowed to make Special Restaurant reservations 75 days out. How do I book us all in the restaurants together at the same times. Thanks......
  10. Can we use U S dollars or credit cards in Cuba. thanks
  11. How easy is it to book the Sanctuary? Does it book up immediately? thanks for your help
  12. What time do the shows start on Royal Princess? Does Royal Princess provide free shuttles to downtown Buenos Aries, Rio de Janeiro and Lima? Thanks for your help.
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